Make Money On ACX With Your Voice

Now when you think about making money with your voice, you are probably thinking about singing or something like that. But you don’t need to sing or have a good voice to make money with the method we are talking about today. You simple become a narrator and make money with your voice on ACX.

What Is ACX?

ACX is a website powered by Amazon for audiobooks. On this website authors, literary agents, publishers of books come to looking for a narrator.

A self-publisher or a small publisher, probably does not have the connections or resources to go out and find big-time narrators. So they come to ACX and post about their book and how much they are willing to pay.

Anyone can be a narrator. There are no special requirements or applications. You just simply open an account and start applying to narrator books you find interesting. This is the easiest way to make money with your voice is on ACX.

But there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to making money on ACX.

How To Become A Narrator On ACX?

Create An Account on ACX

It’s actually pretty simple and easy to create an account on ACX. Also, it’s completely free to do so.

Upload a sample

After you create an account, ACX will ask to upload a sample. We recommend that you upload as many samples as you can. This will help authors find you (if you don’t apply for any jobs) and also make your profile more attractive.

If you do not have a fancy microphone, we recommend that you use your phone’s built-in recorder. Remember that you already have a $1,000+ microphone in your pocket so you can use it!Make money on ACX

Time To Audition

After all of this has been done, it is time to audition (or apply for the job). Depending on the book that you want to narrate for, they might ask you to send in a recording reading a part of the book. Some might as you to do it with an accent.

Get an Offer

After the audition, if they liked you, you will get an offer. Here, you are requested how to get paid. Sometimes they might pay per hour or for the whole thing. Also, keep in mind that sometimes they might pay you a percentage like 50% (royalty) on each audiobook copy sold. But you can always go back and forth with the person until you both can agree on the payment.

Do The Recording

Finally, you just need to do the recording. Most of the books will come with a deadline. We recommend that you go as fast as you can but also don’t try to do it all in one day. Sometimes doing it all in one day might not be good for your voice and you might not be able to apply for other books. Make money on ACX

Get paid & repeat

After you are done recording and sent the recording to the book’s author or publisher, you will get paid. If you picked to get paid with royalties, you will get paid every single month that the book is being sold. After you do your first book, you can go back and apply (or audition) to do more. flipping

How To Make Money On ACX?

You should understand how to become a narrator with the above steps.

But what if you want to make the most amount of money on ACX.

What we recommend that you do is apply for as many books as you can.

Sometimes, you might only get one or two book if you are apply one book at a time. But if you apply (or audition) for many books, you might get 10 books to do this month.

If they pay $10 per hour and it take you 10 hours to record one book. Then if you do 10 books in a month you will make $1,000.

(Keep in mind that $10 per hour is a very low rate on ACX and 10 hours is also a lot of hours compared to the average on ACX, this was just for example)

Example of book on ACX

How To Turn This Into A Business?

On SideHustle, we are all about turning a simple side hustle into a business.

To turn this into a business, it’s pretty simple.

If you want to turn this into a business, you need to get paid in royalties. A royalty payment option is when you get paid for each book sold. Like a small litte percantage (50% or more).

Why Take Royalty Payment Option?

Now you might thinking, “I will take the hourly pay and make my money now.”

And you are right, if you take the hourly rate, you will make your money now and get paid now. But that’s it! If the book sells millions of copies then you will get paid for each copy.

So getting paid royalties is good because you will always make money from your 10 hours of work.

For example, let’s say it took you 10 hours to do the recording for a book. And the audiobook for this book sells at $10 per book. Your royalty is 50% (or $5 for each book sold). Now the first month, let’s say that 1,000 audiobooks get sold. That means you made $5,000. In month #2, 500 copies of the audiobook are sold. That means in month #2 you made $2,500. As long as the book is selling and you will keep getting money. So technically you do not need to work anymore and you will still get paid every single month.

ACX royalty payment


Remember, when it comes to making money with your voice, you don’t need some “beautiful” sounding voice. Every voice is unique and could be something someone is looking for to narrator their book.

You need to apply for as many books as your can so that way you will get more than one book and make more money.

But at the end of the day, if you want to turn this into a business and make money every single month, you should take the royalty payment option and make money forever.

Questions About Make Money On ACX

What type of microphone should you be using?

Like we said earlier, the best and cheapest microphone is the one in your pocket. Phone microphones are very sophisticated now that they produce very good sound when recording. But if you do not want to use your phone, we recommend getting a Blue Yeti or Snowball microphone.

Is my voice good enough for ACX?

Yes it is. Your voice is unique. There is an author or publisher out there on ACX that is look for exactly your voice. So audition for different books and you are sure to find someone who wants to use your voice.

Is ACX com legit?

Yes. ACX is powered by one of the world biggest companies,

How much does ACX pay?

It all depends on the book, but it can range anywhere from $50 per hour (finished hour) all the way to $400 per finished hour. This also depends on the narrator’s (yours) skills, experience, and reputation. You can also take royalties as a payment options too.

How much hours of work is ACX?

This all depends on how long the book is.

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