Passing Out Flyers & Making Money

Have you ever received a flyer on your doorstep or on the windshield of your car? I’m pretty sure you have and I’m pretty sure that you have also seen the guy passing out flyers. 

The crazy thing is, the guy that is passing out those flyers is making a lot of money. 

How Does Passing Out Flyers Make You Money? 

Now, this may sound odd but in today’s world, nobody is going to do a job for free. 

Businesses need to constantly push out promotions and advertisements in order to make money on a daily basis. 

Now local restaurants such as a family-owned restaurant do not have money to be able to be running commercials on TV telling people to come to eat at their place. For them, it would be much cheaper to print out a flyer and pass it out to people that live close to that area. 

That being said businesses cannot ask their employees to go around and hand out flyers because they have other jobs to do to make the business run. So that is why they hire people from the outside to pass out these flyers. 

Since they need this job done fast and quickly, they’re willing to pay a pretty good amount to get it done. 

Why Pass Out Flyers To Make Money? 

If you read about any other side hustle ideas on our website you will see that most of them require some type of skill that you need to learn. 

With this side hustle, there is no skill that you need to have or learn to get started. 

All you have to do is walk around or drive around and hand out flyers. It’s so easy that a five-year-old could do this! 

How To Make Money Passing Out Flyers? 

Now, if you’re just sitting there on the couch and hoping a restaurant knocks on your door to ask you to hand out flyers and they will pay you, stop dreaming! That’s not how it’s going to work. But if you follow these steps you can start making money passing out flyers right now. 

Find a business

The first thing you need to do is find a business that might need a little bit of promotion. Now businesses are not going to post this job anywhere. But you can walk into like a restaurant and ask them if they are doing any type of promotion. Ask them if are passing out flyers and tell them you can help.

Make flyers

This is where you can actually make a little bit more money. Most of these businesses will not think about printing out flyers. So when you go to talk to them about these types of promotions, you can offer is to make the flyer. This way you can charge another fee to make the flyer as well as passing out the flyer. Also for businesses, this makes it simple because they have one man for two jobs.

Turn it into a side hustle

Our goal on this website is not only for you to find a unique or interesting job, it’s actually to turn any job into a side hustle. Once you start getting a lot of businesses to use you to create flyers and pass them out, you will not have enough time to take care of all of them. So instead of being a one-man army, you start hiring other people. Then you can raise your rate a little bit. You tell the businesses that you are going to do the job much faster than before. This way they will not mind paying a little extra. And just like that, you go from a person that’s passing out flyers to a business manager that’s talking to businesses, hiring people, managing people, and growing your own business. 


Like I said before this is a very simple side hustle. All you are doing is passing out flyers and getting paid for it. This doesn’t require any skills or anything that you have to learn. It’s so simple that a five-year-old child could do it! 

What’s Nexts

If you want to learn how to turn this into a full side hustle idea, you need to watch our YouTube videos. Not only are we going to teach you how to make this a business but you are going to learn everything. We will teach you how to contact businesses and get them to sign up with you. You will learn how to charge them more money for a simple task as passing out flyers.

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