How To Make Money As An Instagram Marketer?

Everyone knows that these days, social media influencer makes a lot of money. But most people don’t know that they don’t manage or market themselves. This is where you can come in and make a lot of money as an Instagram Marketer.

What Is An Instagram Marketer?

An Instagram Marketer is someone who helps another person who has a popular Instagram page with various tasks. These tasks can be to help them promote their products, push out their post and stories, get more followers, etc.

For example, here is what my Instagram page looks like:

Now, I am managing many of my business and side hustles. So, I cannot come up with all these posts and ideas. So I have an Instagram Marketer as well. That person comes up with ideas, hires people to create or optimize my content, and etc. This helps me focus on other things but also keeps me in touch with my followers and friends.

How To Become An Instagram Marketer?

Now, this part is pretty easy. These days, a lot of people get popular on social media platforms like Instagram. So they are always people looking for Instagram Marketers.

Learn Instagram

The first thing you need to do is learn how Instagram works. Now, this might seem hard but it really isn’t. You can watch our video on how things work on Instagram or you can go on YouTube and search for hundreds to thousands of videos on this topic.

Find Clients

Remember, I said there are a lot of popular people on Instagram these days and they need your help. So finding clients isn’t that hard. We will talk about this more later on in this chapter.

Create a free Canva account

Canva is a place where you can create all these graphics and posts for Instagram and more. Most of the posts you see on my Instagram are also designed and created on Canva. (If you don’t want to create these post for people and you just want to manage, you can hire someone to create them for you)

Work With Them

The last step is to work with your clients. You have to figure out what they want and how you can help them. After that, you just work with them and make things happen.

How To Find Clients?

When it comes to any side hustle, most people get lost or give up when they cannot find clients.

Post For Yourself

Before you can figure out where and how to find clients, you need to create some posts for yourself.

If they cannot see that you can do it yourself, then why would they want to hire you.


If you want to work with influencers (people with larger followings on social media), all you have to do is contact them.

The best way is to get on Instagram and contact the Influencer using Instagram’s direct message system.

This is why you have to post for yourself comes into such an important thing. Because when they see your message, they will most likely go to check out your profile.


This is by far the best type of client. Brands already have money but they don’t have time to grow their social media accounts.

Brands are willing to spending thousands and thousands of dollars for someone to do this for them.

How To Find Brand Clients?

You can go to this website called ProductHunt.

There you will see new and upcoming brands that need your help.

After that, you can go on their website (or better yet, go on their Instagram page) and contact them about your services.

How To Become The Best Instagram Marketer?

So how can you do the best job and help your clients reach their goals.

  1. You need to create posts for them on a weekly basis. This can be a simple picture or a video.
  2. Make sure they post at least 5 to 10 stories per day.
  3. Run Instagram Ads for them so they get more exposure
  4. Run Quora Ads for them to get more traffic
  5. Make Reddit post using their Instagram content

Remember, if you do not know how to do this, you can also hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork.


Social media is growing every single day. There is always someone new who is popular. It might be hard to become popular on these platforms but it is not hard to make money helping out the popular kids.

Remember to follow all the steps above in order to become the best Instagram Marketer. If you are confused about anything, you can leave a comment on our video or this post or you can contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Money On Instagram Without Any Followers?

This is the best way to make money on Instagram without any followers. Become an Instagram Marketer.

How to become a promoter on social media?

Instagram marketer is a sort of promoter for Instagram. You can follow these same steps above for any social media platform. All you need to do is learn the social media platform first and understand what get people to engage.

How to get sponsored on Instagram?

Best way is to contact these sponsors or companies you want to work with directly on Instagram. That way, they can see how powerful your page or clients page is and they will want to work with you.

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