Top 10 Tools To Increase Sales On Your Shopify Store

The best way to get more sales from your eCommerce store is to do something called “ON PAGE OPTIMIZATION”, it means making changes on your store to increase sales, because if your store is not optimized, no matter how much money you spend on Ads, SEO, your conversion will not be high.

In this article, we will discuss Shopify but the concept is the same for any other eCommerce system.

But, no worries, we got the solution.

Shopify propositions have a vast collection which is more than 7,000 apps and plugins to support you with your e-commerce triumph.

It may look like a frightening task to choose the best Shopify apps or tools to help your sales? Don’t worry! This article will help you with a list of the best Shopify apps or tools to grow sales.

tools to increase sales on your shopify store

Top 10 Tools To Increase Sales On Your Shopify Store

1. Manychat

Manychat offers an extremely custom-made and collaborating experience to the prospective customers visiting your Shopify store. As the name recommends, it links with your store guests through Facebook Messenger & SMS about directive particulars, prompts about the unrestrained carts, and tailor-made coupons.

2. Vitals

Suppose you are exhausted from paying for several apps installed on your Shopify store. In that case, it is high time to switch to ‘Vitals.’ Connecting this app will help you leave with issues caused by manifold plugin installations, such as slow site loading and app mismatched. It deals with a round of the best Shopify apps, 40.

The most popular apps are Product Reviews, Statement Bars, Delivery Information, Exchange Converters, Pop-ups, Stock Insufficiency, Countdown controls, All-in-One Chat, Instant Search, Social Media Buttons, and At ease Protection, Swift Contact Links, Scroll to Top Button, and SEO ALT Tags.

3. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy is one of the best Shopify apps that endorse marketing by rewarding existing clients for their recommendations and making new customers buy from your store.

This app inevitably pays the recommendation rewards so that you do not have to do this physically. All you have to do is select from handouts, coupon puzzles, and cash as prizes.

4. Fomo

Are you looking for a no-brainer social proof app to rise traffic and discussion on your Shopify store? If yes, then Fomo is the best. It allows a simple yet programmed personal reference solution by showing real-time customer connections to your store companions.

Trades can use this app to show recent buying, new social media groups, form proposals, newsletter contributions, active visitors, product assessments, and resolved upkeep tickets. Using Fomo, you can choose between two ways of displaying social proof. One is Fomo Straight, which you can abode anyplace on your website. Plus, it has the Live Fomo notification. You can go for all of its highly customizable patterns to appeal to your audience with social resilience.

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5. Spocket

If you are hooked on Shopify dropshipping, your store should have the Sprockets app for a beginner’s process. It allows you to secure high-quality products from thousands of reliable suppliers from the US, EU, and the rest of the domain.

Thanks to the up to 30% discount from the certified dropshipping suppliers of this app, you can make the most of your profit and get a reasonable edge. Sprocket also has an appropriate profit policy that you can exploit to try selling exclusive products.

After adding this app to your Shopify store, clients can enjoy features like one-click order gratification, real-time order following, and flat-rate delivery.

6. UpPromote

Every Shopify store owner needs to manage all affiliates, counting brand ambassadors and social media influencers, UpPromote creates the job tranquil for you. Completing and passing on the app’s coupon and affiliate links are smooth. UpPromote also allows you to track a limitless number of recommendation orders without any trouble. Businesses can exploit UpPromote Marketplace, branded landing pages, and multi-level advertising to appeal to and engage affiliates, even within your customers.

With modified affiliate registration forms, email outlines, and communication conveniences using email and chat, UpPromote styles sure you have a professional bond with the affiliates. The app also produces reports and data analytics about the enactment of your affiliate team, with warrants, clicks, and orders.

7. PushOwl

PushOwl is the best Shopify app that delivers a web-based push report service to online store owners.

It creates recap notifications for making new purchases or affecting the orders and then displays them on the screen of an assortment of devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

8. Adwisely

Adwisely is a mining and retargeting app that lets the addition of your Shopify store with Facebook and Google—the two most projecting sales channels.

It benefits your business growth while spending minimum effort and money on ad management by authorizing you to run ads on these platforms effortlessly.

9. Hextom

Hextom is not a single app. As a replacement, it offers an assortment of the 13 best Shopify apps to raise sales through numerous channels.

No difficulty what your business size is, it can offer you a SaaS software suitable for a set of software reaching from inventory management, store computerization, SEO, customer engagement, and many more.

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10. Jebbit

Jebbit is one of the best Shopify apps to grow sales. It allows you to create attractive and engaging puzzles for your audience. These shippable or match puzzles increase conversion rate and sales by supporting visitors in ascertaining products best fit for them.

This article outlined the finest Shopify apps to upsurge sales and accomplish a loyal customer base. While all these apps are prevalent due to their features, you should select an app with the essential traits and aptitudes to fulfill your business needs.

Make sure the best Shopify app you select is easy to use, reasonable, and time-saving. It is also beneficial to square its rating to know what other users have experienced.

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