5 Best Side Hustle For Physical Therapist

There are many great side hustles for physical therapists. You could work as a consultant for a physical therapy company, or even start your own physical therapy blog or Even Lucrative YouTube channel. ( Is YouTube A Good Side Hustle? )

Here Are Top 5 Side Hustles For Physical Therapist

1. Start A YouTube Channel

A physical therapist can start a YouTube channel where they help people with chronic pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain. These videos will get a lot of views because when people are looking for a solution for their pain.
Go here to learn how to create an effective YouTube Channel

When starting a YouTube Channel, Initially, you will have to get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch-time before you can monetize your videos.

Start A YouTube Channel

2. Therapy WordPress Blog

You can start a blog where you teach people how solve their pain issues or help them rehabilitate. Blogging requires you to stay consistent in writing and posting often and learn about blogging software like WordPress.

Here is a dedicated guide on how to start a blog for $5

Starting A Blog For Physical Therapist

3. Niche Based Consulting

Niche-based consulting is when you cater to SPECIFIC type of customers only which will make you unique. For example, you can become Sports Physical Therapist, Back Pain Physical Therapist. The reason Niche based consulting pays you better than generic one is because people expect to pay a premium for it.

4. Recurring Video Consultation

You could also charge people $99 per month for video call once a month to help them with physical therapies over the video or skype call. This will allow you to have no limits to who you can cater because you can have clients all over the word. For example , you could do 35 minute sessions online for busy entrepreneurs to help them prevent carpal tunnel and burnout.


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