4 Best Paying Side Hustle For Veterinarians

As a veterinarian, you love your job working with animals to help them stay healthy, but you might be looking for a new “side hustle” to complement your current income. In this article, we will discuss other side hustles that you can start right away!

Side Hustle For Veterinarians

Work Relief In Emergency Room

Emergency Room

A lot of 24/7 Emergency rooms typically are looking for veterinarians “on-call” for animal emergencies and they also pay a small base pay. What you could do is join multiple of those emergency rooms, take the base pay from everyone and just help out if you are on call. They might also offer “work-relief” programs where you help other vets who might need to take a few hours or days off.

A user on Reddit said she has signed at 10 ERs for weekends where she gets a base pay of $250 from each of the facilities.

Start Pets Blog

You could start a blog on pets, you can talk about how to take care of them and any products that you might recommend. You can get share these products by using Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates is an affiliate program where you get paid 5-10% for each of purchase people make using the link that you share on your blog.

Start “Pets” Fan Page On Instagram

Fan page are just unofficial pages on Instagram or facebook about a certain topic. You could start one for dogs, cats, fish or in general. Initially, you will have to post content, this content could be videos, images or any tips you might have. You can create such posts using Canva. Once your fan page has a lot of followers, you can again, promote products from amazon or any other affiliate marketing site.

Write Ebooks On Kindle

Kindle Publishing allows you to self-publish books via Amazon. You can write up the book on just a normal word doc and upload it. The topics for books could be anything about how to become a Veterinarians. How to train your dogs/cat. How to choose a pet. Pretty much anything & there is market for this.

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