51 Top Paying Side Hustles For Canadians

If you are a Canadian looking to make extra cash this year, you are on the right page!

Having a side hustle with extra income for Canadians means they can lower their debt, go on their dream vacation, be able to afford a bigger house, and so much more.

We did research to find the top paying side hustle for Canadians to start earning more today.

side hustle for Canadians

51 Side Hustles For Canadians

1. Rent your pool

A swimming pool in your backyard is very enjoyable, especially in the summer. If you own the luxury of a pool, remember that there are a lot of that don’t and are willing to pay to spend their afternoon or evening in your pool. This is the reason why Swimply is able to help.

Established in the year 2019, Swimply is a platform that lets you lease your pool for just some hours. It’s similar to Airbnb, but with pools. It is easy to register your pool. After this the guests who want to take advantage of a pool may begin contacting you and reserving time slots.

2. Cashback on your purchases

Cashback websites and apps are readily available nowadays. Retailers use it as an opportunity to make use of their advertising budgets to draw new customers. Customers see it as a means to make money off of costs they’d have incurred regardless.

Top Cash Back is considered to be one of the top cash-back sites. The site has millions of users across the globe with more than 4,300 affiliates.

Great Canadian Rebates are simple to use and provide all kinds of items including Walmart up to The Home Depot to smaller stores. Shop, click, and earn cash back.

KOHO is a fantastic cash-back program that comes with the advantage of being linked to one of the top credit cards for prepaid in Canada. You’ll earn cash back for every purchase you make using this card!

Swagbucks, as well as Rakuten, are two other cash-back platforms worth noting.

3. Be an occasional virtual assistant

If you’re well-organized and can make use of a calendar as well as a post on social media sites, you may want to consider becoming an assistant for a few hours. Today, the virtual assistant role comes with various duties. They could be responsible for making appointments and bookkeeping and managing social media content marketing, and a lot more.

Although the work may be different however the outcome is the same. Cash in your pocket! It can be quite a large amount. Websites such as Fiverr and Upwork permit you to market yourself as a virtual assistant (for some of the fees and of course).

4. Sell tickets for shows on the internet

Have you ever spent excessively purchasing a ticket when you bought it through a “scalper” because you had to do it at the last minute? Be aware that this additional charge could be deposited in your bank account! Websites such as Stubhub permit you to purchase tickets for concerts or other events, and then resell the tickets on their websites legally. If you select the right dates and events (the one that is the most popular and likely to sell out) You can request a more expensive price later in order to make money on the ticket’s original cost.

It is legal because platforms such as Stubhub satisfy all federal and local requirements for reselling tickets.

5. Websites for buying and selling

The idea of starting a business on the internet isn’t bad, however, it’s much more difficult to say than accomplished! To avoid the risks you can buy an already-existing website?

If you purchase an existing business and retaining it the site as it is, or enhance the site in a manner that increases its profits. Platforms for buying and selling websites such as Flippa permit users to register and then sell their site as well as domain names to people who are looking to make these kinds of purchases. These platforms provide all the essential details (such as traffic, cash flow, and so on.) which affect the cost of the business you’re purchasing. buying an existing business eliminates the hassle of starting your own business by scratch. It also is backed by a track record of cash flow and customers.

6. Test mobile apps

At present, Canadians spend an average of more than six hours each day in front of screens. Mobile and web-based applications are a part of our lives every day, and they allow us to take a look at the apps and websites. Some platforms, like user testing or Try My UI allow users to test websites or mobile apps at a small cost. This is a win-win for everyone: businesses can save on user testing costs and you, even if no professional assistance while earning. When you take a test with User Testing you could receive $10 from PayPal for every 20-minute test or interview that you have to complete.

7. Create art

Are you a creative person or can you boast an inspiring creative flair? Etsy is a great place to showcase your talents. Etsy’s site lets you sell your unique products to more than 45 million buyers. There are many tales of people who are incredibly passionate and have been able to earn substantial revenue from the platform. In recent times, hand-made masks are sold for between $5 to $20.

8. Try the medications

Everyone is not keen on playing on their own health. This is the reason why clinical trials can be poorly regarded. However, let’s consider the positive aspects of the situation that they are about helping advance science and earning a profit in the process. Furthermore, your payment is tax-free, and you can select the kind of clinical research that you like best. There is no question about conducting risky and hazardous tests to determine your health. It is in Quebec, Altasciences is the leading company in the industry with over 20 years of expertise. Also, there is Novartis. For instance, there are studies offering $20 to former Covid patients to offering $2610 in more particular instances.

9. Wash your neighbors’ laundry

Around the world, there are networks emerging which allow owners of washers and dryers to wash their laundry for neighbors who aren’t lucky enough to have one. What’s the problem with us? This lets some reduce the value of their equipment, and some do not have to go to public laundry rooms. If you rent your machine twice every week for a fair cost that is $2 you can earn $192 a year! It is possible to place an advertisement on Kijiji, or Facebook, or just drop a piece of paper in your neighbors’ mailboxes.

10. Invite your friends

In the vast array of ways on the internet to make money, sponsorship is one of the best. It doesn’t matter if it’s software online and banks online, or survey websites, a lot of sites provide a referral program. The benefit is that it doesn’t require specific knowledge or experience or a network that is strong. It’s an excellent option to earn quick income, it’s also an excellent opportunity to spread the word about an experience you’ve used and appreciate.

11. Place ads on your vehicle

If you can earn money to drive your car is a great idea, so why not? The idea is straightforward. You lease advertising space on your vehicle’s body shop and get paid a fee and this varies depending on the length of your campaign. The websites Deltapub, Carvertise, Wrapify along with Market Your Car offer you the opportunity to earn as much as 800 per month for displaying advertisements on your vehicle. It is the first thing to do: sign up with the different organizations that are mentioned above. If the needs of a company seeking advertisements match with yours and you meet the requirements, you could have an opportunity to be chosen.

12. Sell the clothes you no longer wear

There are a lot of clothes and you’re not sure how to store the clothes? Are you unhappy with an expensive purchase because you don’t love the color after all? No worries! Recycle your clothes using Upcycli. In contrast to generalist platforms such as Facebook and Kijiji, Upcycli is a platform that focuses on footwear, clothing, and other accessories. Snap a photo of the item you wish to sell, and create an advertisement. The buyer will pay directly through the platform. It’s quick, simple, secure, and ethical! This method is extremely popular across Europe with Vinted however, it’s almost unobtainable in Quebec. It is a fantastic solution for the environment and your pocket!

13. Repair damaged phones and tablets

If you’re familiar with new technology and a handyman by nature Why not begin fixing tablets or phones in the comfort of your home? With a bit of time and determination, you are able to easily learn yourself, even if haven’t ever done repairs like this. For instance, the SOSav website provides free repair instructions and explanation video tutorials on YouTube. Begin by offering your services to loved family members, and then increase your client base by using Kijiji as well as Facebook. Today, who doesn’t want to have their electronic devices repaired?

14. Sell old phones

A lot of people have drawers that are full of older mobiles. They are usually kept for reasons of sentiment, but then they are discarded. In the majority of cases these models, which cost expensively to purchase, function. Instead of piling with them, why not offer to sell these models? For the best value, your ideal option is to place an advertisement to Kijiji and Facebook. If you’re looking to eliminate it fast, and easily, Gorecell is here for you. Consider $65 to purchase one iPhone 6S in good condition and $ 85 for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Alongside making an impact on the environment, it’s also an excellent way to earn money.

15. Harvest fruit

Picking fruits is a wonderful opportunity to earn money during the summer. And with the spread of the coronavirus virus that is sweeping the country, fruit pickers are in need more than they ever have been. If working out doesn’t put you off it’s a fantastic option to maintain your fitness while earning money, getting outside, and taking in the sunshine. You can also make new acquaintances by meeting other fruit-picking enthusiasts. For those who want to start, it’s easy to find many opportunities on Agrijob or Indeed. Job Bank or Wowjobs. The pay scale for pickers is usually according to hourly rates or yield. For instance, when it comes to cherries some farms offer $2.20 for each bucket.

16. Be a search engine evaluator

Working at your home as a web search evaluator has become feasible. Companies that evaluate research incorporate Lionbridge with Appen. They are able to evaluate the results of Google in relation to certain search terms and then ensure that they’re relevant. The objective is to enhance search results for Internet users.

17. Sell your hair

If the aim is to earn money, anything is possible to sell including hair! In the end, it’s a lucrative “business”! Although it’s become more normal to donate hair to charities the trade in hair continues. Most of the time after being sold, your hair is used to create hair extensions or hair wigs. While you must be wary of scams, you are able to directly sell your hair via Facebook or Kijiji. There are other websites such as buyandsellhair which are more secure, however, they charge transaction fees. You can expect an average of $ 500 for hair that is natural that is 60cm long and up to 2000 for exceptionally long natural blond hair that is at least 150cm.

18. Do missions in the stores

The app Be My Eye is an app that lets you earn money by completing tasks in the shops around you. Don’t be confused with Be My Eyes, the Be My Eyes app, that aims to assist blind people, as you are not earning money from this app. For instance, Be My Eye may require you to visit an area supermarket and determine whether they have a specific kind of water. The missions generally are paid between $ 5 and 10. But, you must think about the costs of traveling. If you select only the most sensible tasks and live close to the city, you’ll be able to earn between $50 and $100 per month.

19. Sell experiences

Eventbrite lets anyone create an event course, workshop, or something else and post the event on their site. The price and other aspects will be determined by you! It is up to you! Airbnb platform also permits the sale of physical experiences, such as tours, excursions, excursions lessons and groups shopping sessions, and more. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s also possible to hold events on the internet!

20. Carpool

It’s among the most effective ways to make money using your vehicle. Carpooling is indeed an effective strategy to help make your car financially profitable. A lot of Quebec households own a vehicle but do not use it to its capacity. In the five biggest cities of Quebec, there are about 25 million seats empty in cars each day. What better way to fill the seat of two or more people? or let yourself be chauffeured towards your desired destination? If you’re not social or a sociable person, you will only gain. Six platforms provide services like this in Quebec: Monlift.com, Poparide, AmigoExpress, and Covoiturage.ca. For help in taking the first steps to carpool, either as a chauffeur or passenger we encourage you to take a look at the Unpointcinq survey.

21. Become a translator

Naturally, you will not come up with improvised translations. However, being proficient in a variety of languages is an asset to your pocket. You can offer your services on freelance work websites such as Fiverr or visit Unbabel and Upwork to search for small translation tasks that will work for your requirements. Consider about $5 to translate an email and much more for bigger tasks.

22. Create designs

Graphic designing is a career by itself. If you’re a tiny bit of an artist you can easily design beautiful logos and illustrations with online software. In fact, there’s no need for Adobe Suite or the latest MacBook Pro. Adobe suite or the most recent MacBook Pro, go to websites such as Canva or Picmonkey to sign up, make your account, and with a couple of clicks, you can begin making designs. You can sell all kinds of artwork to your family and friends or use Fiverr. You can count between $ 10 and 20 for the most basic illustrations.

23. Make yourself an inventor

It’s time to turn that brilliant idea in your mind to give it the opportunity it merits! You can submit an idea for Quirky, and the world’s largest community of innovators and manufacturers can assist you in reworking your idea. If your idea is commercialized you may receive a share of the sales.

24. Create your online store

Do you think of selling all sorts of items through an online store, without the need to manage direct the inventory? It would be fantastic, right? This is feasible due to the widespread practice of dropshipping. But be aware that and be aware that, contrary to what many believe drop shipping is not an easy way to earn cash. A little expertise is needed for you to make it work. Platforms like Woocommerce, the Canadian big Shopify or Woocommerce permit you to place products that are available on websites like Aliexpress as well as Alibaba directly for sale in your online store.

25. Be an unidentified shopper

We are often told about the mystery shoppers, but did realize that you could become one without much effort? If you fill up this questionnaire at the Lanla website or registering on Enipso you could be eligible for the chance to receive discounts or cash rewards from the businesses you review. It’s a great opportunity to earn cash while helping businesses you deal with to provide you with an experience that exceeds your requirements!

26. Offer dinners or cooking classes at home

The EatWith mobile application allows users to invite guests to dinner at your house or even offer cooking classes. You can even provide them with memorable culinary experiences by helping them taste the best of the nation. Airbnb provides this kind of experience both physically as well as online! If you’re a competent cook, consider the experience… In the case of culinary classes, you could place ads for classes on Kijiji, Craigslist, and on Facebook groups that have course offers.

27. Get jobs and jobs opportunities for your friends

Have you ever thought that you could earn money by finding work for your family members? In some job advertisements, you can see the amount of compensation given to the person who can identify the perfect candidate. The compensations of recommendations often exceed $1000, and may even exceed the number of jobs that are more sought-after. If the letter isn’t on a white and black background, you could nevertheless contact employers and request compensation in the event of hiring the candidate you have introduced. What are you waiting for? Find job openings at Jooble, Neuvoo.ca, Indeed, SimplyHired, Jobillico, or Workland. It’s an excellent way to assist someone you love while becoming wealthy. Here’s a list of job opportunities that offer a recommendation bonus.

28. To do arbitrate?

The arbitration may seem like an incredibly complex concept in economics, however, in reality, it is similar to making use of prices that differ across markets… and on websites. Also when an item is priced lower on Kijiji than on eBay, for instance, you can buy it, and then sell it to eBay. It is possible to do this using musical instruments, watches, and computer components. It is nevertheless recommended to have at least a little information about the items that you purchase and then sell.

29. Rent your items

The world’s sharing economy is growing, and the trend is toward renting. Think about the possible value of all the things you own. For instance, Turo makes it easy for users to lease their cars for a couple of days or hours. If you’re on Kijiji or Craigslist you could place an advertisement to rent your drill, DIY equipment, or your camera… It’s your choice to decide which tools you’d like to turn into a profit!

30. Babysitting

Babysitting is among the most popular ways to earn a few dollars and it’s not just teens that can perform it. Parents may even choose to leave their children in the hands of an adult. Today, a variety of websites are specifically designed to connect childminders and parents. Most well-known are Topnanny, CanadianNanny.ca, and NannyServices. If you are looking to take on babysitting for a living to earn money you can sign up on any of these websites.

31. Micro-work

The idea behind micro-work is to let humans do smaller, less or more complex tasks for compensation. Amazon lets you use its Mechanical Turk site to work in micro-skills and earn money. Anecdotally that the site takes its name from an old fake, called known as the Mechanical Turk, an automaton that was believed to play chess however, in the middle of which was hidden the human. A lot of the tasks performed that are performed on Mechanical Turk including finding objects on pictures, transcribing texts or cleaning databases are intended to teach algorithms in order to allow these tasks to be automated later on.

32. Participate in sports

Exercise is beneficial for your well-being. Numerous platforms give you money for the number of steps you do. Although these apps will not create millionaires, they are an opportunity to walk around and often discover stores. SweatCoins, Runtopia, and Lifecoin give users points for every physical effort that is deemed to be counted through the app. These points are then used to redeem discounts that are exclusive to users by businesses. To name a few of the best companies, and also provide similar services.

33. Find a rental apartment to rent on Airbnb

If you are unable to leave your home for a short period of time and want to let it out for some money or let your guest room and not leave the property. You just need to sign up for Airbnb or Booking. Airbnb and Booking site as the host and publish your listing, including the price and photos of your property. Kijiji can also make this happen. However, you should be cautious about who you lease your house.

34. Sell the stuff you no longer need.

There are always old items in our homes that are no longer of use to us. In actual fact, there are numerous websites such as Kijiji, VarageSale, Craigslist, or Letgo that let you sell the items you have which are no longer of use. All you need to do is put up an advertisement that includes a picture as well as a price, and let buyers who are interested contact you.

35. Be a Photographer

Sunday photographer, photographer constantly, or even a photographer? Be aware of online photo banks, such as Gettyimages and Shutterstock that allow photographers to market their images. The Montreal website Unsplash allows you to upload your images and then make them available at no cost to anyone. It won’t earn you cash, but it will improve your visibility and possibly let you get contracts. The Foap application lets you sell your pictures directly on your phone. For the best chance of earning money but remember that quantity is the same as quality on these kinds of websites.

36. Become a delivery person

How can you combine physical exercise with earning money? It’s fairly easy to be a food delivery driver to Uber Eats or DoorDash by bike and is an effective option to earn extra money. In case you’re not into sports, you can perform the task by vehicle however this comes with additional requirements, like being at least 19 years old of age and holding a driver’s license for at least one year. According to Glassdoor Delivery drivers generally make $15 an hour. However, keep in mind the fact that certain drivers earn lower, and others make more. For a start, sign up to sign up for Uber Eats and here for DoorDash.

37. Pay for surveys

Who hasn’t ever heard of paid surveys? It’s certainly an initial item you will come across when looking for a way to earn money through the Internet. To be honest there’s not a lot of cash to be made from these sites, however, like they say that every penny is worth it. Even with the bad reputation, they’ve earned, paid surveys can help you earn a little bit of money. Most of the time all you have to complete is sign up or install the app and take the survey you’re eligible for. It’s not easy to make an inventory of all survey platforms that take your time and do not pay you but here are some with a track history: LEO, FeaturePoints, Swagbucks.

38. Rent rooms to students

If you own a large space or rooms that are unoccupied It is possible to create a steady or one-time source of revenue by renting rooms out. You can, for instance, sublet space to students who are looking for accommodations. Apart from enhancing your portfolio, you’ll get the chance to improve your social connections by rub shoulders with many different individuals. The most effective method to locate the potential tenants is to post an advertisement on Kijiji as well as on Facebook in a specific group. For instance in Montreal you can join the groups Logement Etudiant/Students Housing Montréaland UQAM, UQAM, UdeM, McGill, HEC, POLY, McGill Housing – Rental – Rooms for rent Apartments Sublet Sublet as well as Montreal Apartments / Logements Montreal.

39. Sell your designs

If you’re a creative person, you could tap your talent by selling products that feature your own designs. You can, for instance, create artwork and sell it on T-shirts. Merch by Amazon lets anyone upload their work and then put it on T-Shirts, which are then sold and shipped out by Amazon with no additional efforts on your behalf. Society 6 and Creative Market are also excellent platforms to earn a bit of cash.

40. Sell your music

If you create good music you could sell it via Tunecore as well as DittoMusic. The music will be available online across various platforms and you’ll get paid based on the number of listeners and downloads. You can also finance your passion using Patreon which allows musicians to set up an online subscription service. If you’re a skilled musician, you could also sell your services on Fiverr.

41. Petsitting

Do you enjoy pets? Consider it possible to walk or keep an animal on occasion and be paid. The Pawshake site lets you make yourself an animal keeper. Just upload your profile, along with a picture and the amount you charge so that anyone seeking a pet sitter is able to contact you. Similar to this we can also see the American websites Rover as well as Petluv. Earn between $15 and $40 for each day of babysitting.

42. Work as a freelancer

Do you have talents that you’d like to earn money from outside of work hours? There are a variety of Quebec platforms like Pige.Quebec, AgentSolo, HelloDarwin, HelpMee, and Adele on demand let you be a freelancer by providing various services for freelancers. In the world, Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are extremely well-known. If you don’t have particular skills, don’t waste your time, and get trained on Udemy! The site provides a wide range of classes and training courses that are absolutely free.

43. Shop using Paymi

Paymi is a cash-back website, that earns commissions when users go directly from their website to stores or services online and then make purchases. They reward users by reimbursing a portion of the commission they earned. It can be anywhere between 2% and 10% on retail purchases as well as 20 percent for travel expenses and between 30 and 40 percent for magazines. With Paymi the 2 percent of your purchase in Burger King is directly credited to your Paymi account. After you’ve accumulated $20, you can cash out this money through an Interac electronic transfer.

44. Become an aspiring writer

Do you have a sharp pen and don’t make spelling errors? It is possible to take the plunge and write a few articles about the subjects you’re most interested in. The Textbroker site lets you earn a few dollars for the content you write. You can also offer your services directly through Fiverr. Numerous companies are seeking writers to fill their blogs and newsletter. You could be an independent writer with the added benefit of your name being mentioned at the conclusion of the article. This is the ultimate feeling of satisfaction! If you’re really adept at telling stories, you should get started with Wattpad. If you have a large number of people reading your story then you might be able to write the book of your story and adapt it to the stage.

45. Start your blog

Are you passionate about something and know how to write? You could probably start your own blog and give your advice and tips and build your readership! With luck, your blog will be popular and sponsors will be at your door. Here are some suggestions to start and build a monetization strategy for your blog. Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace platforms allow you to host and build your own website, and thus blog.

46. Offer classes

Do you speak multiple languages fluently or gifted in mathematics or computer science, or in any other area? Don’t let the rest of the world profit from your skills. The Superprof, the Livementor, or Tutor websites allow you to provide private lessons via videoconferencing. If you want to get more students involved You can also make recorded courses that you can upload to Udemy which is the world’s largest online learning platform, with over 40 million learners. If you’re looking to establish your own online school you could use platforms such as Didache (the sole 100 percent Quebec choice), Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, or Skillshare to develop your course and then make it available online under your own domain. For more information on the promotion of online training Do not avoid reading the website of Dominique Fraser, an expert who has raked in more than 1.3 million dollars in sales by sharing her expertise online.

47. Join Uber as a driver

It’s impossible to ignore it is impossible to miss VTC as well as the media hype they create. For most of us, they’re an everyday part of our lives. If you have a vehicle that is 9 years old or under, have an active driver’s license and you’ve done very well in the past If you’ve done well, then you stand in an excellent position to be eligible to be an Uber driver. Click here to sign up and learn about the requirements. In the general sense the majority of cases, the typical Uber driver will earn between $19 and $21 gross for an hour. This remuneration does not include the expense of fuel or mileage as well as taxation.

48. Manage Facebook Ads campaigns on behalf of local companies

Today, every firm no matter how small could afford to not take care of marketing on the internet. It is however difficult for many small firms due to insufficient time or incompetence, to run Facebook advertisements. For the majority of us, Facebook has no secrets, and allowing you to manage Facebook Ads campaigns for local businesses is an excellent way to earn money. If you’ve never run Facebook Ads campaigns, you are able to learn with Olivier Lambert’s classes (for an expense) or directly through Facebook Blueprint.

49. Profit by selling the books you’ve read

No matter the opulence in the text, it’s an object that is only used once. How many books have been evaluated? With the exception of a few, it is likely that the majority of them will end up collecting dust on your bookshelf. If you don’t think a book has impressed you as a favorite, what’s the purpose of having it? It is possible to sell books on Abebooks, Amazon, or Kijiji. Selling and sorting your books is an eco-friendly act that will earn you a few dollars but is more than all an act of self-care If your home isn’t as crowded, it helps you are able to see clearly!

50. Learn to become a Proofreader

Another method that can allow you to earn money online in Canada is to fix spelling and grammar errors. If you’re a shrewd eye for errors and errors, then proofreading might be your ideal job. You’ll even have the chance to work from any location in the world.

51. Sell your documents

Did you know you can sell school papers or assignments online? Presentations, essays case studies, study papers, case studies and many more, you could offer them for auction through the Internet. You’ll earn commissions for every sale, consultation, or download of files. These are the most well-known websites that provide this kind of service. Stuvia, Academon, Pimido, Gradebuddy (English). A majority of them do not provide an exchange rate in Canadian dollars as their primary currency yet they’re still intriguing.

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