Make Money Answering Questions On JustAnswer

If you are someone who has an opinion on everything, you can make money answering questions on JustAnswer. 

This is one of the easiest and simplest side hustle on our website.

What Is JustAnswer? 

A few years ago, there used to be a website called Yahoo! Answers where people used to ask just about anything. 

There was a very famous question where a girl asked if she was pregnant and needed answers on it. 

Well, JustAnswer is pretty much the same thing. But it’s a little bit more professional and people are asking questions that actually need good answers. But unlike Yahoo answers, on this website, you can make money answering questions. 


How To Make Money Answering Questions On JustAnswer? 

Before you can start getting paid for your answers, you need to become an expert in something. Now this doesn’t mean that you need a fancy degree to say that you are knowledgeable about a certain topic. For example if you’re really good at fixing computers, you can give answers on computer questions but you don’t need a fancy computer science degree. 

Sign up for an expert account

Remember you are an expert. An expert is somebody who has some type of knowledge or experience on a certain topic.

Keep in mind that this does not have to be a technical topic. So you do not need to know about computers, sales, marketing, medical, etc things to be an expert on JustAnswers. They also have a general category where you can answer questions about love or life. 
Expert Account JustAnswer

Answering Question

After you have signed up on the website, you are going to start receiving questions. You need to answer these questions to your best ability with your knowledge and expertise. 

Make sure you provide really good advice on your questions. These questions are sent to different experts on the same topic as you. And once the person that asked the question and receives the answer, they will rate how good the answer was and how much it helped them. This is why you want to answer the question really well.Answer questions

Get good ratings

Later on, in this article, I am going to talk about how to write a good answer so that you can get good ratings. 

Get paid

JustAnswer can pay you through a check in the mail or direct deposit into your bank account. They also can pay you through PayPal. 

How To Answer Questions For Best Ratings? 

If you want to make money on JustAnswer, you are going to need to get the best ratings for you answers.

Explain the basics

When you are answering questions, I always assume that the person asking the question does not know anything. So you need to explain to them the basics. Answer with a quick crash course and explain them the foundation before you start answering the question. 

Do not use abbreviations

You do not want to use abbreviations because again you are assuming that the person asking the question does not know anything. For example, don’t put GA instead of Google Analytics because they might not know what that stands for. If a person is confused about reading your answer, why would they give you a good rating?

Give examples

The best way somebody learns is by seeing examples. Also if you’re trying to explain something, providing examples might make it easier to explain that thing and also make your point come across to the reader. 

Provide multiple options

If you answer the question with just one option of solving that question, there’s no way to know if that option is right for that person. So it’s always better to provide more options so that person has more than one way to solve their problem. 

Thank them

You probably heard the saying that no question is a stupid question. And a lot of times people might be afraid to ask a question and let somebody else ask it for them. So the question that you’re answering now for that one person might actually help a lot more other people. So I always think them for asking the question. It’s going to make them feel good and most importantly not feel stupid for asking a question. 

Start Making Money on JustAnswer

If you have opinions, knowledge, and expertise on a certain topic, you can make a lot of money answering questions. JustAnswer has made it easy for people to ask questions and for experts to answer questions. Why provide your knowledge to people for free when you can make money answering questions on JustAnswer.

Questions About JustAnswer

How much money can I make on JustAnswer? 

For beginners, just answer pays 20% of the question. But as you answer more questions, you can make up to 50%. People usually pay anywhere from 2 to 5 dollars per question. If you start answering at least five questions a day, you can make $100 per week or more. 

Keep in mind that some people work seven hours a day just answering questions on this website and make over $1500 a month. 

Do I need to have a professional degree to answer questions? 

No, you do not need any type of degree to become an expert on JustAnswer. But you do need to be an expert. What this means is you need to have a good knowledge or experience on that topic. Think about it, would you want expert advice from someone who thinks they’re an expert or someone who actually has experience and knowledge on the topic and could actually help you. 

Is it free to become an expert? 

Yes, it’s absolutely free to sign up as an expert and start answering questions. 

Are people actually using JustAnswer? 

Yes, there are thousands and thousands of people using just answer every day. A lot of people cannot afford to get expert advice on a daily basis. But with this website they can. So this is why thousands and thousands of people are using it to get answers and they keep using it when they have more questions. 

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