How To Make Money Playing Video Games?

In this article, I’m going to show you how you can make money playing video games. 

The idea behind this is that a company that’s creating a new video game needs testers. So you can test out these video games which means you’re going to have to play them and you will make money. It’s simple as that. 

How to make money playing video games? 

Find Tester Websites

The first thing that you need to do is find a website that does video game testing. 

What I recommend is A website called PlayTestCloud. This website is very easy to sign up on and he’s probably one of the best websites when it comes to testing video games and getting paid for it. 

Become a Tester

The next thing that you need to do is become a tester. When you are applying to become a tester they are going to ask a lot of questions like what is your gaming device, what country you live in, etc. You need to spend your time filling out this form to your best ability. Remember you do not need to be a hard-core gamer to make money playing video games (to become a tester).

Play videos game & record it 

Now comes the fun part. You need to play a video game. When you are playing it is best to record yourself along with the gameplay. Then you need to just commentate on what’s going on. Just talk about how you feel when you’re playing the video game, what’s happening when you’re playing the game, and any type of feelings or opinions you may have when you are playing the video game. 

Try to find problems

This doesn’t mean create random problems in the video game. But see if you can break the video game. If you can find a lot of problems, this can help the people that are making this video game make it even better. So this means that you get paid even more if you can find more problems or could come up with ideas to make this a better video game. 

Submit your testings

After you have got done playing the video game and you’ve finished recording everything, you need to submit all the stuff to the website. Once you submit, they will start reviewing and looking through your testing. After that, you will get paid. 

Now you are making money playing video games. How cool is that?

How to turn this into a side hustle? 

This is pretty easy to turn into a side hustle. All you need to do is get more people to sign up. For example, if you have kids, sign up on the website as a parent but your kids are going to be the testers. These companies love it when you do that. If you don’t have kids yet, you can get your wife or husband to sign up. You can even get your boyfriend or girlfriend to sign up. 

Before you know it you’ll have a business where you will just be testing out video games. So your side hustle will be to make money while playing video games. 

What’s next? 

What are you waiting for? You need to go over to these websites that hire video game testers and sign up right now. Don’t just sit there spending hours and hours playing video games for free. Why not make money while playing video games? It’s free to sign up and it’s amazing to count the money that you made just from playing video games. 

Questions About Make Money Playing Video Games

Can you really make money playing video games? 

Of course, you can. You are a video game tester. Your opinion matters to the people that are creating video games. If you can play the game and give your opinion that will make the game better, why wouldn’t someone want to pay you for that? 

Can I play more than one game and get paid more? 

Yes! You shouldn’t just be playing one game at a time. Play as many games as you can and get paid as much as you can. 

Can I only be a tester on one website? 

No, you can sign up for multiple websites. There is no rule or law that says you can only become a tester on one website. You can become a tester on multiple websites. That way you can play more games and make more money. 

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