52 Best Side Hustles For Australians

Many Australians are looking for side hustles for extra money. We will look into the best side hustles for Australians to earn extra income.

We tried (or interviewed Aussies who have tired) all the side hustles listed below. These side hustle ideas for Australians are the ones that make the most money without requiring much effort.

What Is A Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a second job that someone has in addition to their main job. It is typically done on the side, or in addition to the main job. Side hustles can be anything from selling items on eBay to working as a freelancer.

How To Start A Side Hustle?

It’s not always easy to find a side hustle that can be done in your spare time. But, if you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, try these tips:

  1. Find out what skills you have that are in demand
  2. Look for jobs that are flexible with your schedule.
  3. Consider the time commitment and how much you’ll need to earn to make it worth your while.
  4. Find a side hustle that suits your personality and interests so you’ll enjoy it more!

Now if you are having a hard time coming up with a side hustle idea, then that is what this article is about. We will give you the best side hustle for Australians!

52 Best Side Hustles For Australians

Best Side Hustles For Australians

1. You can rent out your car

Do you have a car that sits on the kerb in your driveway all the time? Car Next Door lets you lease it to others who live in your neighborhood when you’re not in use. Every booking comes with insurance for damage and loss and 24-hour roadside assistance. drivers are checked with ID and credit background checks.

It takes only a few minutes to add your vehicle, and you are able to manage it quickly and effortlessly through the app or the website.

2. Participate in focus groups.

Market research firms conduct focus groups for their clients. They will offer you a fee to share your opinions about a brand new product or share your opinion on certain subjects. The amount you can earn is between $50 and hundreds of dollars for each session, based on the duration of your interview, or the survey and some focus group discussions are conducted via the internet or over the phone from your couch. Sign up with a company such as Askable as well as paid Focus Groups to get opportunities delivered on your doorstep.

3. Sell the excess stuff you have

Gumtree reports that almost 89 percent of Aussie have unwanted possessions within their homes that could cost their household more than $5,000. The services like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay help you more than ever before to sell your unwanted possessions. A few hours spent cleaning out your garage or wardrobe and taking photos of your unwanted possessions and then writing a short description of the item could be an afternoon well spent.

4. Make yourself an on-demand courier

If you’d prefer to deliver items rather than food, sign up on Zoom2u to use it as an on-demand courier. You can make use of a bicycle or motorbike, a car, or a van to transport packages across Australia. Once you’ve signed up with us, you’ll get notifications about opportunities that may be suitable for you. Select the ones that appeal to you, take the boxes, and then get compensated for your work.

5. You can be a sneaky shopper

If you love shopping, this might be the most enjoyable job you’ll ever do! Secret shoppers or mystery shoppers shop at different shops and then report back to the business on the services they received. You must be able to remember things quickly and have excellent writing skills as you’ll be asked to write down everything you experienced (including your name, the number of people who assisted you, the manner in which you were treated, and how long it took to receive your food) and then write an account, typically after 24 hours. The report will be submitted to the company within 24 hours.

6. Pay to view websites

Businesses often require everyday users to try out the latest features or web pages and give comments on the ease to use. You are able to test as much or little as you want at the times and locations that are convenient for your schedule. Join UserTesting to receive alerts of new job openings. Most jobs will take around 20 minutes and you’ll earn $14.29 AUD for each 20-minute test. It’s not much but it’s a better way to spend your time than scrolling through Instagram in 20 mins!

7. Distribute flyers

Many events and businesses require volunteers to distribute flyers at busy locations like railway stations or to drop off letters in an area. This can require a lot of walking or standing for a long time in any weather. The duration of the work is contingent on the type of promotion you’re trying to promote, therefore you are able to pick and select the tasks that are suitable for your needs. If you’re doing face-to-face flyering it’s important to be aware of some basic information about the event you’re selling in order to answer questions from people and be warm and excited about the event or product. You’ll get paid by the hour or the number of flyers that you’ve distributed. It’s not the most thrilling job but it’s a simple method to make some hours of work done without having to forfeit the rest of your weekend.

8. Make sure you share your home

If you have an extra bedroom or granny flat, you can advertise it on websites such as Airbnb, Stayz, or Homestay as a place to stay for tourists. The extra money could help offset the mortgage or rent payments. In the event that you’re renting, look over the lease, or speak to your realtor first in case you need to get approval from the landlord.

It’s quick and easy. Just make a brief description of the space you are interested in and upload some attractive images of the area guests will be staying in. You are able to set your own rates as well as the dates when your space is open to book. There’s a lot of time spent answering questions from guests looking to book and interacting with guests to make sure they are checked in and out and cleaning the room following each booking. If you like getting to know new people and you’re willing to do a little admin and laundry sharing your space is an excellent method to utilize an area that would otherwise go to waste.

Learn more about renting out your space here: Rental Arbitrage: $500K Profit Without Owning Property

9. Rent your spare space

Are you in possession of a parking space or garage that you don’t utilize? Even if you only have an extra cabinet or spare room, or a space in your attic or shed You can rent it out via Spacer and let your neighbor who’s a bit short of space pay you to park their vehicle or store their belongings at your home.

10. Market stalls

Craft and farmer’s markets are usually held during weekends. Stallholders usually require help in the setup of their stalls, selling their goods, and wrapping everything up at the close each day. It’s possible to expect an early start, and then a long day. You’ll also need to be pleasant and possess excellent customer service skills. For a start, look for jobs as a stall holder on websites like Gumtree as well as Airtasker.

11. Be Barista

Australians are awestruck by their coffee, and if you are able to learn the skill of creating the perfect plain white you’ll be able to jobs as a barista. The weekend is the busiest time for many cafes and most require someone to help them on Sundays and Saturdays. If you’ve got barista experience or you’re interested in learning about it, drop by one of the local cafes and ask if they require assistance.

12. Do some walking with your pets

A dog walker can be an excellent method to earn money and also get some exercise. You also get to enjoy a fun time with cute dogs! Place an ad on Gumtree as well as sign up on MadPaws to advertise your services. Professional dog walkers cost about $20 per dog per hour.

13. Crafting on Etsy

If you are a crafter creating your own Etsy store is a great opportunity to turn your passion into a job. Simply take a few photos of your work and write a description, then start your business on Etsy. Etsy handles all transactions so it’s quick and secure. Additionally, the proceeds earned from your transactions will be transferred to the account of your choice. There are no monthly charges to start your shop under the standard plan, however, you’ll have to pay a listing cost which is about 30 cents per product. If you sell a product, Etsy takes a 5 percent transaction fee as well as an additional 3-4 percent payment processing fee.

14. You can rent a caravan or campervan

If you own an RV or caravan and know the amount they’re costing to purchase and operate, as well as how much time they’re in your home doing nothing. If you’re not on the road on your own put your caravan up on Camplify to rent it to others who are planning their holidays. You’ll make some money for your next trip and also help someone else enjoy the benefits of caravanning at a lower cost.

15. Become an Airtasker

Earn money by doing everything on Airtasker. From copywriting to graphic design cleaning, helping with DIY gardening cooking, photography, cooking, or even running errands, you can take on tasks to help others complete tasks and earn a little extra money by putting in the energy and effort. After you’ve created an account, look for jobs that you can do and offer to take on. Airtasker does the payment process and when you finish a task, you’ll receive the money directly from the bank account you have.

16. Create an ambassador for your brand

Have you ever been walking through the streets and encountered smiling faces giving you a free bottle of a brand new soft drink or snack bar? They are referred to as “brand ambassadors” and you are able to find these opportunities advertised on websites such as Seek, Gumtree, and Airtasker.

17. Get involved in the wedding band

If you’re able to perform or sing, search for jobs in wedding bands. Because weddings are generally held on weekends and are a great task to fit in with your other job or studying. The benefit when joining an established music group is that all the work of establishing and marketing the band has been accomplished. Check out Gumtree for bands that need somebody with your expertise or inquire with your musical friends. There’s a chance you’ll have to take an audition, so it’s best to practice by learning the most popular dance and wedding songs.

18. Translator

If you are fluent in a different language, you might consider becoming a translator. It’s possible to work from home, which means it’s very versatile. It could be that you are translating flyers, website content, or other materials or even translating on the phone for a company or public sector. You could also strive towards the status of a specialist translation which is when you have the expertise, such as in the fields of law or medicine. Specialist translators are generally more lucrative, and it’s ideal to mix your skills in a specific language to maximize your earnings.

19. Babysitter

If you’re good with children Advertise the services of a babysitter or nanny. It could be one-off occasional work or even regular work for families from the same household. Based upon the age range of children that are in your family, it may be taking them to school and taking them to after-school activities, or simply sitting with them during the evenings and at night while their parents are away.

20. Fundraising

Charities typically require people to get new donations to them, whether by making calls or by standing on the street and speaking to people passing by. It’s usually a casual job however, according to the charity, the hours could be flexible. You’ll need to be enthusiastic and friendly, as well as capable of establishing a relationship with potential donors fast. The position is one of the most difficult ones on this list because you’ll have to prepare to face rejection, but when you’re fundraising to support a cause you believe in , it can be your most satisfying. Find fundraiser opportunities on websites like Seek as well as Ethical Jobs.

21. Day laborer

It’s considered a positive indication of a city when cranes are everywhere, and there are plenty of them in the major Australian cities! It’s hard work to be a day laborer but it’s also an appealing hourly rate, and, for the majority of jobs, you’ll be working casually, which means you’ll be able to negotiate shifts that are suitable for you. Check out websites for jobs on the internet such as Seek for work as a laborer. Most of them do not require any prior experience, however, If you’re a specialist, you may earn more.

22. Computer skills trainer

If you can send emails and know how to permanently delete files from your hard drive, there is a lot of easy work available assisting with basic computer skills for retirees and the not-so-technically savvy. Many older people wish to be more comfortable with technology in order to remain connected with their friends and family members and use online services. Make contact with an organization such as ReadyTechGo situated in Melbourne to determine whether they have any openings or advertise your service on Gumtree or develop a computer-related course for beginners through a website like Udemy as well as Skillshare.

23. Service station attendant

This isn’t the most glamorous occupation However, the majority of petrol stations are open all hours of the day, so there’s plenty of work on weekends and evenings available. You’ll need excellent customer service skills and enjoy being a self-employed worker, particularly when in the event that you are working an overnight shift. It’s a plus that a lot of these positions are informal, so you’ll be able to choose what and when you’ll be working. Look around and Seek for Service Station attendant positions.

24. Stadium worker

If you’re a fan of a sports team that you love and you’re interested in joining them, you could be able to earn money working during the matches! You’ll not be able to watch the game, but you’ll have the chance to soak in the excitement (and earn money while you’re at it). Once you’re accepted for work at the venue you’re interested in it’s likely that you’ll get regular work at sporting events or concerts, as well as other occasions. These are typically evening or weekend jobs which means they can be squeezed into a normal day job and are usually offered an enticing hourly wage. The majority of jobs are announced by the venue itself and you should check the website of an arena or stadium near your location to determine what jobs are open.

25. Make yourself a model

If you have it, show it. Luckily, everyone has it! A lot of art schools require models for their life drawing classes. It’s important to remember that the majority of these are not real models So make sure to verify the requirements and are confident in the position before you agree!

26. Movies at the cinema

If you’re a movie buff then this job is for you. A lot of cinemas offer discounted tickets for their employees as incentives. Because the weekend and evenings are the best times for movie-goers it is likely that you will be able to find work during weekends to meet your requirements. Being a customer service expert can assist you in securing one of these highly sought-after jobs available advertised on the websites of every cinema.

27. Wedding photographer

Weddings are a multibillion-dollar industry because of the reason. If you are able to build an impressive image as a photographer, your word-of-mouth recommendations will keep you busy! You’ll need skilled editing and photography skills, and access to the best camera and lens to take photos under any circumstances.

28. Tutoring

All students frequently require tutoring, from elementary school pupils up to university. It is essential to have an excellent knowledge of the subject Many parents and students would like to be assured that you achieved great results on the subject, so be ready to show your worth. Also, you’ll need to be organized and reliable. It also is helpful having access to additional sources that your student may not have encountered previously.

29. Plant your own succulents

Succulents are trending in the present. Who doesn’t want a spikey plant that is growing in an old glass mason jar? Succulents are incredibly easy to grow and you can also sell them through Facebook Marketplace or Etsy, or even by establishing a stand at your local farmer’s market.

30. Instruct the class

Do you have a unique talent or specialization? Talk to your local council about organizing classes at your library or community center. You could charge for admission and offer classes ranging from yoga to painting or computer skills, to a cooking class or a language.

31. Run a face painting stall

Learn a few of the most popular face painting styles – such as butterflies and lions as well as Spiderman before deciding to book your stall at the local market or at an event. If there’s no market in your area, ask your local council to determine if you could set up your stall over the weekend in the park. You’ll need to feel at ease with children and adults, and will be able to stay on the ground all day. You could charge a couple of dollars per child. This is the course of a day that could add up to a significant amount!

32. Run a cleaning business

You’ll need nothing more than a few good cleaning supplies including a mop, bucket, and vacuum cleaner to begin as a mobile cleaning service. Offering your services to help with housekeeping is a feasible way to begin your own business without much expense. Airtasker is a fantastic method to get fast cleaning tasks If you’re able to do an excellent job, you could be able to get a regular customer. Once you’ve gotten some jobs and positive reviews and you’ll have no problems securing work.

33. Farm work

It’s physically strenuous work, and you’ll be in the sun for the entire day However, with a little experience you could earn a decent income by picking fruit or working as a general farm worker. This is a fantastic work-from-home job that doesn’t require the skills of a customer service representative. Farm work is extremely seasonal, which means you’ll have to plan your schedule and begin searching for work well in advance of the summer months. Check out sites such as Harvest Trail and Fruit Picking Jobs for jobs that are available.

34. Offer your homemade meals and snacks

Nowadays, there’s an industry for busy families who need high-quality home-cooked meals but do not have the time to cook for themselves each day. Promote your services on the internet or make your food available on FoodSt for other customers to buy. If you’re unable to take on-demand orders, contact local eateries to inquire whether they’d be willing to sell your own home-baked biscuits or cakes. Being able to get frequent orders for your cakes from cafés will make it more efficient to plan your baking schedule and provides you with a more steady revenue stream.

35. Be Bartender

It’s no surprise that the nights of Friday and Saturday are the most popular times for bars. In addition, you’ll get some additional cash, but if you like going out on weekends you can use this opportunity to cut down on the amount you’re spending on food and drinks and still be involved in the nightlife! Bartender Jobs are advertised on websites such as Seek and many do not require previous experience. You’ll require customer service skills and a responsible service certificate. Alcohol certificate.

36. Become a tour guide

Are you familiar with your city and would like to share its secrets with tourists? Take a look on Seek for jobs as a tour guide or, if you have an interest that is unique, start the business of your choice. Tour guides typically offer a flat fee upfront or require their clients to pay whatever they think they’re worth at the conclusion of the trip.

37. Be a language conversation assistant

For those who are learning a second language, practicing spoken proficiency is among the most difficult and essential aspects of developing confidence. When you’re an experienced speaker, or extremely fluent, the most important tools you’ll have is comprehending common terms and subtle pronunciation mistakes. Help a student improve their pronunciation by spending an hour or so talking to them and giving comments on the accent as well as sentence structure.

38. Become a professional house-sitter

It’s one of the most simple side hustles on the market: stay in someone’s home by watering their plants and taking care of their pets during their absence on vacation. In accordance with the agreement, you might be paid per day, or perform this work for a free room. If you earn a positive reputation, you may be able to get enough work to turn house sitting into a permanent arrangement for accommodation and end rent payments forever!

39. Make use of your social media skills

It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to become skilled at something. What time have you been learning about social media? Smaller companies often don’t have the capacity to employ a full-time employee to oversee their social media accounts, so If you are knowledgeable about the various platforms and the best ways to maximize reach and engagement, you should consider making yourself an independent social media consultant. Once you’ve been established, you’ll be capable of picking and choosing the work that suits you, and also work at your own schedule.

40. Coach your own personal sports

If you’ve been involved in any sport that is at a decent level, you might be a coach for private sports for adults or students who want to develop their skills. In accordance with your sport, you may require the certification (like the AUSTSWIM teacher Licence to teach swimming) and for those working with children, you’ll require a Work With Children Check valid in the state you reside in. Achieving other qualifications relevant to your field for personal training, or sports sciences, could help but your past accomplishments in the sport will be a testimony to your previous success.

41. Become a transcriptionist

Many journalists and marketers need to record recordings of interviews, focus group discussions, or market research sessions. This is usually a very incredibly flexible job: you are able to perform the work from any place so long as you keep your deadline and at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

42. Blogging

If we told you it’s possible to renovate your house by earning money blogging you’d think we were crazy, wouldn’t you? 

Learn how to make money from blogging: Turn $5 Into $5,000 Monthly

43. Photography/artwork sales

There are many ways to profit from the enthusiasm for photography and art. Set your eBay account and sell your art online or visit the local shop to see if they’ll hang your work at no cost and even sell the paintings for you. There are many online courses such as Udemy to aid you in your first steps.

44. Publish on Kindle

Kindle lets you access millions of readers without spending a dime and, therefore, if you’re an aspiring writer regardless of whether or not you write fiction, nonfiction poetry, or any other type of work it is a good idea to be connected to Kindle. You could also join your writing to the Amazon account that you’ve already created to increase the income stream.

45. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is gaining momentum all over the globe as a fantastic method to earn a passive source of income from the side. The principle behind dropshipping is that you promote an item on the internet and make use of a third-party provider to make delivery arrangements. You market the product, but do not have any delivery or warranty concerns.

Check out: How To Start Dropshipping Business?

46. Sell your used clothes

Do you have old clothes that you no longer wear? Don’t simply throw them out and sell them online or to a reuse store.

You will always want to buy new clothes. If you sell your old ones, you now have more money and more space to store your new clothes.

47. Customer Support

A customer support representative is a person who provides customer service to customers. They are usually employed by a company to provide assistance with any questions or problems that customers may have.

Being a customer support representative is very easy. You can find work at places like Upwork or Freelancer.com. You can even work multiple customer support representative jobs at once.

48. Working on a yacht

Working on a yacht or a boat can be very lucrative. In Australia, there are boats everywhere. One of the best side hustles for Australians is to get a job on a private yacht or boat. Most of these jobs do not require much time other than maybe some weekends or for a few hours in the evening. But these jobs pay a lot and you can do them on the side.

49. Timeshare

A timeshare is a property that is owned by more than one person. A timeshare owner may be entitled to use the property for a certain number of days per year. Timeshare owners are usually required to pay a fee to the timeshare company for the right to use the property.

The first step to starting a timeshare business is to find out if there are any existing timeshare companies in your area. You can do this by visiting the website of the company that interests you. If there are no existing companies in your area, then you will need to start one yourself.

50. Graphic Designer

If you’re talented, proficient in Photoshop. and have a keen sense of design and typography and typography, then you can provide your services. You can create logos, banners, infographics, or business cards. Or you could design simple graphic designs.

51. Airbnb

This concept makes use of the most expensive asset that you can purchase in your lifetime: your home.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could let someone else pay for your mortgage, while you remain in your house? Wouldn’t you love to earn twice as much when compared to the conventional renting market?

One of the best side hustles for Australians: Rental Arbitrage: $500K Profit Without Owning Property

52. Start walking dogs

On the same topic, have you witnessed someone strolling along the streets with a bunch of canines attached to their waists? It’s likely that those dogs weren’t just theirs and there’s a good chance they were using an app for dog walking to make money from their love for dog-loving.

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