Guide On Making Money From Audible

The Audible Side Hustle and How You Can Profit From It

After Amazon released a service related to audiobooks and podcasts, and ever since its release, it has become one of the best services for audiobooks out there.

Many people have capitalized on this service, taking advantage of the millions of subscribers actively using Audible and earning considerable profits from the digital audiobook and podcast platform.

Let us discuss this in greater detail, highlighting some of the ways you can make money from the Audible side hustle in greater detail.

1.     Produce Audiobooks

Audible side hustle

One of the most profitable ventures and the most obvious choice when trying to make money on Audible to create audiobooks. This feature is the most prominent on the site and is why the platform has millions of listeners.

When opting to go for audiobooks to benefit from the Audible side hustle, you can choose to take one of two paths:

·         Write and Record on your own

There are many tools available on the internet to create an audiobook on your own, and it is advised if you have a lot of time but not a budget.

However, if you choose to go down this route, writing the script and recording the book on your own, you need to ensure that the recording software and equipment used are of great quality.

This is because the entire purpose of an audiobook is for the consumer to listen, and if the voice quality is not up to par, then all of the recording sessions would have gone to waste.

Once you have recorded your book, you would need to upload the file to any distributor to start selling your audiobooks on Audible.

·         Hire a Narrator

Recording an audiobook is no walk in the park. An average book can consist of thousands upon thousands of words needed to be narrated and it takes a huge chunk of your time and energy if you plan to record it on your own.

You would also need a top-notch voice recording setup to ensure that the result is of crisp quality and the narration is easily understood.

However, there is a way to avoid all of this hassle: to hire a narrator to perform all of these tasks for you and make money from Audible. When searching for a narrator, go for one with ample recording experience, particularly with audiobooks and distribution platforms, for the best result.

2.     Become a Narrator

If you feel like producing an elaborate script for an audiobook is not up your alley, and you have certain skills related to narration along with a voice that is easy to understand, then you should consider becoming a narrator.

The overall signup process to become a narrator is pretty simple. To become one, all you have to do is:

  • Sign up on the ACX platform and complete your profile.
  • Submit a high-quality sample for your narration, following the instructions in the control guide.
  • Select the desired genre of books you are looking to narrate and apply for any auditions that might be ongoing.
  • When you successfully get selected for a book you auditioned for, you can start by talking wages, either going with the per-finished hour or the royalty share model. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, you can also go for the royalty share plus a combination of both structures.

3.     Become an Audible Coach

If you feel like you gained enough experience with the Audible side hustle to help other people profit from their audiobooks or get selected after an audition and are looking to branch out, you can spread your knowledge to others and become a coach for the platform.

Many people are searching the internet for guides and other ways to become successful and earn on Audible, leading to many different ways you can teach others.

One way to benefit from your experience is to start a blog with tips and techniques to maximize your profits when selling audiobooks , or you can also create online courses highlighting information regarding how you can make money from Audible.

4.     Affiliate Marketing

Generating a passive stream is always beneficial for anyone’s income, and a highly effective method to do so is through affiliate marketing.

This form of promotion is incredibly beneficial, and Audible comes with a highly profitable affiliate marketing program you can use making it an effective Audible side hustle.

When signing up as an affiliate marketer for Audible, you do not need to create audiobooks or do any narration. Instead, your main job would be to promote other content through various communication channels such as emails, blogs, or social media platforms.

This is a commission-based Audible side hustle, meaning that whenever a sale goes through, which results from your marketing and promotions efforts, you will receive a small portion of that sale as a commission.

Even the process to become an affiliate marketer is incredibly simple, and all you have to do would be to:

Step#1: Sign up for the Creator Program for the Platform

This is the easy part, with all that is needed to be done is to go on to the website and register for their affiliate program. Upon completion of the signup process, you will receive an affiliate link that you will need to promote, which will be the bread and butter for your Audible side hustle.

Step #2: Market and Promote the Affiliate Link

After obtaining the affiliate link, you need to promote the book through different websites and other channels for communication. This includes but is not limited to any social media platform you are active on, any blogs you write, and emails you send.


As mentioned above, there is a lot of potential to profit with the Audible side hustle, with many different ways to benefit from this platform and make profits through Audible.

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