100 Ways to Make Extra Money

100 Ways You Can Make Extra Money Now!

Working full-time jobs isn’t always enough to meet expenses. Statistics show 50 million U.S. citizens earn less than $15 an hour. If you fall under this category, the 100 ways to make extra money in this article can help you. Let’s begin.


1.      Wash Cars

Car washing is good because it requires little to no investment and is not too hard. With a little hard work, start earning.

2.      Dog Walking

Walking someone’s dog for 10 minutes is all you need to make extra money. Say hi to the furry friend and begin now.

3.      Mow Lawns

Lawn mowing is a smart way to make extra money and get exercise at the same time. You can do it even if you are in school.

4.      Personal Stylist

Do you have a hunch for style and glamour? Style someone else and mint money for it. It’s the best way to earn creatively.

5.      Sell Cookies

If you have an event coming up, baking and selling cookies will reel in the extra money you need for your needs.

6.      Sell Craft on Etsy

Have an artistic bent of mind? Create your masterpieces and sell the craft on Etsy for good prices.

7.      Take Online Surveys

Use platforms like SurveySavvy and American Consumer Opinion to take surveys and earn money online.

8.      Website Testing

Check the website for friendliness and bugs in exchange for big payments. User Testing offers $10 for completed tests.

9.      Savings Account with High Yield

The saving account yield rates are up to 100% for annual savings. You can earn higher amounts of money than you already have.

10. Thirty-One Gifts

Sell bags and products when you throw a party by becoming an in-house consultant.

11. Sell Stuff You Have

Selling things you have is a good way to make extra money without doing much.

12. Start a Blog

If you have a hunch about writing, starting a blog is a smart way to make extra money, but it will take slightly longer.

13. Become a Social Media Influencer

Social media users with followers can access Instabrand or BlogMeetsBrand, allowing influencers to meet brands.

14. Start Vlogging

Vlogging is a good option for creative people. Show something new to people, and they will love your ideas.

15. Search and Get Rewards

Use Microsoft Rewards to earn points that you can spend on apps, gift cards, and more.

16. Sell Homemade Items on eBay

If you have creative items or hacks that people would be interested in, sell them via eBay and earn extra cash.

17. Start as a Virtual Assistant

Get hired by companies for SMM management, booking appointments, and more. ProBlogger and Zirtual are popular options for it.

18. Create Greeting Cards

Companies accept greeting card entries from the public that they can sell for money. Create these cards and mint money

19. Start Moving

Help people in moving their valuables, furniture, and more. You can make a couple of hundred dollars like this easily.

20. Repair Electronics

If you have experience and training for it, repair electronics for pocket-friendly rates to earn some extra cash for yourself.

21. Consider Direct Sakes

Direct sales are complicated and require talent. If you have it, start today. You can earn highly incentivized bonuses for it.

22. Appear in Clinical Trials

Become a part of clinical trials for clinics, hospitals, or universities, as it will pay you hundreds of dollars on average.

23. Participate in Competitions

Websites like Contestgirl let individuals appear in competitions and claim large cash prizes if they win.

24. Detail Cars

If you are a motorhead and love detailing cars, start today and earn extra money easily.

25. Snow Shoveling

Is winter around the corner in your region? Grab a shovel and clear out some snow for people to earn a good amount.

26. Skill Teaching

Do you know art, signing, craft, or other skills? Teach them to other people today and charge them a fee for it.

27. Take Photographs

Photography for weddings and events is in high demand. Grab a camera and capture money quicker than ever.

28. House Sit

Did you know you could get paid for sitting in a house? Ensure nothing bad happens, and that’s pretty much it.

29. Run a Club

Chess, Painting, LEGO, Books, there are all sorts of different clubs you can start and earn from. Start exploring.

30. Teach Music

Music is a great way for extra income if you’re good at it. Start teaching this skill, and you will make extra money.

31. Freelance

Earn extra money with freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and others to get experience and cash.

32. Babysit

Seems like a big responsibility but pays well if you’re up for the challenge. Take care of babies and get paid hourly.

33. Transcribe

Convert audio recordings into text by typing them to make quick and easy money. With a little practice, you’ll be ready in no time.

34. Proofread

Check academic and creative pieces for mistakes and errors to earn a good amount of money

35. Area Gigs

Search for gigs in your area, complete them to earn extra money, and then even hire more people to earn

36. Become an Area Guide

You can earn up to hundreds of dollars per hour by becoming an area guide, depending on the location you target.

37. Clean Houses

Domestic help earns up to $10-$20 and multiplies it up to $80 per week to get a good amount.

38. Complete Tasks for People

Platforms like Task Rabit allow applicants to complete tasks for people in exchange for payments.

39. Rent a Space Out

If you have extra space in your properties, rent it out and earn extra money. Reinvest and repeat.

40. Flip Items

Purchasing items of your choice for a lower price and upselling them is a good way to make cash without spending too much

41. Sell Water at Events

Purchase 24 packs of water and sell them for 1 dollar each at events to earn up to 25% in profits.

42. Recycle

Collect plastics and metals to recycle them and earn money from them. You can earn between 20 c and 40 c on average.

43. Ads on your Car

Platforms like Convertise allow car owners to display ads on their vehicles and get paid for them at the same time.

44. Handyman

If you have repairing skills, working as a handyman earns hundreds of dollars, depending on the project type.

45. Movie Preview Payments

Websites like Swagbucks let users get cash for watching movie previews, liking them, and sharing data on them.

46. Rent your Items

If you have high-end clothing or cutlery, rent it out and get good pay out of it easily.

47. Sell Your Plasma

Selling your plasma can help you earn up to $30, which is not much, but it is one of the easiest ways to make extra cash.

48. Metal Scraps

Collecting scrap metal and selling it off to the right buyer can help make extra money quicker than you think

49. Complete Craiglist Tasks

Tasks on Craiglist are particularly easy and pay well. Completing these tasks provides some extra cash if you need it.

50. Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding requires skill, management, and planning, but it pays just as well! Start now if it entices you.

51. Become a PA

Schedule tasks, hold meetings, take calls, and more as a private assistant to earn decent cash.

52. Sell Photographs

Websites like iStock Photos purchase photographs in groups or solo, but they should be professionally taken.

53. Temporary Advertisement Tattoos

Get a temporary tattoo on your body to market a brand or event for a good amount of money. Check Lease Your Body.

54. Amazon Selling 

Sell products of your choice on Amazon and get a good commission rate. Everyone’s shopping here so that you can sell.

55. Try InboxDolllars

InboxDollars pays users for shopping, playing games, surfing online, and more. Register today and start making money.

56. Ghost Writing

If you have writing skills, writing online or for people you know is a good idea to make extra money and polish your skills.

57. Become a part of Focus Groups

Focusgroup.com pays members to join a focus group for online studies and tests.

58. App Downloads

Earn money for applications you download and try with App Redeem and get paid for it easily

59. Work Remotely

Start working for companies remotely or for selected hours depending on the opportunity type

60. Meal Delivery

Applications like Postmates allow users to deliver food, meals, groceries, and other essentials to get paid.

61. Pizza Rating

The Source allows users to fill out a mobile application to test pizzas, rate them, and post the ratings and reviews for money.

62. Unused Gift Cards

Claim your gift cards and sell the gifts received online via platforms like Amazon or eBay. It’s better than wasting it.

63. Remove Junk Mail

Removing unwanted emails in the online world lets users get paid for clearing out inboxes from the user’s accounts.

64. Technical Writer

Make a good amount of money based on your writing skills via online writing opportunities.

65. Social Media Consultant

If you understand how social media marketing and branding works, earn money by helping companies with it

66. Teacher for Pre-Schoolers

If you have a talent for teaching children, you can become a part-time teacher for pre-schoolers for income

67. Massage Therapist

Help individuals get rid of their pains or simply de-stress their bodies

68. Sell Old Book

If you have books others could use, then selling them is the best option. Sell them for that extra cash, and you’ll thank us later.

69. Sell Video Games and Console

If you plan on updating your console or games, selling off the older one is the best way to make the most out of it.

70. Give Advice in the Niche of your Choice

If you excel at a particular field, use your experience to advise others on what they should do.

71. Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is smart for those wishing to maximize their income by selling their products.

72. Sell Properties

With a sales mind and understanding of real estate, you can mint more money than ever.

73. Wardrobe Designer

Help others with their clothing issues by becoming a wardrobe designer and getting good payment for it.

74. Translator

Becoming a translator can help earn up to hundreds of dollars daily by becoming a translator for extra money.

75. Elderly Assistance

Assist and care for elderly in elderly assistance by doing it professionally. It’s one of the highest-paying jobs out there.

76. Store Visits

Websites like Store Kicks pay visitors gift certificates for coming to stores WITHOUT buying anything.

77. Proposal Writing

Help businesses create interesting proposals and get paid good amounts for them. All you need is a little practice.

78. Book Writer

Write a book on platforms like Medium and attract more users to make extra money from this venture

79. Small Business Advice

If you have what it takes to launch small businesses, visit smallbizadvice.com and start today

80. Tweets

Making Tweets can earn you money with Paidpertweet.com. Carefully register and start getting paid for posting.

81. Baby Planning

Companies offer good compensation for helping new parents with childcare, like baby-proofing rooms.

82. Online Course Selling

Create a course online and sell it on platforms like Coursera.com to make extra money.

83. Review Writing

 Writing reviews for websites like Ciao.co.uk is a good option if you want to share your opinion and get paid.

84. Review Software

If you love testing new software, this is the job for you. You can test its features, leave your opinion, and get paid.

85.   Hospitality

 Working as a server is a good idea if you like greeting and meeting people.

86. Freelance Photography

You can earn more money for minimal effort if you have photography skills at various freelance platforms.

87. Drive

Driving on a platform like Uber is a good idea for those who want a decent income by dropping passengers at their destinations.

88. Modeling

If you have the looks and confidence for flaunting dresses, become a model and unlock new possibilities.

89. Mystery Shopper

Market force and  Best Mark pay individuals to secretly review how people work in restaurants and malls.

90. Movie Extra

Hollywood is always looking for movie extras for their scenes, so signup and start earning.

91. Become a Friend

RentAfriend pays you to be someone’s friend. It sounds unusual, but it is an interesting way to make extra money.

92. Consider Egg or Sperm Donation

Donating your egg or sperm to the nearest bank will bring in hundreds of dollars at once if you are healthy.

93. Medical Testing

Sign up for drug and medical testing and get paid.

94. Try a Game Show

Appearing on a game show allows winning extra money, but you still have to pay the taxes on the prize.

95. Sell Produce

If you enjoy growing organic stuff and have some extra, sell it to make a profit.

96. Cryptocurrencies

Trading crypto can reel in some serious cash, but only if you understand the market well enough.

97. Organize

Help disorganized individuals add structure to their belongings, habits, and life and get paid.

98. Artifact Selling

Finding rare artifacts and selling them online is one of the highest-paying options.

99. Bridal Hairstyles

If you know how to make someone’s special day hairstyle, why not get paid for it?

100.                     Personal Trainer

Help others achieve their fitness and health goals and get money for them.

Conclusion—What’s The Best One?

We’ve discussed over 100 ways to make extra money. Take the time to carefully review these options and choose accordingly. Remember, the one you choose should suit you, and we recommend picking your side hustle accordingly. It will impact your success and the extra income you set for yourself. It’s a great way to start if you’re looking for some extra cash flow to do more.

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