10 Places To Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Everyone wants to make quick cash. If you are in need to quick cash then what you can do is make money selling your unwanted stuff around your house. These are items that you no longer need or want because either they have been outdated, or you just don’t use it at all. For example, maybe you bought a gaming system a few years ago but barely play any games, you can sell that item to make quick cash instead of letting it just sit there.

Selling unwanted stuff is a great side hustle that can bring you good money.

In this article, we will discuss items you can sell, where to sell it and how to get the best price for your item.

How To Decide If You Should Sell Something?

When deciding which unwanted item to sell, you should think about 2 major things. Do you still use it? If the answer is YES, then you SHOULD NOT sell it. If you no longer have use for it or just don’t want it then that item could bring you extra cash.

What kind of Items can i sell?

You can pretty much sell whatever you like. It could be clothes, TVs, Computers, Books. Pretty much whatever that you want. I would not recommend selling mattresses or things like that because it could have bed bugs or other things that might get you into other legal trouble and it just sounds nasty, so just avoid those petty things. Items could be clothes of your kids that they outgrew or their old toys. Your old laptop that you have not used or even books that you no longer have need for like old textbooks etc.

Where do i sell these items at?

You can sell them on FaceBook marketplace, Ebay, Garage Sale, Online site DeCluttr 5Miles and other sites. We will go over them carefully next.

1. FaceBook Market Place

FaceBook MarketPlace

Facebook Marketplace is a feature on the Facebook social networking platform that enables users to buy and sell products and services. You can put your item for sale here and people will reach out to you. They will not be able to view your personal profile. They will only see your first name and photo. Facebook marketplaces usually focuses on selling to local people around your city.

2. Ebay


Ebay is another great choice for selling your old stuff. It’s reputable and you can sell pretty much anything. You will be able to sell it people world wide or in your country. Unlike FB, expect to get bids from people around the country and you have to pack it up sell ship it and ofcourse you can charge them extra fee for that.

3. Decluttr


Decluttr is a popular site where people from around the world are selling their old items. It was featured on CNN as well. The only thing that i don’t like about decluttr is the fact that people buying the item DEMAND LOW PRICES. So i would not sell items here first because you will have to let it go for a lower price. The mentality of buyers is that they need cheap price.

4. 5Miles


5Miles is another website like Declutter and again, people expect things to be really cheap here but you will find a buyer fairly quickly.

5. Garage Sale With A Twist

Garage Sale

Garage Sale is no new concept but this is good if you have more than 20 items to sell because it would be weird to just have your old magazine for sale. What you could do is even have some of your friends come together and all sell in your neighborhood then go to their neighborhood after that. While having a garage sale, maybe you can put a lemonade and snacks like brownies that smell really good for sale so that even if they don’t buy your items you would make money selling other stuff.

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How To Price You Unwanted Items?

If you are selling Gucci or LV that you bought while working at McDonalds then guess what, they actually have good cash value and should only lower price by 10-15% at max if gently used but if you are selling electronics, get ready to slash price by 50% or more!

How to sell unwanted items from home?

If you are trying to sell items from home, I would recommend having a garage sale or selling it on Facebook marketplace so its easier. People will often come pick up the items you want to sell.

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