33 Side Hustles For Disabled Individuals

33 of the Most Exciting and Profitable Side Hustles for Disabled

A vast portion of the global population comprises people who have some kind of disability or impairment that limits their function in some way. However, that does not mean you let that hindrance get in the way of earning money.

We have prepared a list of 33 of the best side hustles for disabled people that have the potential to net you some cash on the side, regardless of the impairment which may limit your function.

1.     Review Book

This is perfect for any disabled individual who is a bookworm. You can monetize your hobbies and get paid to review the books you have read online.

2.     Become a Transcriber

There are many transcription jobs posted on the internet, where you simply have to convert audio or video into text and have the potential to earn income on the side.

3.     Self Publish

If you are interested in writing, self-publishing e-books are one of the most lucrative side hustles for disabled people. You can write and publish short stories or novels online to reap profits.

4.     Virtual Assistance

This is a great side hustle to earn while working from home. As a virtual assistant, you will be paid to handle tasks like managing schedules or attending calls on behalf of the employer.

5.     Accounting

Once you get the hang of it, this is a pretty straightforward side hustle involving handling finances for an organization or individual.

6.     Graphic Designing

With the world shifting towards the digital era, this is your perfect side hustle. As a graphic designer, you would be paid to develop visual concepts and graphics using the software.

7.     Entrepreneurship

If you have an idea, entrepreneurship is one of the most profitable side hustles for disabled people. You can turn your idea into a business and earn from it.

8.     Teach A Language

You can earn cash by teaching a language online if you are multilingual.

9.     Online Tutoring

If you have expertise in a particular subject, you can tutor kids online as a great side hustle to benefit from.

     10. Work in Customer Service

Working as a customer support representative is a simple side hustle, making it one of the best side hustles for disabled people.

     11. Sell Stock Images

All you need is basic photography skills, and you can sell images of scenery or landmarks you have captured for some money on the side.

    12. Launch an e-commerce Website

Even though this may require some hard work initially, starting an e-commerce business is a great side hustle that can be operated completely from your home.

    13. Become a Special Education Teacher

No one could better understand a disability than the people who have it. This is why teaching a class with a similar disability is one of the best side hustles for disabled people.

   14. Do Voice-overs

Many gigs are offered online, where you can earn money by doing voice-overs from the comfort of your home.

   15. Perform Translations

You can also work as a translator for organizations or individuals if you know multiple languages.

   16. Video Editor

The main responsibilities of a video editor include optimizing and turning raw content into a proper video and are a great side hustle for disabled people.

   17. Become a Massage Therapist

As long as you have no issues with physical touch, providing massage service is a great side hustle to earn extra cash, and you can offer massage therapy from home.

   18. Start a YouTube Channel

 YouTube has grown to become a great platform for anyone to monetize themselves, making it one of the side hustles for disabled people that have the potential to offer great earnings.

   19. Become a Public Speaker

If you have a story to tell and want to inspire others, you could pick up some public speaking gigs, a great side hustle to benefit from.

   20. Make and Sell Illustrations Online

If you have a passion for digital art, you can turn your passion into earnings by doing online illustration jobs.

   21. Do Bookkeeping

If you have a knack for ensuring everything is organized and cataloged, you should become a remote bookkeeper, monitoring and keeping financial records to earn extra cash.

   22. Social Media Manager

Many companies and influencers seek people to manage their social media pages. You can assist them by promoting their products and earning extra money by spending time on social media.

   23. UX Designer

Also known as user experience, you can earn good money as a side hustle by improving websites to make them user-friendly.

   24. Putting Your Room on Rent

Not only one of the more profitable side hustles for disabled people but putting your room on rent is also known as one of the best passive income generators.

   25. Become a Radio Jockey

If you want to put your voice out there, you can work as a radio personality on the side, working on the radio and entertaining people while earning money on the side.

   26. Start a Blog

There are limitless topics out there you can target and start a blog of your own, earning some additional money by applying links to your blog.

   27. Provide Research Assistance

Many scientists and other scholars need assistants to help them with their research. You can sign up to be a research assistant and earn some money by helping them gather data and further assistance with their research.

   28. Become an Archivist

As an Archivist, you get paid to archive certain objects until needed, making this a simple side hustle for earning money.

   29. Sell Real Estate

The main responsibility of a real estate broker is to act as a middleman in an estate sale, connecting potential buyers with sellers, making it a great way to earn on the side.

  30. Start Freelance Programming

With the emergence of technology, companies want people to build them proper digital tools. You could help them build this software and become a freelance programmer to earn money.

  31. Start Freelancing

Speaking of freelancing, this field is not limited simply to programming. You can choose from many professions and start picking up freelancing gigs for them.

  32. Provide Passion Coaching

If you have a skill or hobby that you have mastery over, you can become a passionate mentor and earn money by teaching them those skills.

33. Design T-shirts Online

With current technology, you can easily design and sell t-shirts online for handsome profits.


Many people have a negative perception towards disabled individuals earning a living. However, there are many side hustles for disabled that are present on the internet, and are a great way to earn a living right from their homes.

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