How To Become A Personal Assistant?

If you’re trying to become a personal assistant there is no better time than right now. 

Think about it, everyone needs a personal assistant right now. Even people that are becoming famous by modeling on Instagram are hiring personal assistants. 

Why Become A Personal Assistant? 

Most people think when someone works as a personal assistant, they are rubbing their boss’s feet and running around town trying to get coffee. But this is not what a job is. 

A personal assistant is the closest thing to the boss. So if you wanted to be an Instagram model, work for an Instagram model. If you want to start your own business someday, become a personal assistant for a CEO.

Also, you will not be work for free. This job is actually one of the best paying jobs. Of course if you are in assistant for a Instagram model, you might not get paid like crazy. But if you assist someone like a CEO you could be making six figures a year. 

And the best part about this job is that there are no skills required. The definition of this job is someone who assists someone else (it’s in the name). This can be any task. And trust me there is no degree that is made for this.

How To Become A Personal Assistant? 

A personal assistant job is a very easy job that will pay you a lot of money without having any skills or degrees.

Who do you want to work for?

The very first thing that you need to do is figure out who you want to work for. Of course, you can start with small jobs by helping local businesses around your city. 

Find The Job

The next thing you need to do is find the job. 

If you want to be an assistant to an Instagram model, you need to reach out to this model on Instagram. 

Reach out on Linkedin, if you want to become a personal assistant to a CEO. 

If you want to become a personal assistant for a local business, you can find jobs on Indeed and apply for them. 

Wow Factor

When you finally get a chance to talk to the person that you want to work for, you need to show them why and how you will make their life easier. You are going to be helping them by making their life and job easier so you need to show how you can assist with that.

Get Organized

The last thing you need to do is get organized. A personal assistant that is not organized is not a good personal assistant. Like we have said before, you are supposed to make your boss’s life easier. You cannot make their life easier if you are not organized. 

How To Turn This Into A Side Hustle? 

Our main focus on this website is to turn any simple job into a side hustle. To turn this job into a side hustle, you need to get a little creative. 

Step 1 – Work As A Personal Assistant

The first thing you need to do is actually work. You have to know exactly what this job will require you to do. 

Step 2 – Network

Also, since you work, you get to network with other people. 

Step 3 – Find Clients

Now you have to think about it like this, the people that you network with could be your potential customers. But you are just one person. You will not be able to work for everyone, that’s not possible!

Step 4 – Hire A Team & Make Them Work For You

So you start hiring other people. You train these people to be as good as you to assist other people. All those people that you network with, you called them. You tell them about your experience of being a personal assistant. You offer your services to them and you send one of your employees to get the job done. 

And just like that you have turned a simple job into a side hustle that is going to pay you every single month. 


Becoming a personal assistant is very easy because it does not require any skills or degrees. In today’s world, everybody needs one. This means that this job is hot! Not only can you work this job but you can turn this into a side hustle and become a business owner. 

Like we have said before, this job is not hard. But before you start working or applying, we recommend that you learn to get organized. Being organized will go a long way with this job and side hustle.

Questions About This Side Hustle

What is a personal assistant’s job? 

A personal assistant is it a person who assist other people in their job. Mainly this is going to involve the assistant helping with time and daily management. Such as making someone’s schedule or answering phone calls or taking notes during meetings or etc. 

What are the best skills to have as a personal assistant? 

One of the best skills that you can have for this job is to be organized. If you are organized, it makes your job easy but it also makes the person’s life that you are assisting much easier. 

Can you work from home? 

Yes, you can. A personal assistant that works from home is called a virtual assistant. 

Can you be a personal assistant to more than one person? 

Of course, you can. This might be a little difficult but depending on who you are working for and how busy their schedule is, you can be a personal assistant to more than one person. 

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