Get Paid To Test New Products | Guide On Becoming A Product Tester

Becoming a product tester is very exciting because you will get paid to test new products. These products have not yet been released to the public and the company is looking for people to try them out, while testing the product, you will have to note down any issues or anything that stands out. This is a win-win situation because you get paid for trying out new products, which won’t even feel like work.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know in order to help you become a product tester and see if Product testing is a good side hustle for you to make money. We will also discuss companies that you can partner with to make extra side income product testing.

What Does A Product Tester Do?

A product tester is someone who evaluates products before they are released to the public. Testers provide feedback on the product’s design, functionality, and user experience. This could be software, a household device, or even games. Once you test the product, your job is to give feedback to help manufacturers make the product better.

How Much Do Product Testers Get Paid?

It depends on the product but many times, product testers get paid in either Cash via PayPal or even Merchandise that they will receive. Money depends on the product and complexity. If you are able to spend 10 hrs a week on product testing, you can expect to make up to $1-2K Realisticly per month. Once you start making money, you will want to d more of it and can even make a living out of it.

5 Best Product Testing Sites

Following are the best 50 websites where you can make money testing products. Most of these companies accept worldwide users, you have to submit correct information when you register or they might not pay you. For example, Include the correct Address or PayPal information because if it’s incorrect, you will not receive a payout.

1. I-Say by Ipsos Panel


I-Say by Ipsos is probably the best product testing site that’s out there because they have opportunities for every age, every gender and almost every country including United States, Canada, Mexico and most of Europe Including India, China, Nepal etc. The reason i like them is that they just have wide variety of choices and you will never run out.

Learn More About I-Say by Ipsos

2. Toluna Influencer Panel

Toluna is little different because you get paid much more while the choices are limited to big blue chip companies such as Amazon, CBS, Sony Music, Kellogg’s, Coca-Cola, FIAT, L’OREAL, Expedia. I was able to make about $50 on each of the testing. I was sent soft drinks to test or sometimes given free access to a movie to watch then after that i was required to fill out a survey that took about 15 minutes.

Learn More About Toluna

3. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a really cool place where you can fill out surveys and make few bucks here and there, I recommend using this when you are traveling on train or on plane because you can get bunch done within an hr. Their only thing that i don’t like is that they don’t get new surveys often. It’s about a monthly update. So once a month, if you can spend about an hr doing their surveys, you will be able to make decent money testing their products or reading articles they provide.

Learn More About Branded Surveys

4. Opinion OutPost

Opinion Outpost is a great site to make $100-$200 per survey. Their surveys are lengthy but they pay well. I almost gave up when doing my first survey because it took me almost an hr but i did get paid a week later on my PayPal. Most of these surveys are for policy making and will ask personal questions but you do not have to give your own special information. They can get political.

Learn More About Opinion Outpost

5. TellWut Surveys

TellWut survey is for older folks in their 40s because most of the questions asked are not relevant to younger people. Each survey will get you about 4-5$ and there is plenty to make $500-$1K a month without using your mind. I had my mother do some surveys while watching TV and she got thru 10 surveys in almost 1 hr. She asked if she can quit her job, but i told her that i need her money to take girls out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to be a product tester?

You can be a product tester as long as you are 18 but if you are younger than get your parents permission and open an account on their behalf.

How to become product tester for nike?

Nike does not offer product testing to regular people. Once you have influence over at least 100K people, you can contact them on their Instagram Page

How to become product tester for amazon?

Amazon does not have product testing but you can join their amazon affiliates program. You can make up to 5-8% per sale .

Why would i be a good product tester?

If you are interested in trying out new products knowing that they are not perfect and enjoy giving feedback that could help companies, you would be a good product tester

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