How To Start A Lawn Care Business – Ultimate Guide

Out of all the side hustles that one goes with, starting lawn service business is one of the most profitable ones in this day and age.

In today’s economy, job trends have switched to a gig-based subculture. This means that you can now find many jobs in the form of gigs in the market, some of which, like the lawn service business, has the potential to become an incredibly lucrative venture.

However, for your side hustle to flourish and provide great profits, it is essential to set it up efficiently, keeping in mind some of the factors you would need to consider.

Let us discuss this in greater detail, discussing the steps to start your very own lawn care side hustle and reap great profits. Additionally, we will also be highlighting some of the benefits associated with the lawn care business as well.

The Advantages

Due to how it works when you have set up a successful lawn care side hustle, many perks will benefit you other than the profits, especially during the warmer seasons like summer.

·         Minimal Investment

One of the main selling points of starting lawn service business is that it requires a considerably low initial investment compared to other businesses capable of providing you with similar profits.

The only spending you would need to do for setting up this side hustle comprises the basic gardening tools and equipment you would need to get. However, you can save up on those purchases by opting for second-hand equipment that is easily available on online shopping platforms.

·         Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of working on a side hustle is that you are your boss. This means that you are not bound by any shift timings or an exact schedule when it comes to side hustles, providing you with great flexibility concerning the work timings.

Because of this plus point, you do not have to allot a specific time out to work on your lawn care side hustle and can simply work on it when you are free, providing you with the freedom of choosing the hours to work on your side hustle.

·         Contributing to Your Income

If you implement effective marketing and satisfactory services to your client base, your side hustle will attract a wider target audience. This is why lawn care is one of the best side hustles with a lot of potential for increased profits.

·         Straightforward process to Begin

Unlike other businesses where you have to decide on numerous factors when starting up, the overall start-up process for starting lawn service business is relatively simple and incredibly straightforward.

All you need to do is get some equipment for lawn care, such as a used lawn mower and other necessary gardening tools, and you are set. What makes lawn care such a simple business, to begin with, is that it does not require you to hire any employees in the very beginning either.

How To Start Your Lawn Care Side Hustle

Even though starting lawn service business seems pretty straightforward on paper, in reality, there are many hurdles that you need to pass through in the beginning when setting up your lawn care business.

Here are the six steps you need to follow to start a profitable lawn care business.

Step #1: Prepare a Service Menu

The first thing you need to figure out before launching your lawn care side hustle is the services you will be offering as part of your business.

In addition to lawn mowing, it is essential to understand that many other tasks come under the lawn care umbrella, including:

  • Selling and applying lawn care products like insecticides or fertilizers to reinforce the client’s lawn.
  • Installation services for the lawn
  • Seasons exclusive to different seasons, including snow removal during wintertime, etc.

Furthermore, you can also research the current trends in your locale to use to your advantage; for example, if your neighborhood prioritizes the environment, you can promote eco-friendly services for your business, resulting in a hike in demand and profits.

Step #2: Take Care of the Legal Complexities

Before launching your side hustle into the market, you need to set up your business, which means dealing with some legal issues to organize your business from the beginning.

This includes looking at the requirements to obtain a business license and implementing practices to set up a legal lawn care business.

Step #3: Purchase Equipment

Once you have decided on the services and set up your business, now you would need to buy certain equipment that would be needed to perform the lawn care, and this includes:

  • Special gloves
  • A mower
  • Special mowing glasses
  • A leaf blower

Additionally, you would need a truck or similar transportation to travel to and from the site along with your tools and machinery.

Step #4: Protect your Business

Once you have gotten the necessary equipment, you need to set up a legal safety net to protect your business in case of any legal troubles. This involves setting up an LLC for your business to protect your side hustle from liability.

Step #5: Set the Prices

Along with the services you have set up for your lawn care business, you also need to put a reasonable price tag on them.

This is a crucial part of setting up the lawn care process because if you set the prices too high, consumers will not avail of your services.

However, if they are too low, you will suffer from loss, leading to your side hustle inevitably shutting down due to substantial financial loss.

Step #6: Business Growth and Development

After starting lawn service business comes the aftermath. You need to implement effective marketing methods to promote your business to secure a wider range of clients to reap further profits.

Marketing your business can be done in many different ways, including:

  • Designing a Logo
  • Monitoring your Competitors
  • Always asking for and acting on constructive feedback
  • Setting your business up on social media


Many benefits come with starting a lawn care side hustle, but many factors need to be considered before you can start a lawn care business.

However, following this step-by-step guide will allow you to efficiently set up a lawn care business that will thrive in the long run.

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