Selling Wildflowers (Free to Cash Business)

Have you ever driven on the highway and on the side sell these wildflowers? Did you know that you can pick up these wildflowers for free? What about picking them up and selling wildflowers to people?

Now if you really want to make money, you have to get creative.

Where To Find Wildflowers?

You can find wildflowers on the side of the highway and road. You can also find wildflower in the woods or an open field.

Is It Legal To Pick Wildflowers?

It may vary depending on the city, state, or country you live in but in most places, it’s perfectly legal to pick up wildflowers.

How To Start Selling Wild Flowers?

You can just pick up wildflowers and just go and try to sell them to someone. No one will buy it. Follow these steps in order to sell wildflowers.

Pick Wildflowers

The first thing you need to do is pick wildflowers. Whether you do this on the side of the road or in a forest, you need to pick enough to make quite a few bouquets.

Picking up wildflowers
Remember that you need to take something like a basket or a big bag to store the flowers to bring back.

Prepare Bouquets

You can just pick wildflowers and then sell them. You need to present them in a beautiful bouquet.

To make a bouquet you need to do the following:
1. Cut the stems of the flowers
2. Pick a handful of flowers (10-12) and put them together (the ones with similar or contrasting colors will look the best)
3. Tie the flowers with a rubber band
4. Wrap the bouquet in brown craft paper or a thick wrapping paper.

flower bouquet

Remember, presentation is key. The better job you do in creating bouquets, the easier it will sell.

Start Selling Wildflowers

The best place to sell wildflowers is at a farmers market. Your biggest customers are going to be hipsters. And hipsters love to shop at the farmers market.

selling wildflowers

The best part about selling at farmer’s markets are that they are mostly only opened on the weekend which means this is a real side hustle. If you have other businesses or jobs to attend to on the weekday, this is the person side hustle to start.


This is a very unusual side hustle idea. But if you want to make money and also don’t want to put too much effort into it, you have to get creative like this. It may seem odd or weird but at the end of the day, you can make $20-50 per bouquet without spending any money.

Questions about selling wildflowers

How much does it cost to start a selling wildflower side hustle?

$0. Flowers are expensive but wildflowers are free. They are on the side of the road and you can go pick them up and sell them without any cost to you.

Where can I sell wildflowers?

The best place to sell wildflowers is at a farmers market. But you can also sell them outside at grocery stores, shopping centers, etc. If you really want to get even more creative, you can sell them online by starting a blog and using that to sell flowers.

Where can I learn how to make bouquets?

It’s pretty easy to make bouquets. But if you want to make really beautiful ones, this will take some skills. The best place to learn how to create beautiful creative looking bouquets is on YouTube.

Can I sell flowers without making a bouquet?

You can try it. But no one is going to buy flowers that you picked up from the side of the road unless your present it really well in a bouquet.

How much money can I make selling wildflowers?

Your cost to get started is going to be $0. You can sell each bouquet for $25-50 (sometimes even more than this). The cost will depend on how beautiful the bouquet of flowers looks and how long it took you to actually create it.

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