[Guide] How To Sell Feet Pictures & Make $10K A Month

This is one of those “weird” side hustles that sounds ridiculous but people are making a bank selling their feet photos ( especially women ). In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about selling your feet photos for a recurring income.

How To Sell Feet Photos Guide

Is it really possible to make money selling feet photos?

Yes, This sounds as weird but it’s true, you can really make money selling photos of your feet. Instagram Models are making as much as $90k per month selling photos of their feet but you don’t really have to get that level to start making as low as $5k-10k a month selling photos of your feet. You can have nice feet or ugly feet and if you have deformities on your feet, that’s even better, people will actually pay a premium price for that. If you are looking to make fast quick money, then this might be your option.

( Now, Before someone asks, No. I do not sell photos of my feet but I interviewed an Instagram model who does and i will share all the secrets with you today! )

What do you need in order to sell photos of your feet?

You need feet ( Obviously ), which most of you already have & a decent camera, which can be your Smartphone as they take good photos as well.

Is it legal to sell Feet Photos?

Yes, in most countries, if you are over 18, you are legally allowed to sell your feet photos. There is no restriction on that.

Make Money Selling Feet Photos

Why do people buy feet photos?

People buy feet photos for various reasons such as they need to use them on an advertisement, they like looking at feet, looking at feet makes them feel good ( Folks, You know what i mean, I just cannot use those words on this PG website)

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How much money can I make selling feet photos?

There is no set price but most women do better than us men. If you have big feet, you could get paid even more and if you have funny deformities on your feet, that could also bring you extra money selling feet photos as well. Typically, people sell their photos for $50- $300 if selling privately, and if just selling the same copies then it will be as low as $2-4. So, it’s better to sell these feet photos ON DEMAND.

What kind of photos should I take?

You should take photos of your feet in the bedroom, or just in water or with flowers. Just make the surroundings look good. You do not need to show your face. The focus should be on your feet. Make sure to clean your feet to make them look hygenic.

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Which sites can I sell these photos at?

You can sell feet photos on the following websites:

  • OnlyFan: It’s a subscription-based site, they take about 20% of your money but help you push your content to their existing customers.
  • InstaFeet: This website is like only fans but it’s focused only on feet.
  • FeetFinder: On this site people can search feet photo based on color, race, size etc.
  • DollarFeet: This site allows you to sell feet photos for $1
  • Feetify: This site allows you to sell feet photos on demand.

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