Make Money Walking: 25 Creative Ways To Make Money Walking

Did you know applications exist that will pay you to walk and you can actually make money walking? This is one of the numerous ways you can make your day-to-day grind into a source of income.

As absurd as it is true that some companies will offer you a fee to walk. If it’s for fitness or walking to work or simply running routine; as long as you stick to these steps, you’ll be sure to earn some cash.

Before we get started with the article this is FAQs on it:

Do walking apps actually earn you money?

Yes, there are apps specifically designed for this purpose and can be used in various ways, such as walking or running, outside and indoors, without or with the dog, etc.

We will talk about many apps below that you can use to make money walking.

Walking apps offer a variety of distinct methods to reward users who sign up with or register with them. Certain apps will give you cash, while some give you points you can use to shop at the most popular stores like Amazon as well as Walmart. In some cases, you can exchange points for cash using PayPal. It is important that you are aware of the ways in which a walking app will reward you prior to joining.

What is the amount the company pay?

There are numerous websites that monitor your steps as well as pay for your steps. Some pay you to stay fit, while others require you to perform things in connection with walking.

Delivery jobs let you earn between $10 to $50 per project. On the other hand programs for health and fitness pay approximately $30 per year and offer rebates and discounts on sporting items.

What are the methods of payment for these apps?

They pay, typically to PayPal however there are other options using virtual currencies, discounts or redemptions, and via gift cards from well-known retailers like Amazon and many more.

make money walking

25 Creative Ways To Make Money Walking

Then why not convert this habit into money through steps?

If you’re interested in this topic, this article is perfect for you. I’ve done the legwork for you and put together the best applications for money-making.

Let us begin…


One of the top walk-for-pay apps Achievement awards you not just for walking but also for participating in other activities such as cycling, swimming, running as well as meditation, sports, and food logs.

Rewards are offered by way of points.

You can earn $10 for every 10,000 points when you participate in various tasks that require you to move. Achieving usually earns you as much as 80 points per exercise.

The best part is that it offers different chances and “offers” to earn bonus points. For instance, you can earn six points for recording the food you eat, posting your experience on social media, logging your sleep routine, and weight loss or gain.

If you run the app 24/7 you could earn as much as $30 per year. It’s your decision to either save the money or give it to any of the charities listed in the application.

The Achievement app pays each week by PayPal or direct deposits. The app currently boasts more than 3 million downloaded.


You love cash prizes, right? That’s exactly what StepBet is about. Through the app, you pick a sport to help you achieve your goals and then place a bet to sign up. The aim is to meet your fitness goals and win by placing bets on yourself. If you reach your fitness goals, you’ll walk away with money If you don’t, you’ll lose your cash.

Imagine it as a way to motivate yourself to earn money.

The duration of play is around six weeks. The app typically allows players to wager around $40. It is contingent on the number of players that join in your game and when you achieve your objectives, you’ll receive your stake back along with any winnings.

StepBet currently has more than 1 million customers. They have paid more than $100 million for players and recorded more than 198 billion steps that were taken.


Do you wish to take part in a charitable cause, but don’t have the funds? Don’t fret, with the Charity Miles even if don’t make money you can give your reward to charity without having to spend any money.

Get a boost from activities like cycling, running, or indoor exercises.

With this application it is possible to contribute to charities such as Feeding America or Habitat for Humanity; Like this, it can contribute positively to lessening the impact of homelessness and famine respectively.


Similar to other apps that let you earn money for walking, Winwalk tracks your walking steps and awards points. But, unlike other apps the Winwalk platform is extremely flexible because it doesn’t require users to sign into your account, sign in using your email account, or switch off your GPS.

The disadvantage of this is Winwalk is only available on Android devices.

Every 100 steps is worth 1 “coin” that you can redeem for gift cards from top retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, and Target.

However, Winwalk does have a daily limit on the number of “coins” you can currently earn 100 coins. This is equivalent to the limit of 10,000 steps per day.


Do you have a problem finding the motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals? Then at FitFetti, you’ll receive the motivation you need and a variety of incentives from a variety of sponsors.

The most important aspect is that when you sign up you will be given the role of a sponsor.

However, first, you have to complete your weekly step objectives to be able to access additional FitFetti users’ restricted items. If your sponsor is willing to contribute money, the payment will be made via Paypal at the close of the week.

Additionally, you can earn additional money when you refer your acquaintances to sign up with FitFetti.

Do you happen to be an iPhone user? Install the FitFetti application.


You’re looking for an app that will pay you for running and walking? Life Coin can help you.

Every time you go on an outing The platform gives you “life coins” that you can exchange for gifts, gadgets, sporting items, and more.

Electronic gifts are great to purchase from online retailers such as Amazon as well as iTunes. You can also opt to purchase PayPal gift cards.

In addition, earn additional money by becoming a Life Coin ambassador. Additionally, for each person that you refer to the app you earn 5 coins within the app.

Life Coin is a free app. Life Coin app is free and is available on Google Play and the App Store.


Are you fed up with being known as a couch potato? Pay to walk today!

When you join Fit Potato they reward you by letting you lose the extra pounds.

To earn money, first, join and sign up for a fitness club. After that, you need to be committed to the goals you’d like to reach in a particular week, and also commit funds.

Be active by running, walking with your dog on walks, taking a yoga class, or exercising at the gym. When you reach your goals for the week and achieve your weekly goals, you’ll be able to share your weekly prize with other winners.


The app offers a broad selection of fitness-related challenges, such as completing 1,020km in 2020. These types of challenges set by MapMyFitness are accessible to anyone and completing them on time earns you rewards.

For you to ensure that you are focused on your exercise The rewards will come in the form of products that are available from Under Armor, an athletic apparel manufacturer. The process of tracking is simple through the connection of your phone or Fitbit device to the program.

MapMyFitness offers a range of related apps such as MapMyWalk and MapMyRun that eventually give you rewards for running and walking, for example. Are you ready for a new fitness goal?


The platform doesn’t just offer your rewards for walking but also guarantees that your vital signs are constant and in a regular range.

Higi examines the body’s fat as well as blood pressure, weight, pulse rate, and oxygen saturation for no cost, and is also earning money.

However, in order to be eligible to receive a reward, you have to complete challenges, which can be completed every week or once a month. Each time you accomplish a task, Higi rewards you and integrates your actions with other paid apps such as MapMyFitness.


Are you a Walgreens shopper? The name says it all the website offers you balance points every time you shop at stores. Additionally, it pays you for meeting fitness goals.

For instance, you can get 20 balance points for each mile you make. Every 1,000 points are worth $1 and can grow up to 50,000 points which equals $50. The platform also offers additional points when taking blood and weight measurements.

The conditions are that you join an account with the Walgreens rewards balance. If you have an account, then users can install your Walgreens smartphone app, and connect this app with a fitness tracking application or sensor.

With rewards, you can make purchases in Walgreens or combine points with coupons or discounts.


Sweatcoin allows you to earn money for your walking however, it is important to note that your steps have to be recorded while walking outside and not in. Each time you take a step of 2,000 that you take the sweatcoin transforms them into an internal cryptocurrency called “sweatcoins.”

Signing up to this platform using a free membership will earn you 5 sweatcoins every 5k steps you complete. In contrast, the upgraded membership earns 10 sweat coins per 10,000 steps. Then, you can redeem the sweatcoins in exchange for gifts or cash.

The value of 20,000 sweat coins is 1,000 and will can be used to pay for taking a walk through PayPal. Sweatcoin is free to Android as well as iOS users.

It is without a doubt that Sweatcoin is without doubt one of the top apps for earning cash to walk. But did you know there are other apps that operate in a similar way to Sweatcoin?

There are many of them, which we’ll detail in the next sections.


Similar to Sweatcoin like Sweatcoin, the Runtopia app pays for every move that you do, including walking, running, and even cycling. In essence, you’re paid to keep healthy through different kinds of activities. But, to use this app it is necessary to connect your GPS in order to keep track of your activities.

Earn coins that can be exchanged for a variety of benefits, like PayPal gift cards or cash. It’s also fascinating to note the reality that Runtopia is rated with earned a 4.5-star review in Google Play from over 32,000 reviews.

It also boasts more than 1 million users. If you want to gain more money, you can change to Runtopia premium and gain access to more features.

13. YODO

Yodo is a fitness app that allows you to earn money for walking or running, hiking and more. It basically pays you for any movement you take. To keep track of your steps, you’ll need to download the application, install it, and then turn on the GPS.

What I love about Yodo is the fact that you can get cashback.

Earn money by sharing your sporting history with others as well as through referrals.

For a start to sign up, simply log in using your telephone number or social media accounts, such as Facebook or Google.


BetWalking Another app will pay for walking. If you’re an iPhone user, then look in the opposite direction. The app is only available to Android people through Google Play.

But, it appears to not be popular because of the number of ads that clutter the app. However, the application is paid.

Each time you do something and take action, you earn “walking dollars” that can be used to redeem a variety of rewards. Options for payment include cash, Western Union, and airtime top-ups.


Are you looking for apps like sweatcoin for iPhone?

LYMPO is a great alternative to Sweatcoin. It is accessible to iPhone as well as Android users. It earns LYM coins with real worth. You can trade your coins at the LYMPO store to get amazing discounts and other products, like wireless headphones.

The app is well-known for its easy-to-use interface, which displays the task as well as the reward and the health advantages. The benefits of exercise are realized both outdoors and indoors. Additionally, the platform includes a dog-walking function that allows you to keep track of your steps and earn money simultaneously.


With a 3.4 score on Playstore, Earthmiles is another fantastic app that allows you to earn money to walk. The application is designed for living a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, the benefits you earn are products that are healthy like vegan foods or healthy foods.

Each kilometer you walk will earn you one statute mile, cycling grants you 3 statute miles while running grants you five statute miles.

To keep track of your daily steps, install Earthmiles to the iPhone as well as an Android phone and connect it to other tracking apps, such as Runkeeper, Mapmyride, Fitbit, or Misfit.


Earn between $3 and $12 per task gathering images, and videos and taking surveys for retail operations, products, and customers. The most important thing is that Field Agent is among the most popular apps that pay you daily.

Earn money walking dogs

Dog walking is among the easiest activities that you can take part in nowadays. There are those who walk and decide to walk while also walking their pet so that they are in good shape, and if you have an app that allows you to earn money and keep an established routine Who wouldn’t love it?

More Ways To Make Money While Walking? – Dog Walking Side Hustle – How To Make Most Money


Are you a lover of pets or, more accurately, someone who has a love affair with doggies? If so, register with Rover and care for your pets on your own personal timetable. It also lets you pay the fees you pay yourself. With Rover, you also get money to walk and sit with dogs in the evening.

While at the same time, Rover comes with other advantages, such as insurance and vet aid for the dogs in your care. In addition, they handle your expenses which gives you ample time for getting work accomplished.

Dog working at Rover can earn an average of $20 to $40 per evening, with a maximum of $1000 per month, based on the number of gigs you are able to get. You are able to set your own schedule and rates. Your services are insured for up to $1,000,000 and 24/7 assistance.

19. WAG

Wag is a platform that brings together dog walkers and dog owners. Install and log in to your application to begin. But, it’s only following approval that you’ll be able to view the jobs available.

On average, dog walkers at Wag make about $12, plus tips for a 30-minute session. This is equivalent to about $25 per hour.

The most appealing aspect is that Wags gives a portion of its profits to shelters for dogs. Thus, securing a job via the app can help you earn money while also helping the less fortunate dogs.


Tailster is a different platform that allows you to earn money to take your pup for a walk however, it operates differently than the other. It helps you start your own pet-related business. How? You can set rates, services, and hours of operation directly through the platform. The services include walking your dog grooming, dog sitting, and cat grooming.

In exchange for the services they provide, Tailster accepts 20% of earnings and lets you keep the remainder (80 percent). On the platform, you can earn around $8-$13 an hour for each service you provide.

You can become a dog-sitter for Tailster through signing.

Other methods to earn money step-by-step while walking

There are a variety of platforms that pay you for work related to walking other than walking to have fun. This includes delivery services, or even becoming a billboard for humans, advertising businesses, etc.


Take products from supermarkets and earn $22 an hour.


Retain 100% of the tips you earn when you deliver food or packages to customers. The average earnings are around $10 an hour.


Help businesses collect information and make payments via the PayPal account. Gigwalkers earn between $4 to $12 per show as well as up to $50 for exclusive work.


Complete an assigned task to be a mystery shopper panelist, auditor, or receive payment via PayPal or direct deposit and gift card. The pay is around $20/hour.


Earn points for staying healthy by exercising, walking, and swimming. The rewards are available in the form of Amazon Prime, Apple, and Waitrose & Partners gift cards.

Walking is an everyday activity that you can transform into a profitable exercise. Apps that allow you to earn money for walking can be a fun method to earn money. For those who aren’t a fan to walk, the fact that cash prizes and giveaways could encourage individuals to set and meet goals.

Are you ready to turn your walking into an income-generating side business? Sign up for any of the earlier programs, the more you test, the more options you’ll have. In addition, you can try several simultaneously and exercise each simultaneously.

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