40 Best Jobs for Retired Teachers

As a Teacher, you spent majority of your life educating the youth, now that you are retired, you may be looking to make extra side income. Many occupations might use your skills, whether you’re trying to keep active in your industry, make additional money, or try something new.

This site lists 40 best jobs for retired teachers. These occupations include tutoring, coaching, writing, and consulting.

Now, onto the list!

Adjunct Professor

As an adjunct professor, you may teach but on a more flexible schedule. Contract-based adjunct instructors work part-time and have a lot of freedom.

Content Creator

Content creation—videos, podcasts, or blog posts—could be a promising career for you. Material developers create compelling material for social media, blogs, and YouTube.

Corporate Trainer

As a retired teacher, you know how to teach. Becoming a corporate trainer might utilize such talents. Corporate trainers teach workers about software, technology, customer service, and sales. It is one of the 40 best jobs for retired teachers.

Curriculum Developer

You may be a curriculum developer if you can write lesson plans and build curricula. Curriculum developers produce school and educational resources.

Education Consultant

Education consultants may utilize their skills to benefit others. For example, education consultants advise schools, districts, and other educational organizations on curriculum creation and teacher training.

Education Writer

Becoming an education writer could be one of the 40 best jobs for retired teachers if you have a writing talent. Education writers create content for educational publications, such as textbooks, study guides, and online courses.

40 best jobs for retired teachers

ESL Teacher

ESL teachers need most experience than other jobs in this 40 best jobs for retired teachers‘ list. ESL instructors educate all ages of English-language learners.

Event Planner

Event planners are creative, active, and have event planning expertise. Event planners organize business, charitable, and wedding events.

Financial Advisor

Financial advisors assist people in managing their money and have a good financial background. In addition, financial advisers help customers plan and invest. Becoming a financial advisor is a safe options among 40 best jobs for retired teachers.

Freelance Writer

Becoming a freelance writer could be excellent if you enjoy writing and want to work from home. Freelance writers write for various publications and clients on various topics. Here are 8 top jobs to find freelancing jobs.

Grant Writer

Grant writers should have expertise in writing grant applications. Grant writers help nonprofits, and other organizations create bids for foundation, corporate, and government funding.

Health Coach

Health coaches assist people in reaching their health objectives and are enthusiastic about health and fitness. In addition, health coaches advise customers on diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

Homeschool Teacher

Homeschooling may be a good fit for experienced teachers who wish to work with pupils one-on-one. It can be one of the 40 best jobs for retired teachers. Home school instructors construct lesson plans with families and educate children in their homes.

Instructional Designer

Instructional designers are creative people who have expertise in creating educational products. Instructional designers develop e-learning courses, instructive videos, and games.


Suppose you love books and want to work in education. Librarians organize and assist patrons in utilizing books and other materials. It is one of the peaceful jobs among these 40 best jobs for retired teachers.

Life Coach

Life coaching may be a good fit if you appreciate helping people reach their objectives and want to work in a more personal and holistic context. Life coaches assist clients in setting and accomplishing objectives.

Museum Educator

Museum educators share their enthusiasm for history and art with others. In addition, museum educators provide educational programs and exhibitions for cultural institutions. It can be one of the 40 best jobs for retired teachers.

Nonprofit Administrator

If you have nonprofit management expertise and a desire to lead, being a nonprofit administrator may be a good match. Nonprofit administrators administer and supervise nonprofit activities.

Online Course Instructor

Online course instructors should be tech-savvy and like educating. Online educators provide business, technology, arts, and crafts courses.

Pet Sitter

Pet sitting is a terrific profession for animal lovers who seek flexibility and satisfaction. While owners are gone, pet sitters feed, exercise, and socialize pets. If you are good with pets, then you can choose this job among other 40 best jobs for retired teachers in the list.

Private Tutor

Private tutoring may suit you if you like working with pupils one-on-one. Private tutors assist students of all ages in developing numerous topics.

Program Coordinator

A program coordinator is a promising career for program managers who wish to work in education. Program coordinators handle after-school and summer camp programs.

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents should be people-oriented and good at selling. Agents assist customers in purchasing and selling houses, flats, and businesses.

Retail Sales Associate

Retail sales associates work flexible hours and appreciate people. In addition, retail sales assistants assist shoppers in shops.

School Administrator

The school administration is a good choice and one of the 40 best jobs for retired teachers who desire to lead. School administrators manage curriculum, funding, and personnel.

School Counselor

You may deal with kids and use your counseling skills as a school counselor. Counselors help kids emotionally and academically.

Social Media Manager

The social media manager is a promising career for marketers like social media. Social media managers develop and manage content for companies and organizations. Also, it is one of the 40 best jobs for retired teachers.

Substitute Teacher

Substituting is a terrific way to stay in school yet have more flexibility. As required, substitute teachers replace absent instructors. If you are good in interacting with children, you can choose this 40 best jobs for retired teachers.

Test Prep Instructor

Test prep instructors work with students to achieve a goal and have teaching expertise. In addition, test prep tutors prepare students for SAT and ACT exams.

Textbook Writer

If you like writing and have teaching expertise, you could write textbooks. Textbook writers compose textbooks and workbooks for pupils. but, you should learn how to copyright a book.

Tour Guide

Tour guides should love history, travel, and people. Tourists are led on tours by tour guides.

Training Specialist

Training specialists may work in corporations and have training expertise. Training professionals create and deliver industry-specific training programs.


Becoming a translator could be an excellent job if you’re bilingual or multilingual. Translators work to translate written or spoken language from one language to another. Undoubtedly, it is one of the 40 best jobs for retired teachers.

University Administrator

Become a university administrator if you have expertise in higher education and a desire to lead. University administrators supervise everything from academic programs to research projects.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants operate from home and use organizational and administrative abilities. Virtual assistants give administrative help remotely.

Virtual Event Coordinator

Virtual event coordinators may work remotely and have event planning expertise. Virtual event planners organize webinars and virtual conferences.

Voiceover Artist

Voiceover artists need to be strong speakers and performers. Commercials, audiobooks, and cartoons use voiceovers.

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer coordinators may work in nonprofits and schools if they have expertise in managing volunteers. Volunteer coordinators recruit, train, and supervise program volunteers.

Writing Coach

Writing coaches assist others in improving their writing. In addition, writing coaches help customers with academic and creative writing.

Yoga Instructor

As a yoga teacher, you may share your enthusiasm for fitness and well-being with others. Yoga teachers teach positions and breathing methods.


If you’re a former teacher looking for a new job, don’t be afraid to look into new fields and jobs that can use your skills and experience. Then, with the right job, you can keep making a difference in people’s lives and have satisfying and enjoyable work in your later years.

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