How To Make Money As A Teenager – 35 Money Making Ideas

It’s never too early to start making money or to even start your own side hustle. Many teenagers don’t think about making money on the side. Even if they want to, they don’t know how to. In this article, we are going to teach you how to make money as a teenager and give you the best 35 money making ideas.

How To Make Money As A Teenager?

make money as a teenager

1. Babysitter

Babysitting is a trending side hustle for teenagersand young people looking for a job when they are not in school.

However, this job could also be done full-time by teenagers who no longer attend school and therefore need a job. Of course, to manage babysitting jobs, you need to have a good predisposition to be with children, play, and take care of them.

To babysit, you can ask for work directly from families who may need it, put flyers in schools and kindergartens, or you can also work as a babysitter in hotels or tourist villages.

2. Open and manage a blog.

A teenager side hustle that has been developing in recent times is blogging. Opening and managing a blog involves no high costs and first involves initiative, study, and of course, a passion for writing and sharing.

Opening a blog does not allow for immediate gains, and you have to work and study a lot of time to get a profitable result. If you love to write, you have a lot of time available, and you like to study, you can try to make money by opening a blog in a niche n you are most passionate about.

3. Dog sitting

In addition to being able to babysit, another very popular side hustle for teenagers is dog sitting. This activity involves taking care of other people’s dogs, taking the dog for a walk, playing with him, bathing him, and taking care of his needs.

Dog sitting is a very popular job, especially during the summer, when many dog ​​owners go on vacation looking for someone to take care of them.

In addition to the summer period, dog sitting is required all year round by those who work and cannot take care of their pet during specific times of the day.

More way to make money with dogs? – How To Make Walking Dogs

4. After school service

If you are an educated teen, you know languages ​​well, you are good at math, or with children, you can choose to offer an after-school service. The after-school service involves helping elementary or middle school children with their homework.

5. Influencer on Instagram

Sure, being an Instagram influencer is many of teens’ dreams, but don’t think it’s as simple as you’d expect. To grow an Instagram profile, you first need to take beautiful photos and videos that may interest young audiences.

To earn with this side hustle, on the other hand, it is necessary to reach a large number of followers and then propose to companies or businesses to obtain compensation to name them in the stories or photos, or you must wait for them to contact you to promote a product and thus obtain a monetary compensation beyond than a free product to test and use.

6. Photography

Do you love taking pictures and using photoshop? Do you think that one day you could become a photographer yourself? Then it’s time to apply for a job as an intern at a photography studio in your city and get your first job.

You could choose to follow the photographer at weddings and events or help him develop the photos and edit them in the studio.

Finally, you have the opportunity to propose yourself to be a photographer on birthdays of 18 years, baptisms, communions, and why not even for low-budget weddings.

If you want to be a photographer  for events you have to create a portfolio with the photographs and propose them to family and friends, to get you “hired” as a non-professional photographer for the next events.

7. Social Media Manager

Are you a social media enthusiast? Have you gained experience, perhaps managing your own personal page on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest?

Then you can look for an opportunity among the companies and shops in your area and propose to manage their social networks, creating a strategy for promoting the activity, daily posts, and getting paid for your work.

You could also look for online job opportunities by supporting a Social media manager in his social network management activities.

8. Web designer

Another high-paying side hustle for teenagers is web designing.

To do this job, you need to know the computer language well, know how to use Photoshop, and the applications necessary to create a good website.

If you have this knowledge and skills and maybe you have already created some websites, you can earn by proposing yourself as a web designerfor the shops and companies where you live that do not yet have a website.

Or you can look for job opportunities online on platforms that allow professionals and potential clients to meet.

9. Summer side hustles for teens.

If you live in a tourist destination, it is possible to find work in a bar, restaurant, beach club, or village by proposing you for the morning and afternoon shifts. Teens under 18 are allowed to work until 11 pm at the latest and start shifts at 6 am at the latest.

10. Beautician or hairdresser assistant

Suppose you have a passion for aesthetics, and maybe you are attending a professional school to become a hairdresser or beautician. In that case, you can ask the professionals in your area if they need a helper to better manage their customers.

Furthermore, this job could help you improve your skills and understand how this profession works by learning the trade tricks.

11. Writer

Here is one of the evergreen side hustles for teenagers; after all, underage writers are certainly not new!

If you have a passion for writing and have always dreamed of writing a novel, it’s time to get down to business. Once finished, you can choose to publish directly online via e-book using services such as those offered by Amazon. Or, if you want, you can try the traditional way you can try to publish a paper by proposing the book to a publisher.

12. Animator

If you love children and there are hotels and villages in your area, you can propose yourself as an entertainer to entertain the little ones, in the swimming pool or their baby parking. To be a tourist entertainer for children, you don’t need many skills, just a great responsibility, and imagination.

13. Online Journalism

If you love to write, have a certain affinity with the web, and know the sector, you can make money as an online journalist by publishing news on blogs and online magazines.

14. Flipping

Flipping simply means buying something and then reselling it at a higher price. Nowadays, young people, in particular, earn their money this way.

Most of them love sports shoes or limited-edition clothes from well-known fashion brands.

To be a successful pinball player, you must always be on the lookout for good deals and be up-to-date on what new models are coming in the future and where exactly you can buy them.

With sports shoes, you can generate large profits in a very short time. With the most popular models, you can profit several hundred euros within a few months.

To sell things fastest, creating an Instagram profile or just putting them on e-Bay classifieds would be best.

15. Online Courses

If you want to make money on the internet, creating online courses is an extremely lucrative way to make money online and from home. If you’re a programmer, you can offer online courses where you teach people to use different programming languages. If you’re knowledgeable about stocks and cryptocurrencies, share tips and tricks with your attendees that have helped you succeed. Topics and opportunities are countless; the only important thing is that you are extremely knowledgeable in a certain area.

16. Online Surveys

As a teenager, an Online survey is the easiest way to make money from homequickly and risk-free. The potential income is between 50 and 100 euros per month, as most providers limit the number of monthly surveys you can take.

On average, a survey takes between 10 and 15 minutes, for which you will be paid in cash or Amazon vouchers with a maximum value of 5 euros per survey.

17. Sale of handmade products

If you like to make jewelry in your free time or create handmade and personalized gift items, then you have a good chance of building your own successful online business at

As an independent creative, this gives you a user-friendly platform that puts you in direct contact with your future customers. A possibility for creative people to earn money with their hobbies on the internet.

18. Tutoring

If you can play an instrument, know a programming language, or have a good command of a foreign language, you can easily make money on the side. Of course, how much you can earn with it depends on your professional skills.

For students, the usual hourly rate is 10 to 15 euros, while highly trained and experienced tutors can charge up to 30 euros for an hour of their time.

Nowadays, you can also decide whether to give your tuition from home or still prefer direct contact with the students.

For example, students can offer their services to different student groups on Facebook. In contrast, others have access to various websites that make it much easier to contact potential students.

19. Ghostwriting

Suppose you like writing seminar papers or creating presentations. In that case, you can definitely earn good money with it, since many students either don’t have time for it because they may have to work a lot themselves or are simply too unmotivated.

This part-time job is equally suitable for other students and people who may have already finished their studies but still like to research and learn new information.

On average, you can earn between 20 and 50 euros per completed task. Of course, it depends on how much time you invest in the task.

They can offer free services on e-Bay classifieds or various student groups on Facebook.

20. Simple repairs

Simple repairs are always in demand, especially if you are well versed in cell phoneslaptops, and other technology; you can use your knowledge almost daily.

How much you can ultimately take with it depends on several factors :

How much time do you have to invest in problem-solving?

Do you need to use your own spare parts?

How urgently does the defect need to be repaired?

These are all factors that directly affect the final price of your service.

To reach more potential clients, market your services on e-Bay classifieds for free or create a business account on Facebook or Instagram.

21. Voice Actor

In most countries, the profession of a voice actor is exclusively practiced as a freelance activity.

The main task of a voice actor is to correctly and precisely reproduce the mood of a foreign actor.

Most voice actors are also actors, as they are trained to express different emotions as convincingly as possible.

A speaker also needs a good sense of timing, as the impression that the actor in the film or commercial also speaks the language must be created.

Unfortunately, your chances of making money as a teen voice actor are slim unless you are an actor.The fees vary greatly. While beginners receive on average between 30 and 80 euros for their appearance, those who lend their voices to famous Hollywood starsare paid fees of several thousand euros for their commitment.

22. Translator

When translating, you can use your foreign language skills to make money online as a teenager. Countless platforms make it much easier for people who want to earn money from translating to find a job. You can earn up to 500 euros monthly with the translation, depending on the language and demand. This way, you get money easily and work actively to further develop your foreign language skills.

23. Game tester

Working as a game tester on the side would certainly be a great wish of every true gamer. The tasks of a game tester are, in most cases, not so monotonous since you don’t have to go into troubleshooting but simply evaluate the gaming experience. The most important thing here is to form a clear opinion after each game, which you then have to convey to the reader in a written form that is as interesting as possible.

You can always contact a company or game magazine to see if they could use a game tester.

24. Private physical education classes

Sporty teens can also use their healthy lifestyle to earn a few euros. To market yourself well, the best way would be to create an Instagram profile dedicated to your love of exercise and healthy eating.

Upload images and content regularly so others can see that you mean business and have something to offer. Build your community and always respond quickly to inquiries.

No matter the sport, if you show the world you’re talented, you certainly won’t be short of potential customers.

25. Delivery Service

Many platforms offer teens the opportunity to join their team and earn a fixed hourly wage of up to $10 as a supplier, plus tips and other bonuses that you may receive.

It is easy to combine with the main job.

The biggest advantage of this is that you can decide for yourself at any time when you want to work and can easily combine your part-time job with the other and probably more important aspects of your life.

Of course, how much money you make from this depends on how much time you invest in the work each month.

If you have enough free time, earn good money and still want to stay fit, a job in the field of delivery service may be the right decision for you.

26. Leaflet distributor

The tasks you have to do as a prospectus distributor are equally suitable for students and retireeswho want to keep moving and stay fit.

In most cases, you only need to be available for a few hours a week, which means you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of your free time, but you can still make money on the side.

Most often, it is the distribution of brochures, advertising brochures, and advertising material in a pre-determined area. The only thing that could spoil your wonderful time in the fresh air would be the weather.

27. Product Tester

The main task of a product tester is to scrutinize products from different brands and form an honest opinion about the product based on the test.

How you are paid as a product tester ultimately depends on the respective provider.

Most product testers make between $25 and $50 per test, which isn’t too bad considering that you can do all the work from the comfort of your home.

Some providers pay in the form of vouchers, while others simply let their product testers keep the test products they receive. The providers available to you are numerous.

28. Newspaper delivery boy

If you want to earn money as a teenager, then the newspaper delivery job is the right job for you.

Most of the time, you are expected to be available for only a few hours a week, especially in the mornings. We would recommend that you use a bicycle for the event. The hourly wage of a newspaper delivery boy is usually $5 to $10. What may not be enough for an adult may be more than enough for a student to be able to afford something independently of their parents.

29. Cleaner

In case you want to work as a cleaning professional regularly, it would be best to sign up directly with a professional cleaning service.

You must take the job seriously from the start because while you don’t need to complete any special training to do it, you still need to have some special qualities.

Above all, you must always be able to keep your nerve since doing almost the same thing for several hours can be mentally and physically exhausting.

You also need to approach the whole thing carefully, as you won’t do well without a good eye for detail. You must stay focused until the end to clean everything so well that you could almost easily eat off the floor.

Although the legal minimum wage for unskilled cleaners is just under 9 euros, people working in this area often earn a higher hourly wage, mostly between 10 and 15 euros.

30. Retail temp

A simple walk to the local supermarket could open the door to a new side income. You can earn money as a temporary retail worker, professional, and student. You can simply inquire about which branches are currently looking for assistants and what working conditions are being offered to you.

You can organize your working hours flexibly to combine your part-time job with your main job easily.

31. Micro Jobs

With Micro-Jobs, you can start immediately and earn money easily every day without risk. If you want to make more money without doing a lot for it, then micro jobs are the ideal option.

As the name suggests, these are a bunch of small tasks that need to be completed in a matter of minutes or seconds. You will be compensated for each completed task – from a few cents to a few euros per task.

How you are reimbursed depends on the respective micro job provider. Some offer you the option of transferring the money you earn to your checking account from a certain amount, while others only offer vouchers or bonus points at selected shops.

32. Sale of used goods

If you want to make money immediately, you can open your closet, see what you no longer need, and then sell it on the internet.

You can, of course, sell a Burberry scarf in good condition for more than, for example, an old H&M winter jacket. You can sell more than just clothes because almost anything can find a buyer these days. You can sell anything on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, whether books, video games, old cell phones and laptops, furniture, or home accessories.

This mainly takes place on the internet. But if you want to spend a relaxing day surrounded by other people, you can always try to sell things at a flea market. In this way, you not only earn money but at the same time demonstrate your skills as a seller.

33. App Tester

App testing is one of the many ways you can make money from your phone.

As an app tester, you can earn small amounts of money with your mobile phone from home and without effort. The tasks are extremely simple, so practically anyone can try their hand at being an app tester.

 Your payment is likely to be in the form of small amounts of money (a few cents to a few euros) or vouchers from various partner shops, which is not bad either, considering that it only takes a few minutes of your day to do so.

As an app tester, you can start immediately and earn money today.

34. Mystery Shopping

In mystery shopping, you are tasked with secretly testing the quality of products or services in different stores. You will usually be paid between $10 to $50 euros for each job completed, depending, of course, on how complex the given task is. Experienced “quality testers” also have higher-paying jobs that can earn you hundreds of dollars.

35. Participation in Sweepstakes

If you think luck is on your side, you can also resort to sweepstakes. Here one does not speak of a fixed income since the chances of really winning anything are extremely small.

Rarely can you win cash in sweepstakes since, in most cases, products and services are raffled in the form of travel, household products, modern technology, or cars.

Wrapping Up

Teenagers should start a side hustle because it can help them learn skills they might not learn in school, it can help them earn money, and it can help them build confidence.

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