25 Side Hustle Ideas In Cyber Security [ 2023 Edition ]

Modern technology has evolved to a stage where technology has become a major part of our everyday lives. Smart devices are available for everything, from our phones to even the watch we wear, leading to the increasing need for cybersecurity.

As a cyber security specialist, you may be looking to add additional income.

Keeping the growing necessity for this field of computer science in mind, we have compiled a list of gigs, with each cyber security side hustle being more profitable than ever.

1.     Search for a Niche

Before pursuing any cyber security side hustle, searching for a niche within this field that is the most suitable for you is essential.

Finding the right niche can work in your favor because certain niches are in much higher demand in the market than others. This is why it is vital to find the one that has the potential to net you as much profit as possible.

2.     Security Consultancy

With extensive cybersecurity knowledge and exceptional skills, you can work to advise and help others and gain a handsome profit with this cyber security side hustle.

Security consultants are always in demand when it comes to freelancing, involving you advising people or even organizations regarding a problem they might be having related to the niche you specialize in.

3.     Cybersecurity Freelancing

Speaking of freelancing, there are many platforms where you can set up your profile and work as a freelancer specialising in the cyber security side hustle. Picking up small gigs related to your niche is one of the best ways to make money in cybersecurity.

4.    Auditing Agency

this cyber security side hustle involves piles of classified documents and sensitive information that companies must deal with on behalf of their clients, which is why most of them set up audits annually or bi-annually.

As an auditor specializing in this field, you must prepare an organization for its upcoming audit, ensuring operations are running smoothly and the audit is completed without any problems.

5.     Cybersecurity Trading

This is an especially useful cybersecurity side hustle if you have ever had stock trading experience. It is one of the simpler cybersecurity side hustles in the market.

Ever since the pandemic, numerous aspects of daily life have gone online, leading to a rise in demand for cybersecurity. This translates to healthy progression in favor of company stocks, making cybersecurity stock investment an incredibly lucrative side hustle.

6.     Become a Cybersecurity Writer

The demand for writers has gone through an upsurge ever since the rise of freelancing, which also applies to the cybersecurity industry.

If you have knowledge of the field and a background in writing, there are many gigs on freelancing related to writing blogs or articles for cybersecurity websites, earning you some good money.

7.     Become an Ethical Hacker

Also known as white-hat hackers, ethical hacking is a great way to earn money in cybersecurity as a side hustle.

Many companies and organizations are looking for these “good hackers” to help them find vulnerabilities within their digital infrastructure and strengthen them to make them less susceptible to cyberattacks.

8.     Create an Online Course

If you have especially high knowledge of a particular cybersecurity niche, you should consider creating a course for it online. If compiled and marketed the right way, there is great profit to be had for this cyber security side hustle.

9.     Develop an Application

Nowadays, there are mobile applications for everything, and there is a lot o potential to profit greatly from creating an app related to cybersecurity.

      10. Public Speaking

If you are not afraid to speak in front of large crowds, you can monetize your knowledge by working as a cybersecurity public speaker as a great cyber security side hustle.

     11. Write a course book on Cybersecurity

Not only blogs and courses, but another cyber security side hustle you should consider is writing a book on a particular niche within the field of cybersecurity you have expertise.

   12. Start a Cybersecurity YouTube Channel

YouTube is the best place to monetize your knowledge. If you feel like you bring something unique to a niche within cybersecurity, starting a channel related to cybersecurity-related content as a side hustle is a great way to earn some extra cash.

   13. Become a Career Coach

If you feel like you have experience in this industry, you can get paid to spread that knowledge and coach other people to guide them so that they can obtain the cybersecurity job they have been aiming for.

    14. Find a Mentor

Even though this method is not a direct way to earn money in cybersecurity, an experienced mentor can help you reach your true potential and be able to line up gigs for you that you would not have been able to come across on your own.

  15. Become a Bounty Hunter

Many companies in the market offer money for finding bugs in their system, and you can earn money on the side for finding bugs and becoming a bug bounty hunter as a side hustle.

  16. Start a Podcast

Podcasts have been a hot topic recently, and you can earn money by talking about a niche and cybersecurity by starting a podcast centered on it.

  17. Start Affiliated Marketing for VPNs

If you are working on blogs based on the field, you can further amplify your income from those blogs by adding links to VPNs on them and earning through affiliate marketing.

  18. Perform Risk assessments

You can offer risk assessment services to companies and organizations as a cyber security side hustle, helping them identify potential cybersecurity risks and advising them on ways to overcome them.

  19. Review Cybersecurity Products

Many products related to cybersecurity exist, such as antivirus software, and you can earn money by reviewing them.

20. Offer Incident Response Services

A data breach can occur at any time, and there are many instances where the company may not be ready for it. You can offer incident response services and get paid to take necessary action in case of a breach as a cyber security side hustle, such as investigating the source of the attack and recovering the data lost.

21. Train Company Employees

If you are particularly experienced in a niche, you can get paid to spread that knowledge and train teams within companies as a highly profitable cyber security side hustle.

  22. Create Training Programs

If teaching them in person is too much of a hassle, then you can also get paid to develop training courses providing them with the knowledge and methods to deal with cybersecurity problems related to a particular niche.

  23. Security Consultant for Social Media Platforms

If you are particularly good at data security within social platforms, then you could provide consultation services to help them secure their accounts.

  24. Consult on Data Privacy

As a data privacy consultant, your main responsibility would be to advise companies on implementing practices that comply with data privacy laws.

  25. Become a Cybersecurity Policy Analyst

As a policy analyst, your job would be to assess cybersecurity policies observed by a company, perform other tasks such as risk assessment and manage their potential vulnerabilities.


The field of cybersecurity is up and coming, with many projections and studies showing that it has the potential to have one of the highest-earning jobs.

This is why it is essential to enter this industry as soon as possible to earn big, and taking advantage of the cyber security side hustle through these gigs is the perfect starting point for your journey.

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