45 Best Business Ideas for Kids

There are many best business ideas for kids. It allows them to earn money. You don’t need to be an adult to start your own business.

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is focused on one thing: money. Even 15-year-old children are attempting to fill their pockets through various trends. Instead of selling lemonade, there are a variety of activities for kids to engage their minds as well as their pockets.

In this article, we have 45 business ideas for children that promote their entrepreneurial thinking at an early age. With this, you can playfully awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in them. At the same time, you encourage your child to develop their ideas, set and pursue goals, work together with others, and deal with money and finances at an early age. These are all skills that are not necessarily taught in school.

In my opinion, entrepreneurship is a valuable skill that you can pass on to your children by letting them do it. The benefits of this are that you:

  • possibly awaken talents in them that they didn’t even know before,
  • show them new career opportunities and
  • allows them to develop new skills and solution orientation.
best business ideas for kids

Best Business Ideas For Kids

1. Flipping Sneakers

Who doesn’t appreciate sneakers? Absolutely everyone does. This is a market where sneakers can be bought and sold based on their popularity and demand.

Let us learn about Benjamin Kapelushnik, also known as the Sneaker Don, an American sneaker reseller. Benjamin made $1 million at the age of 16 by simply reselling sneakers and had clients such as DJ Khalid and Odell Beckham Jr.

2. Acting

Acting contains a lot of information. Acting as a character can be seen on television. Voiceover for television, cartoons, and other media.

As a result, because this is a professional area of providing services, the payment will be quite high, such as $50 per hour. There are numerous acting and voiceover courses available to help you improve and grow in this field.


3. Selling Soda

Yes, you can make a few extra dollars by selling sodas at a reasonable price. Here are some pointers to get you started.

  • Have some money to invest.
  • Consider what people/students want.
  • Purchase in bulk.
  • Sell with a low margin and a reasonable price. You can definitely make a good profit by taking these small steps and being creative.

5. Selling Candy:

Candy’s; who can say no to Candy’s? It’s a great opportunity to sell candy and make money at school. Let’s find out how.

  • Choose the Candy that is in high demand.
  • Sell them for a reasonable price.
  • Spend some money and save some for future purchases.
  • Take a break every now and then.

Remember not to make this a daily habit and to avoid becoming selfish. Check to see if you are allowed to sell candy bars.
There you have it, fame and fortune.

6. Lawn Moving:

Lawn moving customers are easily found in your neighborhood. There are also apps and websites that help you get hired by clients.

Greenpal,’ which has over 5500 vendor partners in seven states across the United States.

You can make $50 and $55 by moving lawns.

As a result, the children can choose their own times and locations.

7. Babysitting:

This was one of my favorite ways to make money as a “responsible” kid when I was younger. I had a few repeat customers and, thankfully, no disasters that necessitated me driving anywhere.

As a result, teenagers who enjoy children can babysit children in your neighborhood. It pays well and allows you to spend time with children.

8. Pet Setting

More straightforward, but only because they are less demanding in terms of responsibility, pets still produce a satisfactory income: $10-15 by contract, but even in this case washing and exercise are extra to be paid per hour.

Check Out More Pet Making Side Hustles: Dog Walking Side Hustle – How To Make Most Money

9. Plant sitter

Odd jobs for younger children can also be developed into a business. This business idea for children is particularly suitable for those who are too young to babysit. You can help structure the service and pricing clearly and get initial bookings from neighbors or family friends.  

Plants need just as good care. Perhaps you have neighbors who are often away on business or who travel regularly for several months, then your child could take care of the plants and set up their own small business in a relaxed manner.

This business idea for children promotes skills such as taking responsibility, empathy, and helpfulness as well as good time management.

10. Online Surveys

There are obviously many survey sites, such as Swagbucks and Survey Junkie, that allow kids as young as 13 to earn money by completing surveys and watching videos that look like advertisements. The pay is probably low, but if you want to earn something as a teenager, this appears to be an option.

11. Vending Machines

Although you can sell candy, soda, and chips by hand, there is also the option of installing vending machines, which people usually prefer and are more profitable when the seller is the machine itself. It requires a significant investment, but it is one-time and yields consistent profits. You can definitely go for it if you have a lot of money.

12. Shoveling Snow

Shoveling snow from driveways and walkways is a valuable service that teenagers can provide. as a result, the government authorities in your area may pay you to clear the snow. this work is also affected by geography and season.

This work is ideal for children because it allows them to earn money while also providing them with exercise.

13. Raking and Bagging Leaves

Raking and bagging leaves is a great side hustle for kids because it is simple to learn and pays well. Certain steps should be taken to make this process easier.

  • Wear shoes, gloves, and a mask to stay safe.
  • Gather your materials, such as a bag and a rake.
  • Fill the bags in the most convenient way.
  • To make more room, stomp the pile.

You get paid $1-$2 for a bag here, and it doesn’t take much money to get started. All you need is a rake and some garbage bags.

14. Selling Newspapers

This is an ideal business idea for kids.

Newspaper still needs to go out with ads on certain days like Thanksgiving eve or around Christmas time.

Kids can ride their bikes around their neighborhood delivering newspapers. These jobs can pay anywhere from $1 to $5 per delivery.

15. Trash Can Clean-up

Trash can get really dirty and start to smell if they are not cleaned regularly. Even though this is a simple job, most people don’t do it.

As a kid, you can go around the neighborhood and offer to clean our these trash cans.

All you need is a hose with running water and some soap. This will take less than 5 minutes to clean out each trash can.

Normally, you can charge $15-20 per trash can you need to clean. These trash cans need to be cleaned every month so this turns into a recurring business.

16. Sell Seashells

Seashells, a natural beauty found near the seashore, can be collected and designed to make them even more appealing to buyers.

You can list these shells online on eBay or Facebook MarketPlace to sell.

17. Selling on eBay

Kids get pretty bored with their items like video games or toys after a while.

They can sell these items on eBay and make a pretty good profit.

18. Tutors:

If you have academic skills or command of certain subjects, you can earn money to teach children. You can also open your academy where you can hire your other partners to teach students. This is a fantastic way to earn a good amount of money.

19. Dog Poop Clean-up

Yes, it sounds disgusting, but you can make a side income from it. People enjoy dogs and other animals, but they are irritated when their pets poop in their favorite and personal areas.

So, a 13-year-old Florida boy made about $250 per week cleaning up poop in the backyard. He also had a monthly payment plan to clean the poop once a week.

It is determined by the customer’s need and the frequency with which he must pick up the poop.

20. Washing Cars

A car washing job can be a great way for kids to supplement their income. It only takes fine low-cost materials, a dash of zeal, and dinner inventive advertising.

Yes, it’s a great way to exercise while also filling your wallet. The better you get at it, the more popular you become.

You can also take this business to the next level by investing a small amount of money, such as $100, in marketing, greeting cards, and getting shoutouts.

21. YouTuber

Many of the youngest are attracted by the possibilities offered by YouTube, the famous video-sharing platform. Kids are among the most successful YouTubers.

In particular, it is the possibilities of Youtube monetization deriving from advertising and views that make this prospect attractive.

In the common belief, the successful YouTuber is still the one who manages to make money without working. However, achieving success as a YouTuber implies deep knowledge in making and video editing, the ability to entertain thousands of people, and the ability to produce interesting and quality content.

Learn How To Make Money On Youtube: 7 Ways To Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face

22. Lifeguard

You can work for the municipality for free beaches ($600-800 ) or private beaches (up to $1,000). Obviously, you need to have a certification that is issued after an exam and a few years of swimming.

23. Building Websites for Local Businesses

This position necessitates a thorough understanding of website development as well as technological proficiency. However, if you master these fundamental methods for creating websites, most businesses will want to make their mark on the internet.

There are many online courses available to build websites, and there is a small investment for the tools, but if you are ambitious, you can definitely break through the wall.

24. Selling Trading Cards

Cards are collectibles that have a sentimental value for fans, depending on the game and the player.

So, if you’re in school and there are fans of a certain game, you can be the one to sell and trade those cards.

This is also a fun thing to do with premium collectible cards from other sports.

25. Sell Baked Goods

It’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t enjoy baked goods.

This is a fantastic platform for being creative while also having a great business opportunity.

You can begin at home with a few ingredients and sell orders as they come in.

26. Typing

Considering the technological abilities of adolescents, one could, for example, leverage their rapid writing skills on devices, to type texts, or elaborate. Very often it happens that the typing skills achieved by chatting can prove to be a source of income, perhaps considering that some small typing chores, for adults, are not welcome, or can take away time to devote to other more important work tasks.

27. Selling Your Masterpieces

Children are extremely talented and enthusiastic about their creations.

They enjoy drawing and creating arts with clay, paint, and other materials. As a result, these can be sold in your neighborhood to people who enjoy children.

Masterpieces also sell used children’s toys and clothing to people who need and prefer to buy used products.

These are excellent ways to introduce your children to the world of business.

28. Selling Donuts

Kids can make donuts with the help of an adult.
People enjoy donuts and they are a great item to sell to people to satisfy their hunger.

Profits can be made with a simple stand and a fair price for donuts, and customers can be boosted if the taste blows their minds.

29. Collecting Cans and Bottles:

Every country uses cans and bottles, and if there is an empty spot, they are thrown on the road, making them look unsightly.

These empty aluminum cans, plastic, and glass bottles, which are probably worth $0.05 – $0.10 a piece, can be collected by children.

There are some methods for gathering these in large quantities. Examine the parks and public spaces where people are irresponsible and throw things around.

You can also ask your neighbors to separate recyclable bottles and cans for a weekend so that they can be picked up and cashed.

30. T-shirt Designer:

Using ‘Merch by Amazon,’ ‘Zazzle,’ ‘Redbubble,’ ‘Cafepress, “Spreadshirt,’ and other local outlets, your child can get their creative t-shirt designs in front of a large audience.

So, these websites will assist you with printing and shipping; all you have to do is be creative and design something that will be trendy and in demand.

31. Helping people by doing small chores 

Considering how the average age of people is increasing, and we are aware of this given the strong demand for carers, family assistants, and dog sitters, a kid could make himself useful by carrying out small errands on behalf of elderly people, or in difficulty, behind a small fee. This could include making small purchases in the supermarket, collecting medicines, paying bills at the post office, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, etc. In any case, every little job done, in addition to being useful for someone, gives the kid a few Euros to be able to spend independently.

32. Small housework

Very similar to carrying out a job as a babysitter, it is proposing to do small chores at home, such as housework, or small chores that parents can pay in addition to the classic weekly wage. This could be a great idea for both boys and girls and would be greatly appreciated by parents especially if they are already struggling with work outside the home. Of course, there are many small jobs to be done at home.

33. Bellboy

Attention, in this case, is an unprotected and poorly controlled category. For this reason, if the conditions seem unfavorable to you, it is better to leave them alone. The use of the moped is foreseen, rarely the bicycle and this increases the possibility of being involved in road accidents. Without insurance (if without a contract) it is a risk that is best avoided. Earnings: $3 per delivery or $12-15 per day; petrol included or excluded depending on the employer.

34. Selling Used Books:

Used books can definitely be used again because it’s not you who are using them.

So look around and fetch for those which you’ve got bored or finished.

You can also ask for some books for free from your relatives or close friends, and if you use them, you can sell them after use or if you don’t use it, you can sell them directly.

35. Sell Popsicles or Ice Cream

Making ice cream and popsicles is simple, and you can find instructions on YouTube. Various flavors, sizes, and types can be prepared at home using the necessary ingredients.

If the authorities allow it, you can sell these delectable treats in your neighborhood as well as at your college.

This is a fantastic business because everyone loves ice cream, and the stock will most likely soar during the summer.

36. Thrifting for Profit:

Gently used clothing is another way to buy low and sell high. The popular Poshmark app is an excellent place to resell these items for a profit.

37. Throwing Pet Parties

Pet parties are enjoyable and well-liked by children; if you are an animal lover and have a pet, take them to pet parties to learn more about other beings.

38. Gardening

You surely don’t want your children to spend the entire day inside when they are at home. An excellent approach to make sure they get some fresh air, exercise, and stimulation is to let them out into the garden.

39. Sports Coaching

As a child, you were probably taught sports in school and developed an interest in them. If you devote your time to learning about a specific game. At a certain age, you can teach newcomers how to advance in the game.

This encourages the child to participate in the game as well as teach others. As a result, this one has the advantage of being something you already know parents will spend money on.

40. Voice Operator:

If you can talk to the flow, you can earn money by doing a job as a voice operator on a news channel. It is a part-time job that will not affect your studies. This is also a profitable business idea for kids who generate a lot of money to support their expenses.

41. Watch videos online

In cyberspace, many websites would pay you to watch their videos. As a kid, this would a breeze for you and you would enjoy it all through while making good money.

42. Laundering 

Laundering is a good opportunity for work, especially for kids who can spend time washing, ironing, and folding their clothes. You can start within your neighborhood by helping busy people with their laundering

43. Content Writer

For kids who are in the lead in writing, they can earn money by writing. It is a good idea to earn money at home. You can write an essay, children’s stories, etc.

44. Franchise for children

Similarly, you can think of opening a business for children by contacting one of the various franchising chains present in Italy.

This will sell items such as clothing, toys, strollers, and everything that children need from early childhood to pre-adolescence.

45. Live Streaming Video Games:

Children enjoy playing video games, and most people earn money simply by showing what they are playing to the viewers, which is essentially live streaming.

Twitch and other live streaming software enable children to stream video games on the internet, such as YouTube.

The greater the reach, the greater the revenue generated by YouTube. You can also earn $2.50 per month for each subscriber you have, which can provide you with a consistent income.

Wrapping up

Think of starting a child business as a family activity where everyone can learn something new? At the same time, your child will learn how to handle money at an early age.

I hope you’ve learned about some business ideas for kids to start under parental supervision.

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