55 Beauty Side Hustles For 2023

55 Incredible Beauty Side Hustles for 2023

Whether you are an aspiring beauty artist trying to fund your way through beauty school or gathering some extra cash, we have compared some of the most profitable beauty side hustles currently trending in the market.

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1.     Shopify Store

Setting up a shop on Shopify is incredibly simple and one of the most profitable beauty side hustles. You can set up a catalog of beauty products and start selling them on the platform in just a few moments to earn cash.

2.     Beauty Consultant

If you deeply understand makeup and the beauty industry, you can sign up as a beauty consultant to make money on the side, as it is one of the better beauty side hustles.

3.     Make Beauty Baskets

You can sign up on any online selling platform, make your themed beauty baskets, and sell them for handsome profits.

4.     Teach Classes

If you have extensive knowledge of makeup styles, you can teach a course online, one of the more accessible beauty side hustles.

5.     Start a YouTube Channel

One of the beauty side hustles you cna take advantage of is promotingh content on YouTube. You can monetize your skills with a makeup palette and make videos on YouTube.

6.     Beauty Writer

If you are pursuing makeup or hair styling and are passionate about writing, you can become a freelance writer.

7.     Freelance Stylist

Speaking of freelancing, you can also become a freelance stylist, providing makeup and hair services for events, as many peopple consider it to be one of the best beauty side hustles.

8.     Nail Technician

The main responsibility involved with this job is providing nail art and other services like manicures, making it as one of the beauty side hustles that allow you to earn money on the side.

9.     Mobile Spray Tanning Service

You can offer tanning services by coming to people’s homes, a great side hustle that only requires a little investment.

      10. Bath Bomb Maker

You can follow many videos on the internet to make and sell your bath bombs for some extra money.

      11. Beauty Photographer

If you have a photography background, you can become a photographer covering beauty industry-related events.

     12. Sell Homemade Beauty Products

Many sought-after beauty products are organic, and you can make them at home, which is one of the best beauty side hustles.

    13. Mobile Threading

Not just tanning, but you can offer mobile waxing and threading services as well, going to their homes to perform the hair removal that is one of the more profitable beauty side hustles.

    14. Create Custom Beauty Routines

Some people’s skins are more sensitive than others, and you can get paid to provide them with personalized skincare routines.

 15. Jewelry Designer

You can design resin jewelry of many shapes and patterns and sell them as a profitable side hustle.

    16. Permanent Makeup Artist

You could offer to come to their homes and perform permanent beauty services such as microblading for extra cash.

    17. Beauty Box Reviewer

If you have extensive knowledge of beauty products, you can make videos reviewing assorted beauty product boxes and suggesting better alternatives to earn some money, with many beauty influences considering it as one of the best beauty side hustles.

    18. Start a Beauty Podcast

Starting a beauty-related podcast is a great way to earn money through brand deals and sponsorships.

    19. Offer Beauty Coaching

You can offer online coaching classes and tips and tricks to anyone studying beauty which is one of the better beauty side hustles.

   20. Create an online Beauty Service Booking Platform

You can develop software for online booking and sell it to service providers and Beauty salons.

   21. Mobile Eyelash Technician

You can offer to apply for eyelash extensions by coming to people’s homes to earn extra cash on the side.

   22. DIY Beauty Product Instructor

Not only sell them, but you can also get paid to teach online classes to people on how to create their beauty products, as it is considered as one of the best beauty side hustles to make money.

   23. Create a Line of Skincare Products

If you have extensive knowledge of skincare products, you can create your line of organic skincare formulas and sell them for profit.

  24. Become a Beauty Shopper

As the client’s beauty shopper, your job will be to shop for beauty products most suitable for them.

  25. Offer Virtual Makeover Services

Rather than going to their place to perform the makeover, you can also get paid to instruct them over a video call.

  26. Beauty Event Organizer

If you have a background in event planning, you can offer your services for beauty events and earn money on the side.

  27. Beauty Trend Forecaster

Trends in the beauty industry change frequently, and you can get paid to predict the next beauty trend.

  28. Become a Brand Ambassador for a Beauty Company

If you have a beauty blog or YouTube channel, you can exclusively promote a company’s products as a side hustle.

  29. Handle PR for Beauty Product Companies

You can offer PR-related consultancy services to handle the brand image of beauty companies.

  30. Beauty Affiliate Marketing

If you have a beauty blog, you can add links to beauty products onto them as an easy beauty side hustle to earn money.

  31. Beauty Product Logo Designer

If you have an artistic background, you can offer logo design services for beauty companies.

  32. Beauty Company Email Marketer

As an email marketer, you will be paid to formulate email marketing strategies, one of the best beauty side hustles for marketers.

  33. Beauty Product Influencer

You can earn great profits by becoming an influence for a specific beauty company.

  34. Beauty Social Media Manager

Many beauty companies have a social media presence, and you can get paid to manage their online presence to help them grow.

  35. Beauty Equipment Rental

You can rent your beauty equipment and tools to earn some money as a side hustle.

  36. Beauty Research Analyst

As a research analyst, you will be paid to research the beauty market and report your findings to the company.

  37. Beauty Product Tester

You can sign up for a testing gig and be paid to test a specific beauty product.

  38. Offer Beauty Treatment Room Rentals

You can turn any spare room in your property into a beauty studio and put it up for rent to earn a profit.

  39. Reiki

If you are well-versed in performing Reiki, you can offer your services to earn money.

  40. Mobile Hairdresser

You can offer mobile hair styling services to people from the comfort of their homes.

  41. Dermal Fillers

Even though it requires a sizeable investment, offering dermal filler services is one of the most profitable beauty sides hustles out there.

  42. Offer Chemical PeelServices

Offering skincare services like chemical peels is perfect as a side hustle due to its profit potential.

 43. Facial Therapist

As a facial therapist, you can earn good money on the side by offering services like face massages to people.

 44. Beauty Product Funnel Designer

If you are experienced in marketing, you can earn money by designing a sales funnel for an up-and-coming Beauty Company.

45. Beauty Company graphic designer

Graphic designing is already a profitable side hustle, and you can also get paid to produce designs for beauty companies.

 46. Become a Beauty Video Editor

You can get paid a handsome amount to edit and improve promotional videos for beauty products.

47. Customer Retention Specialist for Beauty Companies

You can get paid to understand and find solutions to promote a higher retention rate for beauty companies.

48. Colorist

Many people favor getting hair coloring done in their homes, and you can get paid good money as a side hustle.

49. Festival Makeover Services

According to their themes, you can get paid for specific festival makeovers.

50. Beauty Product Packaging Designer

You can earn a handsome profit by designing packaging for beauty products.

51. Beauty Product Distributor

You can partner with beauty companies and distribute their products as giveaways for great profits as a side hustle.

52. DIY Recipe Creator

If you have extensive knowledge of ingredients that go into beauty products, you can get paid to develop recipes.

53. Become a Personalized Fragrance Creator

You can earn money by coming up with and producing your line of perfumes and selling them.

54. Beauty Product Ingredient Procurement

If you know the whereabouts of specific ingredients that are hard to source, you can get paid to help companies procure them.

55. Beauty Product Demonstrator

You can perform demonstrations for beauty products as a side gig to earn money.


This was a list of one of the most profitable beauty side hustles that currently exist in the industry. Following some of these side hustles is an incredibly productive way to earn money on the side while you are pursuing your studies or are just looking for some extra income.

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