27 Side Hustles That Make $100K A Year

Side Hustles

Great Side Hustles That Make $100K annually

From giving shape to an innovative idea you might have in the form of an online business to picking up freelance-based contracts from big-name industries, there are many ways to reach the coveted six-figure income milestone.

However, when faced with many choices, which one should you for? Well, not to worry, because after some extensive research and testing, we have come up with 27 of the most effective side hustles that make $100K, with most of them allowing you to make bank from the comfort of your loft!

1.      Becoming a Transcriptionist

One of the best Side Hustles That Make $100K becoming a transcriptionist requires little investment and great rewards.

As a transcriptionist, your job is to convert audio into written content. Transcribing work can range from converting podcasts to creating subtitles, and all you need is a laptop with functional speakers, and you are all set to earn!

2.      Write Blogs

Writing blogs for other individuals and companies is a great way to make money. As a blogger, you would be required to write for many different topics and can progress to build up a steady business based on writing blogs.

The best thing about blogging is that anyone can dive into this profession, which is why it is known as one of the best Side Hustles That Make $100K annually on average.

3.      Freelance Writing

Many projects are available on freelancing websites, and most require writers. If you have a knack for content creation and story writing, you can choose from various projects, from full books to smaller product descriptions and articles, and begin profiting quickly.

4.      Becoming a Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant is to assist businesses with tasks like managing their inbox or responding to emails. It is a great way to earn a steady income while supporting and leading different businesses.

All you need is efficiency in multitasking and the ability to be organized. You are all set. This is incredibly lucrative and a part of the list for Side Hustles That Make $100K annually primarily because it requires no prior skills or specializations.

5.      Proofreading

This is the best side hustle for anyone proficient in picking up spelling and other minor mistakes in grammar. As a proofreader, you would be paid generously, and all you would have to do is to read documents and correct any grammatical errors you may find.

6.      Join a Focus Group

By joining a focus group, you can get paid to express your opinion on different topics. To participate and earn from being part of a focus group, all you have to do is give feedback on a specific agenda to which you are assigned, and that’s it!

7.      Selling Printables

This is one of the most optimal Side Hustles That Make $100K for designers. Printables are digital designs that buyers can print and put up as decoration. So, if you want to turn your artistic skill into cash, the best way is to set up a shop on Etsy and start selling printables.

8.      Course Creation

If you have extensive knowledge on a subject and would like to earn money by spreading that knowledge to others, then you should create a course online.

Not only that but due to the emergence of online learning, this rose to fame to become one of the most efficient Side Hustles That Make $100K as annual income.

9.      Affiliate Marketing

Often mentioned as a part of many marketing blogs, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make extra cash. As an affiliate marketer, you would earn money by promoting other products and services as a part of your content, and you would earn commissions from any sales made through the affiliate link.

10. Launch your Own Etsy Store

Etsy is home to numerous businesses; you could be one of them. All you need is an idea; you can commercialize it and earn great profits from sales on the platform.

11. Become a Voice Over Artist

Feel like you have a unique or captivating voice? Then consider becoming a voice-over artist. You can easily profit from this side hustle by recording a few lines from the comfort of your home and earning some big bucks.

12. Bookkeeping

This is for those with a keen eye for numbers and value organization and is one of the best Side Hustles That Make $100K. Your main responsibility as a bookkeeper would be to help companies and organizations track their expenditure.

13. E-book Writing

Are you looking to publish your work? Then you should consider writing an e-book. With current technology, you can easily write and publish a book from the comfort of your home with the help of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

14. Amazon FBA

Also known as Fulfilled by Amazon, you can easily earn up to $100K annually by selling worldwide through Amazon FBA.

15. Become an Online Tutor

Ever since the lockdown, online learning has gained quite a popularity. This is why you should consider teaching a subject online, as it is a fruitful opportunity that can net you great profits.

16. Teach English Online

If you are a native English speaker looking to earn income from the comfort of your home, you should consider teaching online. It is incredibly profitable, and you can also create schedules that suit you best.

17. Scopist

Scopists are transcriptionists who specialize in legal proceedings. This means they work with court reporters to transcribe and convert their notes into official transcripts. If you are studying law or want to explore this field while making a steady income, this is the best side hustle for you.

18. Product Design

Nowadays, with the right skills, you can design products from the comfort of your home and earn some big bucks in the process. Many platforms can assist you in turning your designs into actual products, and whenever someone buys that product, you would automatically get some of the profits, making this one of the best Side Hustles That Make $100K.

19. Open Up a Doggy Daycare

If you have always had a love for dogs, then you should open up a doggy daycare. You can transform your home into a friendly and safe environment for dogs and earn profits while doing what you love, making it one of the more lucrative Side Hustles That Make $100K yearly.

20. Graphic Designing

If you have an interest in graphic designing, then there are many ways for you to turn that interest into profits. Many websites and companies require graphic designers for various projects such as making logos for their company or designing promotional content for their website, making this one of the better Side Hustles That Make $100K annually.

21. Recruiter

If you are an extrovert with a knack for making friends everywhere and easily connecting with people, you should consider becoming an online recruiter, helping businesses look for the right people for job vacancies.

22. Loan Analyst

The job of a loan analyst is to work with loan applications to determine whether the loan amount is suitable according to the borrower or not and is one of the best Side Hustles That Make $100K if you are currently studying finance and are looking for steady income.

23. Travel Agent

This is the best job for people who have enough knowledge of different countries and travel expertise and are looking to use their knowledge to earn a steady income.

With the rise of virtual travel agents, this is the best time to get into this, utilizing your travel expertise while earning from the comfort of your home.

24. Become a Personal Trainer

With an era more focused on turning professions online on the rise, this is the best way to keep fit while earning. Becoming an online personal trainer is not only one of the best Side Hustles That Make $100K, but it is also great for your health in the long run, potentially killing two birds with one stone.

25. Life Coach

If you want to earn money while motivating and helping others, you should consider becoming an online life coach.

26. Open up a YouTube Channel

You should consider creating a YouTube channel, and with the right practice and content, you will be able to earn immense profits in no time.

27. Open a Home-based Dog Treat Bakery

Businesses regarding pet-related items are one of the more profitable businesses out there, so why not start one from your home? This is especially useful for bakers looking to turn their passion into income, allowing them to make immense profits by selling dog treats online.

Conclusion – Side Hustles That Make $100K

Many people think that breaking past that six-figure income barrier is an incredibly difficult task. However, these are some of the most effective and efficient Side Hustles That Make $100K per year on a minimum, allowing you to progress even further.

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