4 Best Paying Side Hustle For Drill Instructor

A drill instructor is a non-commissioned officer in the armed forces or police who specializes in training new recruits. This is the person where new recruits get to learn the rules and regulations of joining the forces, this is where they get the first taste of their military life.

As a drill instructor, you already have a lot of desirable skills that you can use to make extra money on the side. As a drill instructor, you know about fitness, nutrition, and discipline. You also know what it takes to join the forces and know insights into a long-term career in the army.

Side Hustle For Drill Instructor

Clarity Consultant

You can be a great source of information for people wanting to join the forces. People can get the “real” truth about what it takes to join the forces and you can even give pointers on how to get through the bootcamp.

You can charge per minute, or by the hour.

There are sites like https://clarity.fm/ where you can singup to offer consultation to people.

Become A Podcast Host

With your career in Army, you have a lot of stories to share, and each of those events or stories could be turned into a podcast. After you have started your Podcast, you can earn money from sponsorships from copanies.

We recommend Podcast Hosting Podmio where you can start a podcast without paying anything initially. You should stay away from forver free podcasts because they limit your ability to monetize and you might not own your content forever.

Another great place to learn how to monetize your Podcast is “PodValley”, They offer free courses that you can take to take it to the next level.

Speciality Personal Trainer

Although, you are probably already fit, it might be worthwhile to get a personal trainer training for formality, and then you can find customers who want to build their body. As a drill sargent, you have that extra kick to your personality and people would rather want to work with you vs other personal trainer.

Publish Kindle Book

You could also share what you know by self-publishing a book on Amazon Kindle. You just need to focus on one lesson that you want to teach on the book and hit that home by sharing insights, and stories.

Kindle Books can help you bring recurring passive income. You just need to write the book once and then you can keep getting sales for a long time.

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