20 Best Food Delivery Side Hustle

These days, a lot of us get lazy when we are comfortable in our homes. We don’t want to cook or go out to get food. So what do we do? We order food to get delivered to our house. But did you know you can make money delivering food to people? In this article, we are going to look at the 20 best food delivery side hustles.

Of course, we recommend you check the availability in your area before announcing yourself as the savior of the night, as many have limited coverage and even operating hours.

If you find yourself looking for a job as a delivery person, let’s talk about the best delivery apps available for you to work a side hustle. We will analyze everything you need to know about the applications dedicated to home deliveries, going from Uber Eats, Orders Now, or Glovo, among others.

Best Food Delivery Side Hustle

food delivery side hustle

1. Orders Now

Orders Now operate in various countries. As a delivery person, you can configure the block of daily hours in which you can be available; and based on it, the algorithm of the system will show you the ideal orders. You make use of your motorcycle and your free time so that you can earn extra money.

For their part, consumers have at their disposal a delivery system in record time. Considering that they access the menu of the best places in the city and they will receive their order in a maximum of 1 hour, depending on the place.

2. Glovo

This is a delivery app, which allows users to order different products from their city, be it food, supermarket bags, medicines, or forgotten house keys.

Orders must be made through your App, in which you can coordinate with Glovers and store the order and how and where the delivery will be made. Through this App, workers also receive support on any incident that may arise.

3. Rappi

Rappi through its delivery service offers users a variety of products, whether from the supermarket or the pharmacy, thanks to the so-called rapitenderos, that is, you manage your time which makes it a true food delivery side hustle.

By not having a work commitment with the platform, anyone who uses Rappi you are free to connect whenever you want and for as long as you want.

4. Postmates

Based in San Francisco, Postmates was founded in 2011. Today it operates in several cities in the world. This delivery app of American origin offers the delivery service of “anything, anytime, anywhere”, including food, drinks, school supplies, etc. It’s easy to use (and easy to sign up for), its Work schedule is flexible (you will own your own time), and it has an instant payment option (your money in your pocket)

Postmate is a huge app that many people have started their food delivery side hustle.

5. Rapiboy

This is a food app that offers restaurants the possibility of managing the distribution of food to their customers, thanks to a network of independent distributors in charge of making deliveries.  You can choose turns to introduce yourself, make shifts during the week, and have higher rates on weekends. You can be attending the businesses you choose. By reserving time you can always choose the premises that you like the most.

6. Just Eat

The work system at Just Eat presents different aspects from those of other delivery companies such as Glovo or Deliveroo. The main difference is that Just Eat couriers are salaried and usually work with a single restaurant. Among the main advantages of working at Just Eat, you will find that you can set your hours, something that can make it easier for you to combine studies or other jobs that you have, if applicable since the hours are determined by the hours of attention to the public and sale that the restaurants in your area have.

7. SoyDelivery

This is an application developed in Uruguay, which allows registered independent drivers to receive freight requests and earn money for carrying packages from one place to another. It offers time flexibility for the management of your schedules and Leisure.

8. Uber Eats

The Uber Eats platform connects users with participating local restaurants, enabling home delivery of food through delivery partners. If you want to start a food delivery side hustle, this is the best ass for you.

This popular delivery app created by Uber is now available in more than 250 cities around the world. With Uber Eats, you can generate earnings anytime, anywhere, you can drive with the app and generate the earnings you want. The more you drive, the more you’ll take advantage of your earnings. In addition, you will receive them through an automatic deposit every week. You drive only when it suits you. No bosses or offices. With Uber, you can start driving and stop whenever you want, because you are the one in charge. Uber is committed to the safety of people during their journeys. Its technology allows it to offer security to Drivers before, during, and after each trip.

9. InstaDelivery

This is a delivery app created in chile but available worldwide, which allows the user to order food from local restaurants that generally do not have their own delivery service. To do this, they use a network of independent distributors. The app works when the customer enters their home or work address, chooses a restaurant, and places an order. An Instadelivery delivery man will deliver the food.

10. Everything goes

Another food application presented as “the first urban courier service in Latin America”. It offers the possibility of obtaining extra income as a courier -delivery person/cadet-, making shipments on foot, by motorcycle, bike, or car (for example, the delivery of correspondence, parcels, messaging, etc.).

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11. Treggo

The Treggo platform offers the service of sending and receiving whatever the user needs, be it messaging, packages, or procedures thanks to a network of available couriers. Users can request their shipments through the Treggo app or via the web.

12. Gopher

This is a platform that connects shipments requested by users with independent couriers. It operates across the globe, making door-to-door shipments be it documents, laundry clothes, gifts, etc.

13. Donkey

How many times would you like someone to bring you home that sandwich from your favorite place or save you from the huge lines to buy churros in one of the most popular eateries? That’s what Donkey is for. This app has a huge list of restaurants that range from fast food to places with signature cuisine, including ice cream parlors, pastry shops, and churrerías. Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, or with your PayPal account. And if you don’t have cash, don’t worry about the tip, the price already includes the service.

14. Tapingo

This app has been around for a few years now to bring you food, the supermarket, the pharmacy, or whatever you need to your home or work. The restaurants and services available depend on the time and the area you are in. In addition to taking those cookies or a full meal, you can select the “order” option and send them to pick up a car or ask someone to help you complete the participants of a game. You can pay in cash when delivered or make a charge to your card.

15. No apron

One of the most popular food delivery services before the app boom is, without a doubt, this one. Here you can choose from a list of restaurants according to your location, select what you want to eat, and voila, it will be at your home or office in a matter of minutes.

16. Mercadoni

This app puts different supermarkets and even local markets at your fingertips so you can buy vegetables, fruits, groceries, food for your pets, or soft drinks and ice for the party, while you finish cleaning your house. Best of all, you can order from stores that require a membership like Costco and Sam’s Club. You only need to register with an email account or from your Facebook profile and add your credit or debit card to make the payment.

17.  For the party

Typical that you are at the best of the party and you hear in the distance “there are no more beers!” or that the ice has run out and well, your Cuba doesn’t taste the same. That can be solved by these applications

18. Burp

Here you can order from tequila, mezcal, or rum to champagne or cognac. Of course, they also offer ice, mixers, snacks, and even cigarettes or condoms.

19. WNV

Here you will find red or white wines, tequilas, rums, ice, soft drinks, or even shot glasses. The bad thing is that its coverage area is limited to Latin America and you will not be able to buy on Mondays and Tuesdays or at certain times.

20. Royal

What makes this app different is that it offers you packages of certain drinks with ice and mixers. In addition to finding the typical beers, it offers craft and sparkling wines or champagne and even games such as beer pong kits or cards. It has everything you need for the perfect lunch or dinner.

To start your food delivery side hustle, surely the companies that we have listed are not the only alternative. While these are the most popular delivery apps out there, they’re not the only option.

If the food delivery side hustle is not for you then you can always deliver packages, products, and online orders, help other people carry their things when they move or even deliver laundry and dry cleaning if you want to gain experience in that field.

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