How To Make Money On Instagram Reels

Instagram has changed the way that people are sharing their lives with friends and family. Now they are introducing a new feature called Instagram Reels which will take the app to new platforms and also help us make money.

The app is used for more than just selfies, it’s also a platform for artists to share their work, bloggers to show their followers what they’re up to, and even influencers to promote their brands. If you have something creative on your mind or want to share some insight on how you spend your day, Instagram is the place to do it.

Instagram has become one of the go-to sources for finding new artists. On any given day, people are browsing through pages of posts to find their next favorite song, artist, or tv show. One of the newest trends to come out on Instagram is the “Instagram Reels”.

Instagram Reels is very similar to TikTok but it’s better.

The popular app allows users to create short videos to highlight artwork or promotional materials. Users can post these reels on their page, and they might even be paid for followers. The “Instagram reel” is a type of “short form” video. It’s a 3 to 5-minute video that highlights a user’s artistic work, or a promotional video to promote a new musical release. 

The Best Ways To Make Money With Instagram Reels

Instagram is a great way to make money on social media, you just have to use it the right way. There are plenty of ways to make money online by using Instagram. 

You know the value of keeping your eyes on a single aspect, especially if you want to make it big one day as an influencer.

However, there are now rules on what you need to do. A few things we suggest are to keep your audience engaged and post consistently. But you need to also take breaks from time to time if you desire to.

However, do not let your audience miss you by becoming disengaged!

Do Affiliate Marketing To Earn Commissions

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative method to earn money online, the best part about it is that you don’t need to build any website or blog. All you need to do is reach out to bloggers or sites that are relevant to your niche and ask if you can promote their offer to their audience. Or you can join high-paying affiliate networks like Clickbank and Shareasale. 

Next, just grab the affiliate link and promote it through creating Instagram Reels. Believe me, this is one of the best ways to make money through Instagram Reels.

Create Sponsored Content For Brands:

The first and the best way to make money through IG reels is to create sponsored content for brands. Now, there is no rocket science involved in this method. It’s quite simple.

You contact a brand and agree on its strategy, pricing, and publication date. Once you’re in agreement on these particulars, you create Instagram reels to implement this strategy with your audience.

A single branded hashtag or promotional post that brands or influencers can search for or reference in your profile can help you expand your reach. Submit your contact information to other digital platforms of influencers to increase your chances of being found.

Give Shoutouts To Other Instagram Accounts

If you’re new to Instagram, it’s simple to begin earning cash with shoutouts.

This type of interaction refers to mentioning another Instagram account (like @xyz) in your reels and telling your audience to check out and follow the account.

Make Money With Instagram Reels Bonuses

By the end of 2022, Facebook intends to invest $1 billion to motivate video content creators to produce high-quality content across its social media apps. Instagram Reels count as one of the programs covered under the Reels Summer Comprehensive Bonus.

You can find it in the Bonuses section of the Instagram app for the Reels you made during a 30-day period. Your performance will determine the earnings you make, which can reach up to $500.

Sell Your Designs On Print-On-Demand Marketplaces

Print-on-demand platforms like RedBubble, TeePublic, or TeeSpring allow you to create your own merchandise. You can create things like stickers, mugs, phone cases, or shirts and set your own prices. 

You can use Instagram Reels to clear products and present your design appeal to potential customers. 

Once the product is bought, that’s it. Your work is done. The third-party companies will take care of packaging, shipping, return, and everything.


Entrepreneurs, content creators, and brands are now able to access the vast Instagram Reels audience. This will boost their business opportunities and audience network size. You can generate a good amount of money for your items through any of these ways: publishing sponsored posts, giving shoutouts to others, doing affiliate marketing. Regardless of what niche you are in, there’s never a shortage of ways to generate income from your followers.

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