Can Real estate be a side hustle?

Becoming a real estate agent or wholesaling could be a great side hustle because there is no overhead except that you have to get a license from your state and just have to network with a lot of people so they know to contact you if they need to buy or sell a home.

So, Yes. becoming a real estate agent is the best side hustle for those who enjoy meeting people and networking.

Here’s How To Become A Realtor

1. Pass Exam and Get Your Licence

Depending on which state you live in, you will have to take real estate course and pass the state exam. You can do this in person at community college for about $5-6k or online for less than $500. Taking the course is NOT mandatory but passing the state exam is. Most people get real estate study guides and just take the exam. The exam fee is about $200-$300 depending on which state you live in.

2. Join A Realtor Brokerage

Once you have passed your exam, you will need a sponsor from a certified brokerage. These are companies like REMAX, ColdwellBanker etc.

You have to pay them a fee for something called “MLS”, Multi Listing Service which will allow you to list homes.

Popular Realtor Brokerage

3. Setup your social media

You should also consider setting up your own social media page and avoid using broker’s branded emails because you never know what this broker might do to you later, so its best to use your own website, and emails so that you can change brokers without worrying where your customers will go to if you ever happen to leave the brokerage.

Is RealEstate A Good Side Hustle