Best Side Hustles for Teachers in 2022

Teaching is one of the best professions and is a very much respected job by others. But, what are some best side hustles for teachers to do?

Teachers can do many things as a side hustle to earn extra money on their time off. We have lots of suggestions for the teachers who are actually searching for a side hustle.

best side hustles for teachers

19 Best Side Hustles For Teachers

1. Affiliate marketing

Thinking about long-term income from online? Then affiliate websites will be the best source for you. Tourist destinations, new interests, or rural content in a rural area all can be the subject of the new website.

2. Online teaching

English is the second language and the demand for English teachers will never go down. ESL is a renowned website for teaching English online. Anyone qualified, can teach English on ESL without being an institutional English teacher.

3. Be a local tutor

Tutoring locally is the best side hustle for teachers as there are many families looking for house tutors for their children’s college preparation. Besides the young students, there are lots of adults who are coming back to college and are badly in need of house teachers. Anyone teacher can easily start giving tuition locally as he doesn’t need to achieve teaching skills separately.

4. Tickets reselling

Flipping tickets has become a sizeable business in the digital world. Using the internet, anyone can buy tickets and sell them at right time. Ticket reselling is a legal and suitable way to make extra profit.

5. Notary official

An official legal notary is very much important to get valid documents. Outside of a country courthouse, it will be a great hassle to find a notary. So, being a teacher you can get yourself trained and become a notary to get a handsome amount of money in several seconds. If required for the customer, you can travel with them to serve for extra travel charges.

6. Blogging

Blogging has become a very common job for able people and a teacher is definitely capable to run and monetize a blog. You can take this as a part-time side hustle. But an established blog with enough traffic can give you a full-time income.

7. YouTube content

YouTube channels are now a great source of income for tech-savvy people. Especially those who are comfortable in front of an audience can easily run a YouTube channel. As a teacher, your primary job is to give lectures in front of lots of audiences. So, you can easily create channels for online courses and live lectures.

8. Freelance Transcriptionist

Transcription service is a very critically needed job in recent times and it is hard to find someone with great transcription skills. Even the best software is not able to deliver 100% perfect transcription service. So, with a balanced build computer and several tools, you can start with interview transcription, medical transcription, podcast transcription, and legal transcription.

9. Freelance Writing

Most of the teachers are always great writers and renowned books are written by them. Freelance writing is a great side hustle for the teachers and online platforms like Upwork and freelancer are really good for it. Some companies are also hiring good writers for part-time as well as full-time work.

10. Work as a translator

If you have efficiency in other languages, you can be a good translator. Translation works are available both in real life as well as online. Not only do the common languages like German, French or Spanish need translation but also you can work for Tagalog, Japanese, Arabic, or Mandarin translation. The tougher language you can translate for the others, the higher rate you can charge for your work.

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11. Tour guide at local area

Most of the places have something to show or tell and well-expressed places always have tourists.  Besides, being a teacher you can easily be a local tour guide if you have some knowledge about that place.

12. House sitting

Lots of people take their holiday in summer and travel to faraway places. Teachers get a long time off in the summer, and even sometimes full summer off is offered. You, as a teacher can offer house sitting service to people who travel away from home and earn extra cash.

13. Flipping and selling

If you are thinking that the summer-type sitting job is not for you, then you have other easier ways to profit more. Check all the local auctions, garage sales, yard sales, and old furniture sales. You can easily collect those items and do the least modifications to sell them at a high profit.

14. Real estate agent

Being a real estate agent is a serious kind of weekend job for the teachers. You must have to earn some special selling and showcasing skills to be successful in this profession. Once you are established in this professional line, then your life will be changed.

15. Sell printables

Printables are now very much popular for both the students and teachers. You just have to know about the requirements of the target customers. Then deliver printables to the teachers for their classroom as hand out. Students will use their hands out as assistance with their homework. But, you might find making printables not so easy and must thank ‘Canva’ that has made it easy to make printables liked by others.

16. Online surveys

Online surveys are an easy way to get some extra cash. The income is not that big enough to make you rich, but you will have this opportunity all the year-round. Even in the leisure period, while watching TV, in some spare time you can easily do the survey completion.

17. Part-time driving

No sooner had the car driving apps like Lyft or Uber come to reality, than the drivers got an opportunity for extra easy income. If you have a driving license and some driving skills, you can easily get paid a lot of cash.

18. Airbnb

Got some extra rooms to give on rent? Then Airbnb will be a helpful assistance for you to manage customers for you. In summers, you can rent out your available rooms while having the control to make the house rules, and set availability and price by yourself.

19. Do coaching

If you have expertise in dance, sports, or gymnastics you can be a coach for your available leisure time. Enough amounts of bucks will come to your pocket from the interested young people.

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