50 Online Jobs That Pays Weekly

You’re not alone in seeking a weekly salary. However, due to planning and cash flow benefits, many individuals prefer getting paid more often than biweekly or monthly. This article includes 50 jobs that pay weekly to help you discover the appropriate match.

Assistant Writer

Writers’ assistants get a weekly salary for administrative work. It would help if you were a writer’s assistant and liked working with authors.

50 jobs that pay weekly

Call-Center Agent

Customer care professionals at call centers might earn weekly. Call center reps need skilled communicators who like helping people. Call centers provide flexible scheduling and weekly income. It is one of the 50 jobs that pay weekly, you should try.


Caregivers assist the elderly and disabled. Healthcare and home caregiving jobs pay weekly.

Content Creator

Video, podcast, and blog producers may earn weekly. If you like working alone and can write compelling material, you could love becoming a content producer.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks should be computer-savvy and detail-oriented. Data entry jobs can include flexible scheduling and weekly remuneration.

Delivery Driver

Become a delivery driver if you like driving and have a dependable car. Delivery drivers often get weekly pay and flexible scheduling.


Restaurant dishwashers get weekly wages and gratuities. Dishwashers work swiftly and are okay with getting wet.

Dog walker

Dog walkers earn weekly by walking dogs. Dog walking is a good profession if you like animals and being outside. It is one of the best 50 jobs that pay weekly in this list.

Estate Agent

Real estate agents sell, rent, and acquire homes for weekly remuneration. Real estate agents work with people and love real estate.

Event personnel

Concert, conference, and athletic event personnel might receive weekly compensation. Event crew is one of the best 50 jobs that pay weekly for those who want fast-paced work and vital customer service.

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a good option for home-based writers. In addition, freelance writers may regularly earn by writing on various themes for magazines and customers. Learn how much to charge as a freelancer.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers create logos, websites, and ads for weekly income. Graphic designers are self-starters with design skills.

Home Cleaner

House cleaning may suit you if you like organizing and cleaning. Many housecleaning professions include flexible scheduling and weekly remuneration that’s why they are one of the best 50 jobs that pay weekly.

House Painter

House painters paint interiors and exteriors and get money every week. Become a house painter if you like working with your hands and getting messy.

Janitors clean buildings and are paid weekly. Become a janitor if you like cleaning and don’t mind physical work.


Landscapers maintain lawns and gardens for weekly compensation. Landscapers love working outside and have green thumbs. Landscapers often work weekly and have flexible schedules.

Lawn Specialist

Lawn specialist is one of the 50 jobs that pay weekly. For weekly remuneration, lawn care experts maintain lawns, gardens, and outdoor areas.

MTurk Worker

Amazon Mechanical Turk matches employees with simple tasks. Workers might pick from several of these weekly-paid jobs. MTurk workers may choose their schedules and receive weekly income from home.

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers earn weekly by assessing companies from a customer’s viewpoint. Become a secret shopper if you like shopping and have solid observational abilities.

Online English Teacher

Online English instructors earn weekly by teaching students worldwide. Online English teaching may be a good fit if you love teaching and working from home.

Web researcher

Online researchers paid weekly for their study. Therefore, online researchers need good analytical abilities and a passion for study.

Online tutors

They help students worldwide and earn regularly. Online tutoring may suit you if you love teaching and working from home. It is one of the best 50 jobs that pay weekly.

Personal Assistant

Personal assistants earn weekly for administrative support. As a result, personal assistants are significantly up-to-date and like helping others. It is one of the best 50 jobs that pay weekly.

Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers serve customers and earn weekly. Personal shopping might be a terrific career if you like shopping and can locate the correct goods for customers.

Private Trainer

Personal trainers might work weekly. Become a personal trainer if you love exercise and helping others reach their objectives.

Pet sitter

While pet owners are gone, pet sitters may earn weekly. As a result, pet sitting may be a promising career for animal lovers.


Photographers regularly work for people, corporations, and newspapers—photographers like dealing with clients and have a knack for photography. It is of of the lucrative 50 jobs that pay weekly.

Retail Salesperson

Retail sales assistants serve consumers and earn weekly. Retail sales associates should like working in retail and have strong customer service abilities.

Sales Rep

Salespeople may make weekly money selling goods and services. Sales reps need strong communication skills and like selling.

Server or Hostess

If you like fast-paced work and have strong customer service abilities, you could like becoming a waiter or waitress It is one of the popular 50 jobs that pay weekly.

Social Media Assessor

Social media content assessors might earn weekly. Social media evaluators are engaged social media users with strong analytical abilities.

Social Media Manager

Businesses hire social media managers to post material regularly. Social media managers are good at social media and like working with customers.

Social Work

Social workers help people in need and earn weekly. You may be a terrific social worker if you love helping others and have a social work degree. Schools, hospitals, and governments employ social workers.

Survey Taker

Survey takers earn weekly making it one of the perfect 50 jobs that pay weekly. Survey takers need to be detail-oriented and like offering their opinions.

Support Engineer

Technical support experts earn weekly by helping clients. In addition, technical support specialists aid people with computer issues.


Telemarketers earn weekly by selling goods and services over the phone. Become a telemarketer if you like sales and have strong communication abilities.

Temp Teacher

Substitute teachers work weekly and replace absent instructors. Substitute teaching may be a good fit if you like kids and have a degree in education.

Tour Guide

Tour guides earn weekly by leading groups on tours and make up to our list of 50 jobs that pay weekly. Tour guides should love history and be effective communicators.


Transcriptionists may work weekly. Transcription may be an excellent career if you can type well and listen to lengthy audio or video recordings.


They earn weekly by translating written or spoken words. Therefore, translators must be multilingual and skilled communicators.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers earn weekly that’s why the job make up to our 50 jobs that pay weekly. Truck driving may be a promising career if you like driving and have a CDL.

Truck loader/unloader

Truck loaders and unloaders earn weekly by loading and unloading trucks. Therefore, truck loaders and unloaders need to love hard labor and teamwork.

Uber/Lyft Driver

Drivers for Uber and Lyft earn weekly. If you like driving and have access to a reliable vehicle, consider driving for Uber or Lyft.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants earn weekly by helping customers with administrative tasks. Virtual assistants operate from home and have good organizational abilities.

Voice Actor

Voiceover artists earn weekly by voicing advertisements, TV programs, and movies. Voiceover artists may work from home and have a knack for voiceover.

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse employees maintain inventory and execute orders for weekly compensation. Warehouse employment may suit you if you like teamwork and hard labor.

Web Designer

Website design is a promising career for creative people who like dealing with customers. If you are looking for one of the best from the list of 50 jobs that pay weekly, you can choose this job. Website designer jobs are often part-time and weekly.

Web Tester

Website testers regularly test the functionality of websites. Website testers are computer-savvy and like testing websites.


Writers get paid weekly for their work. If you like writing and working alone, you could love becoming a writer.

Yard Worker

Yard workers get weekly wages for maintaining outdoor areas. Yard maintenance may be a good fit if you like working outside and beautifying yards.

Yoga Teacher

A weekly salary is available for yoga teachers. Become a yoga teacher if you love yoga and helping others reach their health goals. Yoga teaching is one of the fun out of these 50 jobs that pay weekly.


These are only a handful of weekly-paying occupations. There are several full-time and part-time jobs. Before applying, check for any prerequisites or certifications. Then, work on your own time and receive weekly money with the proper employment.

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