How To Make Money Mowing Lawns?

This is probably one of the oldest and easiest side hustles you could even do. Now mowing lawns to make money requires some hard labor but to find clients and actually get paid is very easy.

This side hustle will require you to buy some equipment. But don’t worry we have a list at the end of this article that you can download for free.

How To Make Money Mowing Lawns?

Buy Lawn Equipment

You need to buy everything to cut the lawn. This includes everything from lawnmower, trimmer, shears, leaf blower, etc. Also make sure to get safety equipment such as gloves, glasses, proper shoes, and etc.

Find clients

The best way to find clients or people whose lawn needs cutting is to go around your own neighborhood and knock on doors. You can tell them that you will cut their lawn right now for a certain amount. If they agree then cut their lawn right then and there. If not then move to the next house and ask them. knocking on doors for mowing lawns

Cut Lawn

Cut the grass on their lawn. This part is simple but if you have never cut lawns before, we recommend watching some videos on YouTube to learn how. Also, you can test out all the equipment by cutting your own lawn first.

After you get down cutting someone’s lawn, ask if you can make it a weekly or biweekly thing. If they agree give them a discount for each cut like $5 off if they let you cut it consistently.

Repeat step 2 and 3

You need to repeat step 2 and 3 everyday or whenever you can and make a lot of money.

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How To Find More Client For Lawn Mowing?

Of course, you want to make more money mowing lawns.

To make more money, you need to have more clients or more houses to cut lawns for.

Here are some ways to find clients.

Knocking On Doors

This is a very old school way to find clients. But for such an old and classic side hustle, this works.

There are very few times people will say no to you if you knock on their door and ask to cut their grass.

Also, if you live in that neighborhood, it makes it even easier to get them to pay you to mown their lawn.

If you live in an apartment or a place where there are no lawns, you can go to a neighborhood in your city that has houses with grass lawns. You park your car in that neighborhood and go to every single door. You can also do this once you finish going to every house in your own neighborhood too.

We don’t recommend but if you really want to be a hustler, send your little brother or sister to go knock on doors, hard to say no to a little kid!

Pass out flyers

If you are scared to talk to people straight then you can pass out flyers.

Create your flyer using photoshop or Canva online. Make sure you have a price there and let them know that you are from their neighborhood. Then you need to just go to houses and stick the flyer in the door or mailbox. It’s that simple.

If you don’t have time to pass out flyers, you can hire someone to do this. We talked about passing out flyers as a side hustle before so there are plenty of people willing to do this for money.

lawn mowing
Lawn mowing flyer example

Online Advertising

You can go on Facebook or Instagram and start posting about how you are cutting lawns. After that just get your friends and family to share it around.

Also, there are groups for each neighborhood. You can join those groups or find someone already in that group and post about mowing lawns.

How Much To Charge?

For small lawns, you should charge anywhere from $20 all the way up to $30. This price is fair for the amount of work you will need to do but also keep you competitive against other people doing this as a side hustle or full time.

For bigger lawns, you can charge $50 or more.

For first-time customers, give them a discount and charge $15 to $25. If someone hires you to mow their lawn on a consistent basis, give them a $5 discount each time you cut it. So if you are charging $30 then charge them $25.

How Often Should You Mow The Lawn?

Typically, lawns don’t need to be mowed more than every two week.

Of course, if someone wants you to come mow it every week and are willing to pay for it, then you can do that.

Also keep in mind that mowing season is typically from March to October but this also depends where you live.

How To Turn Mowing Lawns Into A Business?

At, we aren’t just about side hustle. We are also about turning your side hustle into a business.

If you want to turn this side hustle into a business, it quite easy. (Also you don’t want to just make money mowing lawns, you want to take it to the next level)

The first thing you need to do is get more recurring customers. This means customers that want you to mow their lawn every single week, every other week, or once a month.

At first, it might be you that will need to cut the lawn. But slowly and shortly, you need to hire a crew. The crew could be 2-3 people. This crew will go cut all the lawn for you. You can pay each person about $5-10 per lawn depending on the size.

If you have 100 people paying you $20 every 2 weeks that $4,000 per month. Once you pay your crew, you will have anywhere from $2,000-3,000 leftover and you did not work.

If you want to turn this into a business, you need to acquire as many customers as you can that want you to cut their grass on a consistent basis.

This is one of the oldest side hustles but it’s easy. If you follow our steps from above, you will make a lot of money and also be able to turn this into a business.

Questions About Making Money Cutting Lawns

I can’t afford the equipment to get started, what should I do?

You can find these items for much cheaper on Craigslist or eBay. Don’t be afraid to buy these types of equipment used as they work well for many years.

Is mowing lawns profitable?

Yes. This is one of the oldest side hustles or businesses. If this wasn’t profitable there wouldn’t be new lawn companies popping up every day.

What other service can I offer on my lawn mowing business?

Here are some other services that you can offer on your lawn mowing business: trim bushes and trees, wash windows, and clean up the lawn from leaves falling.

How can I make money during offseason for lawn mowing?

During the offseasons, you can offer other services such as hanging up Christmas lights or power washing sidewalks.

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