4 Side Hustles For Personal Trainers & Fitness Professionals

As a personal trainer, You are probably really motivated about fitness but you might not be earning as much as you would like because your income correlates with the hours you put in at gym with your client, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this article, we will discuss 4 unique side hustles ( that can turn into full time work) for anyone who is in fitness industry.

Premium Virtual Consulting

As a certified trainer, you could start a virtual consulting for busy people and charge them an extra premium. There are a lot of people who want to get fit but their schedule doesn’t allow them to visit a gym regularly.

For example, You could target business professionals, who have money but maybe not a lot of time because of their schedule. You could setup a training session virtually with them that they can do to get a full body workout from their home or hotel.

If you go this route, you need to focus on finding good clients who will pay a premium price and stick with you for a long run on a monthly subscription.

TikTok Affiliate

You could also start creating short form videos for TikTok or Instagram Reels because these platforms will push your video out to people who might be not only be interested on your virtual consulting but you can also recommend products for them and get paid a commission.

To find such products, you could go to Tiktok and search “TikTok made me buy it” to get some ideas on the type of products you could recommend.

You will need to open an Amazon Associate account, which is Amazon’s affiliate platform where you will get paid anywhere from 5-40% per sale. The idea is to demo products or recommend something that will be useful for people then show them where they can buy it using your affiliate link.

Meal Prep Business

As a trainer, you know that the “abs” are mostly made in the kitchen, meaning, that your clients need to eat the right food if they want to reach their fitness goals, but most people don’t eat right because they don’t plan their meals.

You could offer a service where you prep meals for your clients and ship it or you could partner with a local “meal prep” service to purchase meal from them and have them ship it to your clients. This could be an upsell or a service by itself.

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YouTube Channel

You can also earn income from Google Adsense by starting a YouTube channel. Starting a YouTube channel is easy but to create great content, you will need to either learn how to capture, edit videos with good sound or outsource it. This could be something that you do twice a month while you build your audience. The audience would not only help you make money from the video views but they could also turn into your consulting clients.

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