How to Start a Mobile Notary Business

If you’ve been setting down starting your own mobile notary business, it’s not too late for you. The demand for notary services reached an all-time high in 2020, and suggestions are that the need for mobile notary services will run on to rise throughout 2021 and further.

What is a Mobile Notary Business?

Mobile Notary Business consists of a person going on trips to the client’s position to perform notarizations. They may charge up to the total figure set by state law for notarization services. Some countries may also charge a separate trip figure for traveling to the client’s position.

What Notaries Do?

Notaries are public officers who serve as a substantiation of the signing of important documents. A notary, or notary public, is a functionary of integrity appointed by the state government to serve the public as an unbiased substantiation when vital records are inked.

How Much Can You Make as a Mobile Notary Signing Agent?

The estimated total pay for a Mobile Notary/Signing Agent is $63,652 per year in the United States area, with an average salary of $42,568 per year. The estimated additional pay is $21,084 per year. Extra payment could include cash bonuses, commission, tips, and profit-sharing.

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How To Find Customers For Mobile Notary Business?

Depending on the work you will be doing, you can find customers in various ways for your mobile notary business. For illustration, you can Produce a Google My Business account. This helps implicit guests find your mobile notary business in your community.

  • Publish business cards and hand them out to musketeers and family and ask them to distribute them to their social and business connections. Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the stylish ways to get a new business off the ground.
  • Promote your business on social media. You can produce business runners on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Ask guests to give reviews and partake in your runners with their networks.
  • Produce a website. It’s easy to produce a small business website with free website builder tools like Wix and WordPress. Be sure to link to your social media runners.

How Much To Charge

The average public cost to hire a notary public is $40, and prices generally range from $35 to $50. still, the total cost can depend on where you live, how numerous documents you need to have inked, and what types of documents they are. Some notaries may also offer discounts to stagers, military members, and first-time guests.

Since you are a mobile notary business and will be traveling, you can charge a little bit more.

Requirements To Become Mobile Notary

The conditions for getting a Notary vary from state to state. At a minimum, you’ll be needed to fill out an operation and pay a form figure. You also may be required to

  • Complete a training course
  • Pass a test
  • Suffer a background check
  • Purchase a surety bond
  • Purchase inventories similar as a Notary seal and journal

While no state requires you to have Notary crimes & deletions insurance, it’s prudent for any tone-employed Notary to have an E&O policy.

You can find more information on how to be a Notary depending on your state here.

What Do I need to start the business?

The following, still, outlines the typical types of subscribing agent business services a notary serves. These services fall into four orders

  • Loan signing work Loan subscribing agents- also known as notary signing agents- conduct signings for mortgage and real estate deals. Frequently, lenders and title companies will bear their notary signing agents to admit new training and instruments specific to the mortgage assiduity. You may also need to suffer new background webbing for loan signing work.
  • General notary work, Any notary work not done in connection with a mortgage loan or a real estate sale is considered available notary work. This work frequently includes notarizing powers of attorney, health care surrogate designations, trust documents, and transfers of vehicle titles, to name just a many. Numerous countries allow notaries to officiate at marriages, so that’s another implicit income sluice for mobile notaries.
  • Remote online notary services Several countries have espoused remote online notarization (RON) legislation that allows notaries to perform specific notary duties over the internet without being in the same room- or, in some cases, in the same state- as the signers. Like in-person notaries, RON providers help signers complete loan documents and give other signing services.
  • Other-notary tasks There are several tasks that people running their notary services generally engage in beyond notarizing documents to bring in fresh income. These include characteristic services, courier services, and performing field examinations, where you might be asked to take photos of a particular point. You can try the method on any redundant service to your mobile notary business as long as you misbehave with your state’s laws.

Once you get your mobile Notary business over and running, consider ways to expand your immolations. You could add-Notary services, similar to I- 9 and apostille services. You can also consider getting an NSA to take loan signing assignments.

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