Driving Kids Around (Easy Side Hustle Idea)

So all you need to do to make money right now is to start driving kids around. 

This may sound a little odd but there is a lot of money to be made here. 

The Story Behind The Side Hustle 

A few years ago I ran into one of my friends. At this time she was a struggling college student. But when I saw her, she looked different. She was driving a new car, wearing branded clothes, and spending money like she wasn’t a college student. 

Of course, the first thing that popped into my mind was that she found a new sugar daddy or something. 

But this was not the case. 

She was a very sweet and nice girl so I knew she was not doing anything illegal to earn money. So I asked her how are you making money to afford all this. 

This is when she told me her secret. 

Driving Kids Around & Making Money

So she was driving kids for busy parents to school and back home. I didn’t think this was something that could earn a lot of money. But she was making $500 a week. 

Then I started thinking about it. If you are a busy parent and cannot drive your kids to school, you would not call in Uber to drive them, right?

So these parents actually wanted someone that they could trust and hire to drive their kids to school on a daily basis. 

How To Make Money Driving Kids Around? 

Find Nanny Agency

The first thing you need to do is find an agency. You cannot show up at someone’s house and ask if you can drive their kids are out. People are going to think you’re crazy and call the police on you. This is why you need to find a babysitting or a nanny agency

The agency will help you find parents that are looking for people to drive their kids around. 

Now you might think because it says it’s a nanny agency that this job may be for girls only. But we are in the 21st-century now, guys can be nannies too. 

Set Your Schedule

The second thing you need to do is to set your schedule. I understand that this is a side hustle and it might not be a full-time job for you just yet. So you need to let the agency know what your schedule looks like. Most of these agencies are very flexible and are willing to work with you so that way you can drive depending on your schedule. 

Do Your Job

The last thing you need to do is just do the job well and count your money. 


To recap, you are going to get paid for driving kids around. After signing up with an agency and setting up your schedule, all you need to do is pick up kids from school and drop them home. And in other cases, you might be picking up kids from their home and dropping them to school. It’s really that simple! 

Question About This Side Hustle

How are the kids behavior? 

Kids are kids. This means that some of the kids are going to be really good and well behaved and some are going to be not so good or well behaved. 

Is this a job for guys? 

Yes! Guys can also do this job very easily and get hired just like girls. 

Will this involve babysitting? 

This job could involve babysitting. But the agency is going to charge the parents extra if you have to babysit which means you will be getting paid extra as well. 

Can I work outside of agency? 

Of course, you can. But if you don’t come from a good agency, parents might not want to work with you because they might not trust you. If you want to work outside of an agency, it is best to start working for them in the beginning and after having some experience going out on your own. 

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