41 Lucrative Side Hustles In Arizona

We have compiled a list of the best side hustles in Arizona that are perfect for you if you reside in the country and are looking for some extra income on the side to cope with the inflated prices.

Monument Valley, Arizona, USA at dawn.

1.     Postmates Driver

This delivery service deals with moving food or other equipment for some money and is a great way to earn on the side, as anyone can deliver for Postmates.

2.     Newspaper Route

Considered one of the best side hustles in Arizona, you can sign up for a newspaper route, delivering newspapers on your way to work in the morning.

3.     Junk Hauler

It might not seem profitable, but hauling junk can net you extra cash. If you own any vehicle, selling junk can net you money on the side.

4.     Bike Messenger

One of the best side hustles in Arizona, if you are generally athletic, you can become a bike messenger, delivering documents across town on your bicycle.

5.     Mobile Oil Exchange

Nowadays, everything is going mobile, including oil exchange services. You can invest in a wrench and offer to come to people’s homes to change their oil.

6.     Teach Music

If you are a musician or proficient with an instrument, this is one of the best side hustles in Arizona. You can give music lessons and earn extra cash while balancing your other job.

7.     Busk

Get a license from the government and play anywhere on the streets for some cash on the side.

8.     Pet Grooming

If you are good with animals, you can become a pet groomer and earn great money.

9.     Translator

If you are multilingual, you can use it to your advantage and offer one-time translation services to earn a little extra, and is one of the best side hustles In Arizona.

     10. Freelance Writing

This is one of the best side hustles in Arizona to do from home. You can write blogs and articles and earn income from anywhere.

     11. Proofreader

If you have a knack for spotting errors, you can get paid to do so. Become a proofreader and earn money by editing and improving articles that have already been written, considered as one of the greatest side hustles In Arizona.

     12. Writing E-books

In this digital era, you can earn extra income on the side by publishing short stories or novels of your own on the internet.

     13. Resume Services

Often, employees complain of getting rejected because of inadequate resumes. You can help improve their CVs and earn a few bucks by improving their chances, proving itslef as being one of the better side hustles In Arizona.

     14. Babysit

A classic and arguably one of the best side hustles in Arizona, you can babysit in your local neighborhood for some cash on the side.

     15. Tutor

Parents always look for someone to teach their kids if they struggle in school. You can become a student tutor and take advantage of the great hourly rates in Arizona.

     16. Test Proctor

You can sign up as a proctor, monitor students if they cheat during examinations, and earn extra cash.

    17. Substitute Teacher

Many elementary schools are looking for substitute teachers. You can sign up to become one and earn some cash by filling in for the teacher.

   18. Housesitter

Not just babysitting, but housesitting is a thing as well. Families going on vacations often look for people to look after their houses while they are gone, and you can sign up to housesit to earn money.

   19. Petsitting

Just like with houses, families also look for people to look after their dogs, so you can sign up for that and look after pets to earn as a side hustle.

  20. Security Guard

If you are burly, then you should consider becoming a security guard. This is a fairly safe side hustle that is perfect if you are a night owl.

  21. Photography

All you need is a camera and basic knowledge of photography, and you can pick up gigs on your own, earning you some money on the side.

  22. Become an Etsy Vendor

Turning a hobby into a job has become as easy as ever. All you need to do is sign up on Etsy and sell your products online, which is one of the better side hustles in Arizona.

  23. Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing has been making rounds on the internet and is a great side hustle. All you have to do is insert some links onto your blog article and earn money.

  24. Sports Coach

If you are especially good at a sport, you can turn it into a side hustle by coaching kids’ sports teams and earning some money.

  25. Dog-walker

One of Arizona’s more common side hustles, you can find advertisements on the internet and walk people’s dogs for money on the side.

  26. Rent-a-friend

Sometimes people just want company, and if you are great at connecting with strangers, you can sign up for a rent-a-friend service and earn.

  27. Night Attendant

You can become an overnight attendant for community centers, helping them perform tasks like answering the phone.

  28. Window Cleaner

Windows are everywhere, and you can earn on the side by cleaning them.

  29. Pool Cleaner

Nobody has the time or patience to clean their pools, so you can earn money by cleaning them on their behalf.

  30. Painter

Homeowners need help to get their interior or exterior painted, so you can do that for them and earn some cash.

 31. Lawnmower

Lawn maintenance can become a hassle, and some people are too busy to go through it, so you can do it for them and mow the lawn as a side hustle.

32. House Cleaning

Not just windows, but you can earn by cleaning people’s homes or office spaces as well.

33. Removing Snow

During winter, many people’s driveways or walkways get piled with snow. You can earn good money shoveling snow out of the way for your neighborhood homes.

34. Mover

Becoming a mover is one of the most lucrative side hustles in Arizona, allowing you to earn money while simply hauling items.

35. Lifeguard

If you are good at swimming, you can turn this skill into a side hustle and become a lifeguard.

36. Start a Podcast

All you need is a microphone and a topic to talk about, and you can monetize your thoughts by starting a podcast right at home.

37. Ghostwriting

If you have the means but not the ideas, you can write for other people to earn cash while at home.

38. DJ

You can always pick up some DJ gigs and play for parties and other events to earn money as a side hustle.

39. Consultant

If you have expertise on a subject, you can monetize it by consulting.

40. Handyman

Household repairs often comprise simple jobs anyone can do. You can take advantage of that and earn by performing these minor repairs.

41. Furniture Flipping

If you have an eye for furniture, this is one of the best side hustles in Arizona. You can buy used furniture, improve its condition and then sell it for a much more profitable price, putting some extra cash in your pocket.


Even though there are plenty of chances of employment within Arizona, here are some of the best side hustles you can take advantage of to earn a little extra without having to pick up an additional job.

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