4 Unique Side Hustles For Doctors: Side Gigs That Make Money For Physicians

Being a doctor is already a rewarding career where you are making the big bucks, but maybe you are looking to pay off that student loan earlier or the fact that you might have extra time or maybe you are a retired doctor who is looking to create an extra side income.

In this guide, we will explore 13 Unique never ever seen Side Hustles For Doctors.

Start A YouTube Channel

As a licensed medical doctor, you can give good sound advice to people. You should pick a medical niche that you want to help people with. This could be what you specialize on, but it should be somewhat mass advice such as for back pain, headaches, or maybe mental health.

Once you have a YouTube channel, you will need to post videos & then after you have 1000 subscribers, YouTube will invite you to get paid via ads!

The most common way is through advertising. YouTube will place ads on videos and YouTubers will get a cut of the ad revenue. YouTubers can also make money through sponsorships, product placements, and selling merchandise.

Create TikTok Videos & Sell Products

You could also give out tips on TikTok / Reels on Instagram to help people. Along the way, you can introduce supplements that have been known to help people with their issues. While doing this, you can share your amazon affiliate link and make a nice 10-40% commission. This can lead to bringing in more patients to your clinic and growing your following.

Write A Self-Help Book

Many doctors are also opting to write books that they self-publish. These books could be anything that you are an expert in. People are likely to buy your book because you are a licensed doctor.

The most popular way is to use Kindle Direct Publishing, which is a platform that allows you to upload your book as a PDF or e-book file. Once your book is live on the site, people can purchase it and download it to their Kindle device. Another way to self publish on Amazon is to create a print-on-demand book. This means that you will create a physical copy of your book, which can be purchased by people who want a physical copy. You can also sell your book through Amazon’s CreateSpace platform, which will print and ship your book to customers on demand.

Consulting Athletes

Consulting athletes is going to make you big bucks as a doctor. What you can do is create an Instagram page with “Dr.Your Name” then start posting some content or any videos with some advice, and once you have a decent following. You can reach out to athletes in high school, and college and offer to help them. You could help them by ordering their lab work, and giving them personalized advice.

You could write them a message:

Hey! I’m a licensed medical doctor and I’ve been following your account for a while.

I think you have a lot of potentials and I’d love to help you reach your goals. Would you be interested in getting on a call?

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