Flipping Books (Easiest Side Hustle Idea)

If you have read our side hustle idea on flipping, you will know exactly how this works. Flipping books is like flipping any other item. But used books seem to hold more values than any other used items. 

Why Should You Start Flipping Books For Money? 

When I was in college, I had to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a textbook for each class. 

But I have a hustler brain so I was not going to spend that much money for each book.

So instead of buying brand new textbooks for each of my classes, I went online and try to find used books on Amazon and eBay. I was able to find the same textbooks for much much cheaper. 

After I was finished taking the class I thought since I bought the books used maybe I could sell these books too. 

So I went back on eBay and Amazon and list of these books for sale for the same price that I had purchased them for. 

And before the next semester even started, all the books were sold. 

This made me realize that books hold a much more value compared to any other used items. 

Now the side hustle idea had been born. 

Of course I didn’t want to just sell the books for the same price I bought it for. That would mean that I made no money. 

So instead I started going to used bookstores to find popular books that I could sell. In a lot of used bookstores you can find books for much cheaper than you can anywhere else. Also some stores are willing to negotiate on the price so you will get it at the cheapest value. 

After finding a handful of books, I would come home and list all the books on Amazon and eBay to sell. And in a matter a few days all my books used to sell for much more than I paid for. 

This is by far the easiest side hustle I have ever done. 

How To Start Flipping Books For Money?

Find A Book

The best place to find books for the cheapest cost is going to be at a used bookstore.

My choice of bookstore is Half Priced Bookstore.

You can also use online bookstores to find what book you are looking for. But just keep in mind that it might cost more since it is online and needs to be shipped to you.

Take pictures

Since you are selling a used book, people want to know what type of condition the book is in. So take lots of pictures and post them on Amazon and eBay so your customers can see and decide.

List On Amazon & eBay

The best place to sell your books are going to be on Amazon and eBay.

What Type Of Books To Buy To Flip?

  • Educational books (like textbooks that I start this side hustle with)
  • Technical books (like how to start coding)
  • Religious
  • Arts and crafts (like cooking books)
  • Music sheet
  • Most non-fiction books (biographies, etc.)


This is a pretty simple and straight forward side hustle idea. After reading this short article, you should be able to start making money flipping book within the next 5-10 minutes.

Other Questions On Flipping Books

Where Can I Find Used Books For Cheap Price?

The best place to find used books for cheap price are your local bookstores. You may find some online but it will always be more than a local bookstore as they have to ship the book to you.

What Is The Best Place To Sell Used Books?

The best place to sell used books will be on Amazon or eBay. You can always sell books to a local bookstore but they will give you as much as Amazon or eBay. You could use other website beside these two but then you will need to handle all the shipping which may be hard and costly.

How Can I Take This To The Next Level?

On our website, we always want you to take a side hustle idea to the next level. If you read our article on dropshipping, you can apply it here. You can list books that you don’t have currently on Amazon and once someone orders it from you then you buy it from someone else. This will cut time on you going out to bookstores to find books and also save money on shipping. You are pretty much flipping it without holding it.

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