51 Ways To Make Money For Single Parents

What are the Ways to Make Money for Single Parents?

Single parents struggle to support their families financially due to worldwide economic conditions. Working one job is insufficient; they need side hustles to earn extra cash. You are in the right place if you are a single mom or dad looking for a job to earn sufficient money. Here are some ways to make money for single parents:

1.      Make Jewelry

You can make and sell jewelry online to earn extra cash. Many tutorials are available on YouTube; check those videos and make attractive jewelry.

2.      Sell Cars

Buying a low price and selling a car at a higher is one of the best ways to make money for single parents. You don’t have to spend much time on this and post an ad for the car online and wait for the response.

3.      Art & Craft

You and your child can make attractive artwork and sell it online. You might still have some skills if you took art classes in school.

4.      Yoga Instructor

You can begin online classes for yoga and encourage people to stay healthy and active.

5.      Upselling Items

You can buy items from Walmart and thrift shops and sell them online to earn more money. Upselling your items is one of the lucrative ways to make money for single parents.

6.      Online Classes

Start online classes for any skill or course you are good with. You can post an advertisement for your online classes on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, you can conduct the classes via Zoom meetings.

7.      Teach Language

Also, teaching people language is an entertaining way to make money for single parents. You can teach people English, Spanish, French, or other languages.

8.      Sell Digital Products

You can create and sell digital products like templates, ebooks, and tutorials. Sharing lessons and tutorials with people is a great way to earn passive income.

9.      Second-Hand Furniture

Buying second-hand furniture from thrift stores and selling t to people at higher prices will help you make large profits.

10. Affiliate Marketing

By creating an Instagram business account, you can start affiliate marketing. Promote other brands and products through blogging and posting and earn extra money.

11. Web Store

Creating a web store and uploading products for selling is the perfect business you should start in 2023. You can sell a variety of products online.

12. Vending Machine

Placing a vending in a high foot traffic location will help you earn huge profits. You can add any item to the vending machine as far as it is in the high-traffic area, and you can earn money.

13. Research for Others

Many businesses and individuals want to conduct market research but lack the skills. If you know how to conduct research, this would be one of the best ways to make money for single parents.

14. Selling eBooks

Write and sell eBooks online and start passive income. Remember to write an eBook on a mainstream topic. Also, you should know ways to make money for single parent by promoting the book.

15. Influencer

Become a social media influencer and collaborate with businesses for brand promotion. Many businesses are hiring influencers because of their high audience and engagement.

16. Data Entry Jobs

You can pursue a data entry job for businesses. If you have great excel skills, this could be one of the easiest ways to make money for single parents.

17. Programmer

You need programming skills to create the app and web pages for businesses. Look for the highest-paying jobs online.

18. SEO Consultant

You can earn a lot of money if you know how to optimize content and websites with Search Engine.

19. Chat Operator

Many businesses require agents who can talk with their customers on their websites and other platforms. You can become a chat operator if you have good communication skills.

20. Tax Preparation

Help businesses and individuals with tax preparation. You can earn huge amounts of money by filing tax returns for others.

21. Photographer

If you have skills in photography, you can become a photographer. There are numerous options for you as a photographer, and you can pick wildlife, wedding, or product photography.

22. Tech Support

As a tech support expert, you can start a business and provide services in various technical fields.

23. Video Editing

You can edit videos for clients if you know how to use tools such as Adobe Premier or Adobe Aftereffects.

24. Marketing Expert

Do you have marketing experience in any firm or organization? You can collaborate with businesses and help with marketing planning and execution.

25. Graphic Design

Graphic designers earn a lot of money working a few hours a day. If you want to do a second job, graphic designing would be one of the best ways to make money for single parent.

26. Email Management

Help businesses and individuals manage their emails. You can get multiple clients and earn money with weekly or monthly subscriptions.

27. Fashion Stylist

You can help people buy stylish clothing according to their personality. Many people aren’t confident about what they should and shouldn’t wear, and you can help them decide.

28. Interior Designer

Become an interior designer and help people enhance the aesthetics of their homes. People will pay you high money if you give them the best tips to improve the ambiance in their homes.

29. Catering

Are you a good cook? You can make food for parties and weddings and earn money without leaving home.

30. Wedding Planner

Wedding planners earn huge amounts of money by managing the wedding arrangement. You can earn up to $22.50 an hour.

31. Virtual Call Center

You can support businesses and help them resolve customer problems and queries. The virtual call center is one of the budget-friendly ways to make money for single parents. You need a laptop, a pair of headphones, and a fast internet connection.

32. Property Management

Many homeowners don’t have better plans for their properties. You can help them rent their home and earn a commission on every transaction.

33. Maintain Accounts

Good with accounts? You can help businesses manage accounts and encourage them to reduce their spending.

34. Data Analytics

Today, data analytics is one of the high-paying ways to make money for single parents. You can learn data analytics through short courses and earn huge amounts of money.

35. Delivery Service

Provide delivery service with your bike or car and earn money every hour. There are numerous platforms, such as Instacart, DoorDash, and GrubHub, for delivery jobs.

36. Rent out a Truck

You can buy a truck and rent it out to a business. Renting out a truck is one of the easiest ways to make money for single parents.

37. City Tours

Do you know your city well? If your city has historical significance and buildings, you can give tours to visitors and earn through city tours.

38. Cleaning Service

Cleaning and housekeeping are among the highest-paying ways to make money for single parents. You can make up to $20 every hour.

39. Make Cakes and Pastries

Do you know how to bake? If yes, you can start a home bakery and sell cakes and pastries. You can promote your business on Instagram and Facebook Marketplace.

40. Babysitting

As a single parent, you learn how to care for a baby. You can use it as your skill and earn money through babysitting.

41. Pet-Grooming

Thepet-grooming business has huge profits; you don’t have to make a major investment. Just collect grooming equipment and post your ad on social media.

42. Content Writing

You can write blogs, articles, and web content for multiple clients in the comfort of your home. If you have good writing skills, create an account on Upwork and Fiver. You can try other freelancing jobs as well.

43. Music Instructor

Do you know how to play the guitar? If yes, you can become a music instructor and educate people.

44. Rent Out a Room

Have a spare room in your home? Rent the home to someone looking for a house in your neighborhood and earn monthly money.

45. Test Apps and Websites

You can test different websites and apps from businesses. The businesses will give you tasks on the app and web page. You can share your reviews after completing the tasks.

46. Create a YouTube Channel

You can create a YouTube channel for anything you like that seems interesting. You can educate people, show skills, or sing on your YouTube channel and earn money through YouTube ads.

47. Mental Health

Create a social media account and share mental health tips with people. People who find your tips effective will give you gifts and money.

48. Sell Products on eBay

You can buy any item from a local store and sell it on eBay at a high price. Many shoppers want to enjoy the shopping experience from the comfort of their homes.

49. Guest Posting

Write content for different businesses and individuals and make money for single parent. If you have writing skills, you can create a proposal for your Upwork account.

50. Perfume Business

You can learn ways to make perfumes and sell them online. Once you become professional, you can sell customized perfumes.

51. Gift Basket

Create a corporate gift basket for businesses that want to grab the attention of their customers and clients. You can add corporate gifts to the basket and deliver them to the client’s customers.


As a single parent, you need a side hustle to manage your family’s expenses. You can pick the best option from the above list and earn extra money. The above ways to make money for the single parent will get you through financial turmoil.

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