How To Make Money Teaching English?

One of the most popular languages in the world is English. Everyone that does not speak English is trying to learn how to speak it. If you are someone that knows English, you can make a lot of money teaching English. 

Most people think that you need an English degree or need to have a teaching degree in order to teach other people how to speak English. But this is not true. 

The only skill you need in order to make money with this side hustle is the ability to speak and understand English. 

Why Teach English? 

A lot of people in countries that don’t speak English think that in order to become successful in life you need to understand and speak English. 

Because of this mentality, a lot of people are trying to learn English. 

To give you an example, my friend moved to South Korea for one year to teach English. He made more money teaching English in that one year then my sister who is a doctor. 

There is a lot of money to be made here! 

How Make Money Teaching English?

Like I said before, you do not need a teaching or English degree in order to teach English. If you can speak English you are good to go. 

Also like my friend who travel to a different country to do this, you do not need to go anywhere other than the Internet. 

Teaching English Websites

The first thing you need to do is go on websites that are offering English classes to other countries. This is the best place to find students to teach. It will be very hard if you start looking for students on Facebook or other social media platforms. On these websites, you can teach a class full of students or one private student from the comfort of your home. 

Come Up With Curriculum

After you have signed up on these websites, you need to come up with an outline for your class. This is actually pretty simple to do. If you do a quick Google search, you will find course curriculums for English classes that are taught by real teachers. All you have to do is look over these curriculums and make sure that your outline is very similar to this. 

Teach Your Students

The most important part is teaching English. Now you might need to understand their language a little bit. But most of those websites will have translators ready to go so that way you do not need to know that language. 

Give Homework

You have to give them homework. When someone takes your class and they actually learn how to speak English, their friends are going to want to take that class too. But if your student is only practicing English when they’re in a class with you, they’re never going to learn how to speak it. So you need to give them homework and this way they will practice outside of class as well. Now you don’t need to come up with homework on your own, you can again do a quick Google search and find what other teachers are giving homework to their student. 

Secret Step To Make Money Money

The last thing you need to do is make sure that you are doing your best job. If you’re doing your best job that means your students are learning. If they’re learning, that means their friends are going to want to learn and sign up. So in result, you doing your best job will lead to you earning more money. 


If you can speak and understand English, you can make money teaching it. No one is saying that you need to travel the world and find your students in remote villages, you can teach English from the comfort of your couch. Not only will you be helping people learn one of the most popular languages in the world, you’ll be getting paid good amounts of money to do so. 

Questions About Teaching English

Can I teach English without having a degree?

Of course, you can. These people are not looking to be able to write essays that are going to win a prizes. They want to be able to speak English so that way they can work for companies that speak English which makes them more money. Or if they want to learn so that they can speak and apply to schools that are primarily English-speaking. 

Do I need to learn the other language to teach English? 

If you know the language of your students than teaching English will become very easy for you and for them. But if you don’t that’s not a problem. You can use a lot of visual guides in order to help you to teach them. Also, a lot of these websites and private students will have translators that will translate what you were saying in order to help them. 

Why do they need my help learning English when they have translators? 

In a lot of Third World countries, they do not want to learn English from someone who learned how to speak English. This may sound confusing. But it’s kind of a pride and ego thing. They want to learn English from someone who is a natural-born English speaker. 

Can I turn this into a side hustle? 

Yes, you can. Any idea on our website, you can turn into a side hustle. For this one, you would have to start off by using these websites to find your students. If you do good enough of a job, the students will go out and tell their friends and family about the English that they’re learning. From there you can start your own private English teaching institution and start charging more for it. 

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